May 2017 Newsletter 

May 2017 Newsletter 

Wow busy few weeks; well busy month shall we say, my grandma always says “I don’t even know, if I’m coming or going”. Well I’ll have to agree with her on that front; don’t normal agree with her, don’t even disagree with her either. I may of forgotten to post up April’s Newsletter last month; so I thought I better put it up now before this one came along, or I’ll forget to do this one as well. 

There’s a saying that my grandma would always say “mays knees and something rather” can’t remember much to be honest and truthful with you; unless you know it let me know I would ask my grandma but she won’t have a clue what I’m asking about, my head feels like it’s going to explode one way or another. 

Manage to getting out of voting in the local election because I was ill; I was surprised that Liberal Democrats won it to be fair, over the years it’s been Consvertives don’t even care that I’ve missed spelt it. Haha. Don’t even get on them; especially Theresa May what the hell is she playing at, taxing the sick and elderly. Would love to slap her about and stick her with room of elderly people; especially with someone I know haha, that I would love to watch and see. General election would be fun and see who still be in power or not.

Nothing much for May this month I don’t think just been so busy that I couldn’t really do much. However I have started up story writing again; so hopefully get something up on here, along with the whole world of publishing. Been making covers for clipboards and etc. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll have more time and get things up and running a bit more than it has been. 

May giveaway will be extended over June; it will finish at the end of July 31st July 2017, due to the fact that I’ve been so busy with work and what not I’ve hardly been able to concentrate with the whole puns and what not. May is not taking part in the pun otherwise I’ll be charging her for the giveaway items; if she did I may tax her for the most stupidest priminster, but also may tax her for being the next Thatcher women. 

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