These words are my own!

These words are my own!

I was explaining to a friend on how much special needs children meant to me and how much I shout out to raise their voices. I want to share to you guys and your parents on the Understanding of special needs. 

Whilst you sit at your tables at your secondary schools; kicking off because you can, shout the loudest, refuse to be going to school because you can and many more things that you can do. Yet shout the most offensive word in public which makes my ears plead; makes me want to trip you up, educate you why you shouldn’t say the word “Retard” anywhere. Do you actually know what it means? Or your just saying it because your friends say it? or the word sounds cool? 
“Retard” is a weird for someone who has a disability or who is a disabled. Your not either of those two; the word isn’t cool to say, it’s a disgusting word that comes out of your mouth who has no respect what for anyone but yourself. 

To specialise in special needs for about 6 years; plus a relative who has special needs all his life for 17 years, I have more knowledge of the world through their eyes and yours. It’s completely different; you have to understand this by trying to do something for a few hours, if that doesn’t work, you can try again another day. Someone who doesn’t have that level of concept of understanding; they have to do it neat perfect and do it again all day to try to make it work, or do it the way their minds work. Yeah they may have behavioural needs but they can’t help it; you guys can help your behaviourally needs, by talking to someone what’s making you upset or angry and etc. Each child who has behaviourally needs is partly down to their medical needs and also along with the condition of special needs; some can talk about what’s triggering them off, some cannot talk and your trying to help them but understanding what could be wrong. 

When I was working in a special needs school in my hometown; my average day with everything going to plan could be at 35/45% getting through what we needed to do, like physio, lessons, changes, breaks, paper work and etc. The rest of the time percentage is when things go wrong that can’t be helped weather it’s a swim day, OT days (chairs and equipment), physio team come in, nurses come in because a child has become unwell or in a seizure, in the worst case scenario an ambulance have to come. Each day is a different day; you will never know what’s going to happen next day, so next time you say that word or you make a horrible comment. Put a pound in a jar and donate the money to a local charity or well known special needs charity. 

Apologies this is a late post just had one of those days today but I still manage to get it up a few hours later. 

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