Star Light Categories – Wednesday Evening Post – Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

I hate crying to be honest I tend to think it’s a weakness because at the time it happens I’m not thinking straight and think I’m not good enough but people actually tell me it’s not a sign of weakness when your crying. It’s a sign of being so strong for so long that it’s okay to cry; it means that your turn to be looked after for once, stop caring for other people give time to for yourself. 

I literally hate people looking after me to be honest I’m too stubborn let anyone into speak about things that’s in my life I think I’m weak. It’s only because I hate it so much. Only people I open up to is my closet friends that I have because it’s easier for me to not get judged and etc. 

I think it’s a fear of being judged and etc I don’t know what it is but I am one of those people who blocked myself getting so close to people because I’ve been hurt so many people in my life that I’ve learnt to be tough on myself. Along with the fact that I’ve always been determined and risk things about things of not caring about things. I do care about things but when there’s certain things I don’t believe in then I say it how it is whether they don’t need to hear the truth or not.

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