Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle: Old Social Media that I grew up with – 21.8.18

In this day in age the most common thing about social media and online people is that people share so much personal things that are going on with their lives. You may think it’s safe no one will look back at it or when you apply for jobs and etc. Trust me people will especially employers of you’re applying for a job that you wanted to do for the rest of you’re life. Even if it’s a silly things you did on the internet as a teen at the time because they will find away around it along with people who know you may worry about you. Just be careful what you put up in the future even if you’re having bad time. 

I try and speak out mental health issues because there’s not enough help to get by everyday and everyone is letting their voices be heard because no one is listening to them at the time when they needed help. Along with not enough understanding of what’s happening and why people suffer from this illness. 

Enough said on that. You’re probably thinking what old social media is she talking about here. All we know is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Yes there’s a lot more social media before this time but since then with these 4 social media accounts have taken the world by storm all of the old social media accounts have died out. 

When I was growing up Facebook had just started out, I had msn which was chat rooms, Bebo it was like Facebook at the time I think it was, My Space was another one that was popular at that time. You may wonder why I’m having a reminiscence of these sort of social media is because I was colouring a picture that had a message called “My Space”  which had a completely different meaning to it obviously because it was all about the space and around the world. 

It just gave me the idea of the whole topic for you guys at the time. Since the other social media had died out and Facebook had out lived all of them; new ones grew and became popular with it all, everyone uses them in different ways, however there’s always one slight problem with that. That is because you will get more scammers, sex offenders and many more that can harm you in one way or another.  You have to be extremely careful in what you do; if something doesn’t sound right or feel right, please report it to your parents and the police even if they tell you not too. They will try everything to get inside your head and control you. 

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