Hello world of Lizzysweeklyblogs Readers!

lizzysweeklyblogs picture

Can I just say how dashing you guys are this fine day or evening. Welcome to the new and improved website of our time  lizzysweeklyblogs.com. I do have to say myself this is a. Honour to have you guys here to make it more official.

Over the next few weeks I will slowly working with my old blog by slowly transferring over to here; to help you guys out with the transitioning, it’s okay it will still be there to read your favourites not going to delete them or anything.

All of the major events will still be on here as well don’t panic Mr Mannering; just don’t panic, as you have noticed that I have made some imporvements on them at the moment. They will be coming over as well.

So sit back relax; enjoy the British sun or were ever you are, we are all here as one big happy family.



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