Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – “Back to school say ‘What?’”

It’s that time of year when all of the sudden autumn has arrived; starting to get bit chilly now along with the dark nights coming our way, come by the 1st September 2018 all of the first years going to the new secondary schools feeling anxious and nervous. Along with infants children going into junior schools; parents worrying about leaving their children in infants school for the day, along with leaving their not so little going to junior schools and going onto secondary schools. 

You maybe start a new school; you may return a new year feeling anxious at the same school, you may moved to a new area and you don’t know anyone until you started your school. You might even start you’re year of exams and coursework. You may start college or going to uni. 

Everything you may find either exciting and nervous as it’s a new academic year for you. You pray that you don’t have the same teachers that you had before or you hoped that the teacher that you hated or the teacher hates you had left over the summer. 

Generally you just hate school all together. I pretty much hated most of my teachers that had secretly especially my geography teacher at the time I was at secondary school. Feelings mutual to be quite honest with you as they didn’t like me and I didn’t like you them. 

Never pushed me to get on with the subject in the first place. So I never took it for GCSE. I was always got anxious when I went back to school every year even when we had school holidays. I use to be terrified of it and I just glad that as soon as 3:00/3:30pm came I was out of there before you could say “quidditch” pretty much unless I found myself doing something for the school on which I really didn’t want to do. 

All I have to say is you’ll be fine and you’ll be amazing. Once you got yourself into a routine and everything. You know what your doing before you know it. 

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