Summer fresh drink 

Summer Fresh Drink 

What’s the best way to kick off and say hello to the summer and good bye to the spring? The best way is to find out what’s the most refreshing drinking that is cheap, cold and refreshing. Is by getting a cheap fruit that you can cut up and put into your glass or bottle, water and ice cubes; this is the most cheapest way of doing some healthy, but refreshing along the way, 

I did do an experiment as well; if you have anxiety or any other mental health issues this actually helps by calming your nerves in the way of letting you know that everything is going to be alright. I can guarantee you it does work even when you actually have a blip or so get yourself one and drink it. 

The best thing I ever come up with if you ask me; I’m always trying to find away to help steady my nerves all the time, having a pint glass even helps because I’m making sure that I’m drinking loads and trying to stay healthy at the same time. I do have to say I prefer lemon than to lime but then again when I have Volvic water I always go for lemon and lime or strawberry as they are more taster than the other flavours. However I’m different to everyone else; everyone has different taste buds than to me, so it’s up to them if they like it or not.

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