Afternoon Scribblers how ya all doin?

Afternoon Scribblers how ya all doin?

Might of gave myself more of an headache with the whole snapchat mucking about thing with the new crazy maybe old crazy I don’t know; the things that you can take with the whole photo thing, what is it called. Surely it must have a name to it doesn’t it? Snapchat wasn’t really around when I was a teenager. Yes you can say it I’m old. I’ll have you know I could be old enough to be your sister or your aunt; wouldn’t pass it with the whole mum thing yet I don’t think. 

Right now your probably laying on your bedroom floor or just waking out of school with your friends because you have finished for the day; don’t have to see annoying teachers for another whole evening, refusing to do homework yet again because homework isn’t that cool. To be honest I’m with you on that one; I never really had homework when I was at school, that’s because I was in the bottom set for everything so it didn’t really matter to me. I know this isn’t great start is it. Well this is all a introduction thing you know; as I’m still trying to create a whole list of ideas for you guys to read and what not believe me teenage ages is fun but that’s if you know where to go. 

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