Last week of April 4 main events 

Last week of April’s 4 main events and blogs this week.

Last week of April’s 4 main events and everyday blogs this week; don’t be foiled that they are finished completely, may I remind you that we have got a new month coming up soon. Maaayyybe May can be even better than the foolish April that it has been; it may bring us happiness and love, as the sun comes out and plays with us. 

So sit back and relax; let your hair down, enjoy the last week of the foolish month that we all love the most about this month. It has given us the greatest weather we could ever have; with the nice warm weather that we have been getting, here and there with the rain but monjority of it has been the nice warmth of the sun making us happy. 

Thank you April for being the most respectful host this month. See you in the following year.

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