13 Reasons why they are having teenage crisis


For all the parents who may either understand or might not understand but will by the end of this stage of dos and don’ts when your teenager had a teen crisis. Believe my parents had three of us having our teenage crisis in our early adult lives about around our 22nd/23rd. No idea what they did there no idea.

13 Reasons why they are having teenage crisis 

So 13 reasons why teenagers have crisis. So many people miss understand teenagers on so many levels in my opinion and adults tend to forget what it’s like being a teenager at the best of times. Or teenagers think their Crisis are actually real until they are lot older and realise what on earth are they thinking. 

Here is the 13 reasons why teenagers have crisis: 

  1. They think their current boyfriend is the one for them for the rest of their lives. (You can never tell if they are going to be childhood sweethearts or not) 
  2. Everything is about them but it’s not (people are going through things that aren’t reversible or won’t change at all) 
  3. May have learning difficulties that won’t change what so ever. But need lots of encouragement of not giving up.
  4. Want attention for themseleves 
  5. Always want the next best thing 
  6. Cyber bullying 
  7. Bullying 
  8. Judging people’s looks
  9. Comparing themselves to others, magazines and etc
  10.  Mental Heath Issues 
  11. Exam Pressure 
  12. Struggling to find themselves 
  13. Peer Pressure

There is so many reasons and I was literally struggling with the 13 reasons why they have crisis and they don’t get heard. If there is anything that I’ve missed out that you like to add please comment below. 

Teachers ideas

if your a teacher and your doing citizenship why not copy this, and ask them what they think being a teenager and when they feel like having a crisis coming on. Get them to contribute in class and see how many they can find on the list and is there anymore to add to the list. Also get them to think what could school do more off to help with students who need more help and etc in their everyday lives at school, at home or social lives. 

Don’t forget to speak out if you are in a crisis it is hard to speak up about things that are troubling you but at the end of the day. Your the one to make the choice of being able ask for help than suffer in silence.
Good luck 


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