Topics you should avoid talking about on your first date


Well I didn’t really get much Dating Advice! Much from anyone really; I kind of swing if you ask me, however it’s good to learn on your own in some ways depending on which way it works out and who you are along with the date.

Dating Advice 

I’m still working out on the whole first date business thing because I’m still uncertain how the things work and etc. But here is the list of topics that don’t really need to talk about. Don’t mind me I looked it up myself and I’ll have a cross by the side that I’m guilty of saying by mistake all the time.

  • Your Ex ❌ happens but depends on the situation 
  • Money ❌ Awarked as I never know what happens on a date
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Family Background ❌ depending if they bring it up
  • Sexual Experience
  • Marriage
  • Sex
  • Secrets
  • Work Drama ❌ guiltily as charged if they bring it up 
  • The Prescriptions You’re Currently Taking
  • That Horrible Crime in the Neighborhood

Well that’s all I can find and I’m not sure if I have done any of the others I don’t think; don’t even remember haha, why not add to the list of your habits of your first date. I would love to know what yours are. 

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