Your Opinions On Reality Tv 


The whole reality Tv things gets me so confused theses days; there’s so many I’m just like oh shhhs no one seems to care, your only doing it for attention and etc. Hey ho this is all about my opinions at the end of the day; hey guess what it’s throwbackthursday, it’s what topic I’ve chosen even if I’m struggling to write it on a Wednesday along with the others. 

Your Opinions On Reality TV

When I was growing up there wasn’t much reality Tv shows other than Pop Stars, Pop Rivals, Behind the Star in your eyes, blind date, I’m Celebrity get me out of here and X Factor. Now you’ve got loads of them Towie, Jersey Shores, British Got Talent, The Voice and many more. 

If your watching reality tv shows like Towie and Jersey Shores I hate to say it but it’s all about attention seekers who think that their lives are so much better than everyone else’s. That’s not reality Eastenders who is fiction and play out the true emotions of true stories; get attracted because people don’t want to know or really upset by it, I’m sorry this is reality it’s the real world not the whole world is about dumb idiots who don’t work because they getting paid by the shows that they do.

I could give you my low down of my reality that I do each day; the mount of battles I have to do, where I currently work and behind the scenes of my personal life of looking after my grandparents. Believe me the people who do these shows may not even laid a finger on anything that I had to do. 

I’m celebrity get me out of here shows people who watch this program the real side of being celebrities because not all don’t see, to be who they relaunch say they are. I’m going to stop now as I’m starting to waffle now haha. 

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