Day 29 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: The Unknown Fear: Untouchable

As I stand in the field standing alone in the wind and the rain wondering how we got here. We us to fly through the air with no fear but we’ve been in pain for so long; all though when I use to stare into your eyes, it would be all gone and in the distance of the rain and the wind. I could see a burning light coming towards me up the field. Until I looked properly there was a 6ft4 man in front of me; the posh voice that I once knew who never given up on me, took my hand as I held on tightly to fly through the flames. There was so many ways that I went wrong but as I’m trying to get rid of them in your eyes.

In my dreams that I’ve been having it feels like we are forty stories high as I know we are madly in love but when your around we are untouchable but when your not I’m touchable to break and that’s when we going fall. In my dreams I know we aren’t going to fall as we are safe and sound knowing we are untouchable.

It’s only real when you’re not around as I’m walking in the rain there is no sun to show me the way but only your love. I need to hear your voice to show me how to get through this. I know that love shouldn’t be so hard but sometimes I do things so stupid that I cause the dark to dawn on us; due to the fact that I do stupid things but when you show me the love and fighting for me, you light up where ever I go in through the bad patch and I never give you any credit for it.

I know that love shouldn’t be so hard but I’m sometimes I freak out way too much in the darkness; you light up my world everywhere in go, I know my heart shouldn’t beat so hard and yet I’m swimming with the sharks as you light up by blinding the sharks and getting me out of the cold. It’s only real when your not around when my candle in my head is burning out; whenever you’re gone they are waiting in the bushes ready to pounce on me, whenever it’s hurting us the most we get through it.

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