What the future of England looks like?

The fact that I already want to briexit out of the briexit because I’m getting depressed from it.

The interesting thing about my country is that we are the only ones who are like the smallest country in the world I think; but with 3 different names, to which if you are confused about what to call us don’t worry we as British have this confusion all the time. We never know what we are when we fill out forms, questionnaires and etc. If you must know what the three names we have they are: United Kingdom, England and Great Britain.

The fact what came to my mind just now is that currently that I don’t believe we are Great Britain at all; especially over the past 9 months due to the “!ah” (new name for name for May everybody), the fact that Trump who toots his trump because he has more gas than anything else. Thinks that it’s okay to send fighter planes and etc to bomb in Iraq and Syria; nope it’s not okay because you know why?, he’s drawing more attention to us more than we like to have.

Britexit is one of those words that I don’t give a flying monkeys about if I spelt it wrong; that’s because I want to divorce from the word permanently, britexit is just getting to the point of making me so depressed I’m just sick and tired from it all. There’s now talks of the second voting of referendum; more money coming out of our taxes, for a silly little cross for a silly thing that May can’t be bothered to help sort out the mess that she left created when we needed her the most. It’s not going to be a good future with her still as a prime minister I don’t think. As she’s not going to make it okay.

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