Vomit and makes me mad

Vomit and makes me mad

Woopie do. That’s all I have to say about Pippa Middleton/Matthews; the most attention seeking women if I ever so one, don’t get me wrong she could be the most kindest person you could ask for but my god all this wedding business and what not. Drives me insane. She’s not royalty; she’s not marrying into the royal family, she’s only getting the attention is because her brother in law is the prince and her sister is the dutches. What’s more she has the next young king and Queen as her pageboy and flower girl; who do she think she is the next royal person, I don’t think so Tim. 

She just marrying a normal bloke who runs his multi million hedge company; a brother in law who’s a Reality Tv star, she only knows the famous celebrities through her big sister and her husband. She really isn’t creating a name for herself other than the Duchess sister who made her a maid of honour and her bum took over the spot light of her sister’s wedding. 

Pippa made rules that people have to by by; yeah it’s understandable but at the end of the day, weather your older sister or brother is married to a royal or not you don’t get the royal treatment. I know I would refuse point blankly; especially when it comes my own wedding why would you make a replica of your sisters wedding, I wouldn’t want to do that to my sister nor my sister would do the same. Yes there should be boundaries which is understandable but seriously mate get over yourself. 

Sorry I just hate attention seekers who thinks it’s okay to do the something; at least Kate Middleton had the respect of her sister’s wedding not up stage her, however I would if my sister had upstaged me at my wedding. Along with Prince Harry he gave her respect of not bringing his girlfriend; however he shouldn’t do that in the first place wether he was a royal or not, his mother would wanted him to have a normal life as well. Clearly Pippa has no concept of what he had to deal with as a child; at least his sister in law is carrying on the memory to help Harry and William along side bringing up their own children in the correct way and know what the real world is.

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