Remember the fallen – Armistice Day – 100 Years since World War 1 ended 1918-2018 (Bring him home)

100 years today since World War 1 has ended. So many men lost their lives in that war; no one really knew the outcome of it all, nor what to expect and most importantly men across Britain were urge to fight. However all these attacks on ordinary people only stirred up hatred against the enemy to which encourage more British men to volunteer and fight for their country. By 1917 there were 3.5 million men out on the front line however going back a year in 1916 a conscription came in; meaning a rule that ALL healthy men age 18-41 had to fight.

“God on a high please hear my prayer I’m in need of your strength and guidance. You have always been there for me” one wife cried as she watched her husband leave the town.

“He is young, he’s afraid please let him rest. Heaven blessed up above take him home to be looked after by the other nurses” one nurse nursing a frightened 18 year old with wounds, cuts and not being able to see.

“He’s my son that I’ve known all his life. God had granted me a son but now the summer has started to die one by one each year of this war. One by one they soon fly on and on. As I am getting old with worry I will be gone” one mother once said

“Bring him peace. Bring him joy. He is just a young man after all. He’s only a boy” cried a village vicar

“You can take my me away from my family but not my son. You can give the life to the war but let my son be. Let my son live. I sworn to my wife I’ll bring him home at the same time as me” a father once said.

Over thousands of sons, brothers, boyfriends, fiancés and husbands never returned home. Just want to say “thank you for giving your lives for us to have a better future” I have visited the trenches in Belgium and the War Cemetery in France years ago you could feel, see and what it must be like back then. I also paid my respects to the fallen soldiers.


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