Everyday Post: How to distract your mind?

I decided to kick off today how to distract your mind from stress, anxiety, depression and many other things if your over thinking too much. Don’t worry all of us have that day or so at different times but if your one of this people who don’t have any problems at all then your not human at all. I can tell you that now because you have no soul or anything what so ever. I know that sounded harsh but to be honest with you everyone has to have feelings.
There I said it being way to straight forward on that one does tend to get me into trouble but to be honest I’m up late can’t sleep anxious for nothing to be honest so I’ve decided to try and distract myself as much as possible. Yes I’m writing this currently 00:45am and I’ll be on the road at crack of dawn for my job so no change there people.
The things that help me to distract my mind is by writing, colouring in, problem solving, music and talking to my friends maybe retail therapy if I actually had money but don’t get me started please. I’ve got into recently a game of cards just a normal pack of cards playing solitaire and I’ve also downloaded solitaire and crown on my iPad so that I can just distract myself and also think what I need to do and where I need to place the cards. Candy crush is also a good game to play but run out lives quite quickly as well.
Taking up new hobbies as also a great thing to do as well because you may find that you never realise what you’re capable of doing without giving it a shot to be honest. Anything that you might like to do and think I can do that. I’ll give it a shot I think.