Everyday Topics – Why take a life?: From terrorism to knife attacks

In less of a week or more you hear in the news that you get packages been sent or left in main hubs like Waterloo Station, airports and now aiming for universities. In the midst of all of this is at least 2-3 people get killed by knife crime; someone in a local school in my home town thinks it’s cleaver to stab another peer in the back with a pair of scissors, what is going on in this society of today?
Why is it okay to carry dangerous things? Is it for protection? Peer pressure? Gang related? All of these things need to be answered. Let me ask you few things and few things alone to get you thinking. Is it okay for taking someone’s life for no reason at all? Is it okay to start unprovoked attacks just to prove to people and get into the wrong crowd?
Last one of the questions that I would like to put forward to you. Is it okay to rob/steal and breaking into a 50 year old church that’s served/severs the community and welcome everyone through its doors. To be able to have it been breaking into by someone drinking and stealing knives. Not any sort of knives but sharp knives!
Yet with all of this Britexit and all of the cut backs to save money by taking services that we need more off so that politicians can just line their pockets goes to show that they don’t care about other people or the whole country. Except one politician one year when Westminster was under attack two years ago and an ex-army he went to try to rescue the police officer who sacrificed his life.