Sunday Special Topics: Dancing in the storm!

Sunday Post I should of been away but things happened so I decided to dance in the storm but I really just don’t care anymore. That’s how I feel right right now but I’m not literally dancing in the storm guys; it’s just the feeling like I’m the one in the wrong all the time, maybe it’s just me who knows who knows. I normally by now joke about that I’m not sorting out my characters from my stories when the storm comes to the U.K. 

Way too warm to be able to sleep to be honest and yes I’ve written this in the middle of the night. Just casually watching the storm lighting up the sky it’s so pretty and bright. If you have me on Instagram or not yet there’s a video clip of the storm it’s @lizzysmornings it’s on there if you like to check it out and follow me on there too. 

With only about two and half ours sled this morning one of the houses in my areas decided to let their dog out; what does it do as soon as it gets out? Yes that’s it barks yap yap yap, I do have to point out this is and was at 7:00am in the morning of Sunday. Along with wait for it wait for it “Toby…Toby…Toby” a but respectful than normal but yet not really what you wanted first thing on a Sunday morning. 

I hope you guys have a good day, stay safe and enjoy you’re sunny Sunday whilst it lasts. 

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