Wednesday Evening Post: Free Style Blog!

Hey guys here we are back again on a Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week in the United Kingdom with the heat still reaching its highest but by the evenings and the mornings it’s becoming a bit cooler now; just as I like it to be quite frankly but I don’t mind the heat as long as, I’m able to do things like my blogs and what not but when I can’t I just can’t be bothered to write them out by hand. I know I should do because I’m so use to writing my stories out by hand but when it becomes to the heat then I’m stuck. 

I’m literally forcing myself to write something right now for tonight to be able to keep my mind occupied to be quite honest with you; I was watching some of my current favourite youtubers that to help distract my mind, normally scary things like that helps chill my mind telling me that I’m being ridiculous and yet I couldn’t even watch that because I was freaking myself out. To which normally I don’t do when I’m on one those mood swings to be honest with you.

I can probably guarantee you this probably won’t go up until tomorrow morning because I’m already falling asleep to be honest. I just fancied just writing myself away like a Free Style Blog that I do now and then when I can’t think of anything but yet find something to talk about that makes sense. 

You know when you enjoy someone’s company so much that you start missing them to the point off; you think you’re pushing them away or something that you think it’s putting them off you? Yeah I get those feelings a lot but this one guy friend that’s been there for me know matter what we talk about our problems with each other and etc. 

When we meet up we are like more relaxed than anything else he notices that I’m more relaxed when he’s around like all of my demons go away knowing that he’s there to protect my head and etc going crazy…….

The Free Style Blog: Conspiracy theory of the new Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald.

As a J.K.Rowling fan and Harry Potter fan I am so looking forward to this next film to come out in November 2018 going to be awesome. I love the fact that we get to go back in time with new characters and also see a young Dumbledore to which is my surprise is Jude Law playing him; think he’s going to be quite good at playing him to be honest long with it’s a huge role to take on after two other great actors played Dumbledore in the older life.
To be honest we should see what Johnny Deep can do with Grindelwald to be honest plus being in a true English film that’s been part of our English heritage for so long. Plus it’s been quite hard to take on something like this when it’s been all 7 books have been casted as all English cast at the time. Let’s just see what Johnny Deep can do before we judge shall we. I do understand that this is our baby but we’ve got to see what other people can do as well to portray the characters in the new film.
Okay let me cast your minds back to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phenix I think it was or was it the Half Blood Prince which ever one it was; there was a scene where the trio visits Hagrid in his hut, as Hagrid looks out of the window and says “storms coming Harry just like last time” if you seen the trailer for this new film that’s coming out in November. Dumbledore recruits Newt to find something’s out because Dumbledore knows that he can’t do it as Gringelwald will trace him. Also Newt has to choose the right side as Gringelwald drawing up the dark side getting pure bloods to dominate the muggles.
It’s like when Voldemort has been doing the same thing like history has been repeating itself in the future after the first time it happened. So what I’m trying to say is that Hagrid has seem both wars from two different people trying to dominate the world. I think it’s actually a quite good way of doing it and linking them up with one famous quote. If you don’t believe me rewatch the film and watch the trailer of this new film you will understand what I mean. Just can’t wait for it to come out. Comes out on 16th November 2018.

Online Diary Entries: “Freedom of the Negative thoughts”

Poisonous, devil, evil, wicked, apprehensive, bitter, compulsive, deceiver and FALSE. I could go on for hours with all the negative words that I could pick out that I looked up to help me write this because I really couldn’t think of any no matter how many I was given by people or to myself over the past. It’s like in my head of loads of words going round and round like a noisy helicopter going over head. (By the way currently going on over my area)

No matter how we try and free from ourselves of these negative thoughts but it’s always seem to be your fault when someone else is blaming you for something. Your like okay what’s the point then? I must be all of those things that you say and they must be try because all I’ve done is pay or do stuff that you tell me to do but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere but other living in this world of not having the rights to be happy either.

I’ve come across that other people have been in this sort of place as well you think to self thank god I’m not the only one here. Yet I’m fighting for my life everyday weather it’s just because I have to for the sake of the others or because you have to at the end of the day otherwise you just have to continue to do so.

If I could shut myself off from the world I would because I know how easy it is to shut off but that’s only by not hearing. However with the negativity of things you can’t I know I can’t because I know how much I hate fighting for myself I know when I’m starting to spiral out of control.

It took me two days to even attempt to wash my hair and it was driving me made you know how much I hate my head being itchy and etc. I just literally couldn’t be bothered along with not putting make up on; so in the end I just let my scars of pain, tiredness and pain that I was in show. That’s when you realise something is wrong but on the second day I literally forced myself to wash my hair and have a bath because I literally felt gross and disgusting. Don’t know if I’m just tired or something but I don’t even know.

The fact that I wanted to create a themed of the free style blog is because sometimes I just wanted to share a few things or something that I don’t actually have to think about it or how I’m gonna word it. Just wanted to free flow of what might come out at the end of the day. Like I have with this one and yesterday with the Wednesday Evening Post. Just go with the flow really.