Day 4 of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: When were you last drunk?

It was back in March 2013 I think it was when it was with my closet friend at the store we both worked at the time in my hometown. I couldn’t care shit about the store then and didn’t care shit about it now. I’ve moved on with the world doing better things than selling shitty cards for the company.

We were the only 2 people drinking out of the four of us at the time; which was okay and understandable because one said that they were allergic to whatever Vodka was made out off, and one was driving on the plus side my deupty manger who was driving and close friend at the time said he would drive me home. Twice by then he had taken me home drunk bless him and I had to wake up with a hangover.

The time the hangover was so bad that I still managed to turn up to work hungover; that was because me and the other person who was leaving were drinking these two pitchers at the time by ourselves, I had bluelogon and she had monster something rather. Can’t even remember now; the fact that everytime I needed her to come with me to go for the toilet, I could really feel it that badly because I knew I didn’t eat anything before work or after work so I was literally feeling it.

When we all went our separate ways me and the deupty manager who was like a big brother to me at the time; made sure that I had food inside me at the time me, him and someone else went to subway and they were like keeping an eye on me. As I never drink that much and they know I’ve never been that drunk before either.

Once I had food down me and everything my friend took me home; the next day I was so hungover my head was pounding, I had to work that day as well but I couldn’t careless at the time because I hated my job in the first place. I got in and the manager at the time said to me how’s your head. I guessed that the other colleague had told her that I was pretty drunk the night before but I could remember it very well. As I remember staggering to the bathroom with my friend at the time walking along side me. That was pretty much the last time I was actually drunk back in 2013 haven’t got hammered since.

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