#throwbackthursday: Haunted Mansion board game

Today (12.4.18) I was keeping one of my grandparents entertained whilst one of my parents were doing bits and pieces; bless them that they have dementia but the classic grandparent and granddaughter relationship, where we have our sass and etc. 

However the board game called “Haunted Mansion” quite an old game to play I use to play it a lot when I was growing up when I went round my grandparents house. Sadly one of my grandparents don’t remember it but it was one of my all time favourite games but I had to pack it away because they were going on about it that they didn’t know where it came from and what not. 

The game was so fun but I can’t remember how you play it but if I remember it rightly if you land on a space that was a purple card with a witch on it. You read it and if something like a something unexpected to happen it triggers the something to knock your player off the board. I can’t remember rightly how to play it  but it something like that.  

It’s better know as Which Witch? It’s a children’s board game that was published in 1970 by the Milton Bradley Company it was also invented by Joseph M. Burck of Marvin Glass and Associated. The board represents a house the lay out on the board has four large rooms; the Broom Room, the Witchin’ Kitchen, the Spell Cell and the Bat’s Ballroom. 

You have to assemble the game before playing into a three dimensional model house with vertical walls and a large plastic chimney in the center. There are four tokens coloured red, yellow, blue and green. Each token is shaped like a child either a boy or a girl with four corresponding mouse tokens of identical colour. 

If anyone remembers this game give it a like or a comment below because it would be nice to know who remembers this game. It would be awesome to know. 

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