The Unknown Fear: Your Fantasy

The fear that you and I is that we have fantasies of being together but when it happens it’s like we don’t even know if we want this or not. This gave me an idea when listening to the song “Fantasy” by the late George Michael and also it reminded me so close to home but just only the beginning for my friend Megs. So this is my take of my side of a story of all of my relationships I’ve had so far.

No matter how much you give; you give all the loving in your heart day in day, also all the loving that you give every year from the bottom of your heart. On which your heart that has more desire until one day you say you love me; then all of the sudden you tell me that you don’t, you continue to do this confusion of what you want. Yet there’s no point of hanging around if you keep on making me feel your love is in my hands and you say you stay.

You change your plans all the time; like there’s no point of hanging around as you have no time for me, so I’ll find another fantasy of my own choice. It’s kind of funny that all you do is make me cry but I’m only one that can make you happy; even if it’s only for awhile, but baby I can give you all the loving that your heart desires, when you don’t have the time to fill my desires I’ll go find another fantasy.

There is no price of love but there is a price of hate; to which I maybe guilty of as you make me wait, due to the fact that I don’t know your intentions. I try to look up at the sky up above for answers; I know my fate is in the hands of god until the time to push through up above, I need to know what’s going on for heaven sakes. Is this love? Is this love or invention?

I know you haven’t got any time for me; I’ll find my other fantasy, as I do I’ll watch you take someone’s heart and kick it around. Keep picking it up and watch it fall down because I don’t know what I am suppose to do when I wait for you to decide what you want to do. You either want me or you don’t want me? I don’t have time for time wasters like you.

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