Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – The Comedy Of The Kittens

I do find that my parents tend to forget that the kittens get into everything; especially when it comes to our food and drinks, you start to realise that they bring it onto themselves when it does happen because they call up to you or your other siblings saying like “your cats are eating my porridge”. 

You think why on earth would you leave it unattended in the first place when you perfectly well know that they will go for it and smell it. That’s what me and my sister had thought when one of our parents said it; my sister replied “that’s you’re own fault for leaving it unattending it then” which is perfectly true to be honest with you. Along with glass of wine or whatever drink you have and go out of the room for a split second. 

The kittens have great personalities that would make you laugh without a doubt because whatever they do one of them will tell on the other by coming to get me or my sister. Unless you’re like what have you done to you’re  sister in a joking way because they always look innocent one way or another. 

They even follow you to help find their sister if we haven’t heard them or seen them for awhile. You be amazed where we would find them one way or another; especially where it’s a big house for kittens to explore in, you get pretty much use to know where their hiding spots are unless they catch you out and not being there at all. Then you’re like where are they then. 

Playing together is so funny and they get jealous of each other’s toys sometimes but the best thing is if you do something out of the norm that you wouldn’t normally do. They will tell you off one way or not like you don’t know normally do it why start now. 

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – What you do when your back pain wakes you up?

Past two weeks now my lower back has been killing me. First it started with a cold so effects everything in my body; just as I’ve got over this cold almost, second one is that recently went back to work then forgetting every single muscle that I have had and it’s been like yep I’m go to kill you with more pain.

I know well apparently been told that it’s a tight muscle from the doctors when I had it checked out. I beg to differ now but I’ll see how it goes if it gets worse it gets worse. I’ve even noticed as soon as I pick up the kittens now that they’ve put on weight since we’ve had them; you don’t think they have when you look at them for the first time but when you watch them grow, you notice the change, their personalities, and how much of a muscle they have been building up over the month since we have had them.

You know when you’re back begins to hurt as soon as you start to relax more when you laying in bed on you’re back and you could feel it giving you a sharp pain of a jab on your spine. Could easily have the kittens walking on my back right now just to loosen it all.

Oh happy days.

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – Self Reflection

Self reflection for a Sunday Special can come across in so many ways to the point of a reality check if you like to call it that. I find that when I’m in a none positive mind about things I always listen to my negative mind to the point of why whats the point of being positive. 

So I thought why not do a self reflection of what am I actually good at and why I need to focus on getting better. Time will tell in how well I can be even if it’s fighting to remain strong no matter how hard it can be. Let’s do at least 10 questions in bullet points shall we so I may bulk it out a bit more if I can.

  • What do I like about myself? I like about myself is that with dying my head red, having hair extensions in, having make up on and be able to feel confident within myself and feeling vibrate about myself. 
  • What would I like to change about myself? If I could change myself I think I would be able to open up to people who are in my surrounding area like my family who I see everyday and not get so defensive all the time like I’m under attack. 
  • Am I more positive or negative in my speech? I always think of others before myself even though I get told that I don’t but I do; to be fair I like to be quite direct but positive if people need it but there are times when people who I try to be positive towards too, and yet they don’t like me for some odd reason or another or maybe they got me off the wrong foot then they will get the whole direct message of “I’ve been nice to you but you’re not going to be playing that game.” 
  • What am I grateful for? Do I express my thankfulness? I am grateful that I’ve got good close friends that I can talk to about things and be able to be myself without having to worry about a thing. This is because without the right people to hand I think I wouldn’t of been able to cope with much of my life if I didn’t have them to hand.
  • What are qualities of a good a listener? Do I have these qualities? Good listener qualities always have to be patient, understanding, say as it is (it’s needed to be) and most importantly be a good friend without judging. Personally I have those things because I always put my feelings aside along with the whole I understand a lot of things. Yet people say to me you don’t understand and that’s when I explode and tell them how it is. They will be like “oh shit” she does understand a whole lot of things and been a whole lot of things. 
  • Who inspires me? What qualities do these people have? I don’t really have people who inspire me to be honest because at the end of the day I just get on with it and take it on the chin. 
  • Do I see my relationship as successful? Why or why not? Depends on what you mean on relationship. If you think as in a couple personally I always believe in couples who fight, cry and etc who can work things out can always win at the end. No matter how hard it is or if one slips up or the other one slips up; yeah we would row and argue. Knowing to be able to give each other space to calm down and come back to apologise and know that we both love each other because no one is perfect. 
  • Am I open-minded? Judgemental? I’m quite an open minded person I don’t judge people I let them open up and see their true colours whether they can be trusted or not if my gut instinct don’t give them away or not. I know from then on to know who I want to be friends with and open up too. 
  • What do I fear? How can I overcome my fear(s)? What do I feel the most is letting people in and abuse my trust in so many ways to the point that it will take people longer to gain my trust as much as you can see and believe. To be able to overcome that is by being open minded and know that I can make my knot inside me a lot stronger. 
  • What do I really want to do? Am I doing that? I really want to write and make it become my full time job but I know it’s going to take me awhile because I’ve got to build the stamina and the focus of what I want to do in so many ways. The most frightening thing for me is that I don’t know if my writing is good enough. That’s always a down fall for me. Even if I need to pick myself up from it all even when I have bad days.

Star Categories – Sunday Special – How to take stress out on a Sunday Special?

I’ve never liked Sunday’s as long as I can remember I think it’s since as a kid. I personally think it’s a waist of time to have a Sunday to do anything; it’s like lunch times when I never know what to have, I’m well fussy when it comes to food especially on the weekends the most importantly every Sunday as a kid we use to have a Sunday roast. It would stress me out a lot with the Sunday roast was because it would take a very long time after been to church; then I would had to do homework if had to do homework at the time, then next minute it would be dinner and then bed. 

That was a stressful thing ever I found as a kid however since then I changed the way I do things because it just drove me mad. I stopped going to church because I didn’t believe in it because it just wound me up everytime where is the evidence; couldn’t sit still because I have attention span of a goldfish that’s because of my hearing I’m not one of those people who can be talked at all the time, we decided not to have Sunday Roast anymore on the Sunday because my parents realised that it does take a very long time and everything. 

I now replace it all the things that I want to do and gives me the best relaxation that I want to be honest. I like that because I prefer to keep myself occupied it also reduces the stress and my anxiety as much as I can. I try and make something or do something to keep myself occupied; it also takes my mind off Monday for the day, otherwise it sends me into a panic because I knew I had to go to school the next day and I didn’t want to go I hated school so much. 

I’ve still have those days where I hate Mondays because there’s always been a certain things that made me feel anxious and I literally hate it. Things always seem to feel uncomfortable or something bad is going to happen because I have that weird sense of feeling from people; I hate picking up other people’s emotions because I think it’s about me like have I done something wrong or upset them, it tends to put me in a negativity mood and start getting cross because I hate the whole thing. I find out that it’s not even me but it feels like it’s me and I’m the one that’s been taken out off. 

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – Grumpy Sunday

Literally in the worst grump you can ever ask for especially for a Sunday! I literally on mineral sleep because I can’t sleep at night due to the heat and so many on things going on my head as well. It’s just like you just want to scream. Then you’ll find the gobby house at the end of the next road literally screaming and shouting; next minute you get the local supermarket deliveries “yes on a Sunday!” Car alarms going off in the car park, next would be the next door neighbor drilling, sawing, building and hammering. 

Wait for it I haven’t quite finished there. Just having a breather. Ready? Let’s go. A parent still coughing and clearing their throat taking ages for to spit it out what they are trying to say. If I wanted that sort of talk I rather be back at work. Where it’s more peaceful and I know what I’m doing. Another parent who just non stop talking about either unnecessary things or things that will trigger someone else off and things come up that I’m involved with had the whole thing setting me off even more because I’m already irritated, grumpy and anxious about these things. 

I have this feeling that me and my grandparent who has dementia are on the same wave length today because they are in a grump to and I’m looking after them for a while. So it’s going to be interesting and also not what I really need right now because I’m in a grump but then again they like me and I’m pretty much get them out of a grump quite easily. Get people out grumps and etc is my special trait I think I do it on my job as well get the kids out of bad mood or something just because I weigh it out and make jokes etc. 

I’m that sort of person who just seems to go what have you done? Or what haven’t you done. They seem to realise that they answer their own problems or questions before I say anything; to which comes out on top or you have some people who takes longer, then incomes the battle bomb detonator from me and then they realise that it was staring right at them. To where they turn around and say to me “I love it when you just go straight in for the kill.” “People need it monjority of the time because they need a wake up call and wether it makes them cry or realise that they cry because it’s hit them and made them realise that I’m right and it hit home.” 

After shifting my grandparent grumpiness and they were full of life again after I got them to eat their lunch; not even too sure why I get them to do things and no one else can, it’s probably me being a good grandchild and get them to do things. Plus I use the same tactic as I use on special needs children with my grandparent. The way I work with them and how I do things is the same as my grandparent. Maybe I’m just to lay back to do care about things or I’m just funny. Until something isn’t right then everyone knows they’ve got on the wrong side of me when I go in for the kill where I say as it is. 

People that I went to church with obviously I don’t go anymore but I took my grandparent to it as the rest of the family where there and their partner were there. It took me awhile to set in but then once I got over the grumpiness and what not. The whole sassy funny confident person I knew within myself was back making everyone laugh. I hate when it takes all day to shift or doesn’t shift at all. 

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – Oh Father God how could you?

Oh father god how could you? All the tears that I have shared when I had no one to turn around to; you say you got me and I got you, but you never been there to answer my prayers and now it’s over for good. All the memories that I have fighting for my life everyday through out the past x amount years; I made my way through life without your guidance, even when I got into trouble you weren’t around you just sat there watching me fail. 

Now that my head is pounding I can’t seem to turn around or get through this mind field; you say you’re my father but you really not my father wouldn’t let me fall to the ground, no matter how angry he gets with me because I know how much he loves and yet I know how hurt he is deep down. 

Did I pick a bad leaf or something because I seem to be the one continuing messing up my life more and more. Oh father god thank you for all tears that I have shared I don’t think I can heal as much as I can. Oh father god how could you? Every time I turn around you weren’t there no matter what dreams that I have or problems that o have you were never there for me, 

You’re like everyone else who just let people suffer no matter what because what have they done to you nothing. Yet I always pull through on my own because I’m stronger than this and that’s how I am. I always pull through. 

Sunday Special (Daily Stories): The Storms that we didn’t have to face at the time

Hey, hey brother do you remember when we were young we had no fear of anything? Hey sister do you still believe in the things that we dreamt that we would discover? It’s like our childhood never really happened but I still have faith and still believe in chasing rainbows because storms don’t last forever remember. 

We can hold our hands together through this storm forever we just need to remember to hold our hands through this together.  Hey mother am I making you proud or could I do better in what I’m doing now? Hey hey father there’s weight on my shoulders but I know it’s not over because I still have the faith and still believe in rainbows. They haven’t crush me completely because this storm doesn’t last forever  just remember we can hold our hands together through this storm. 

So spread your love and give it all you got remember to keep your head held up high and don’t give up. Hey brother, sister, mother, father everything will be okay don’t give up we will keep our heads held high because this storm won’t last forever just remember that we can hold our hands together. Even through this storm we can spread our love to everyone; give it all you got, hold your head up high and don’t give up because spreading your love will get us through this storm.

Sunday Special: “Everybody Hurts” – Story Based

When the day is long enough for you as the night but the night isn’t yours alone; when you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on. As you stare up at the ceiling in the dark but don’t let yourself go because everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes. 

Sometimes everything is wrong but now it’s time to sing along when your day is night alone; even if you feel like letting go just hang on, yet you think you’ve had too much of this life can you hang on because everybody is hurting but take comfort in your friends as everyone hurts but don’t throw your hand on no.

Don’t throw your hand like you feel like that you’re alone or feel alone because no no you’re not alone; you’re never on your own in this life even if the days and nights are, you may think together has too much of this life to hang on and everybody hurts sometimes everybody cries. 

Just hold on tightly to my hand because you are not alone.

Sunday Special: “Guilty” – Story Based

I’ve been a criminal I’ve made a mistake by believing in the fictional let everything slip away to which I didn’t accept my faith. I thought the alternative looked so crystal clear drowned in the muddy waters and I’m living in my worst fears begging you back through tears. 

You had this picture of me and now that I’ve shattered your dreams but I know the drill and I know the truth and it kills me. Yes I’m guilty for doing it so don’t come near me the one thing I’m good at is messing up is messing up somebody else; I know that I’m guilty turning sweet love into poison, and I got the scars if you talked about hurting yourself I’m just guilty as hell. 

I’ve sitting here all alone as my defence down wishing that I could be home locked myself out knowing that it’s my fault. Grazes with added salt with the thought I would be okay without you and I; now that I realise it was all just an awful lie take me back I might just die, you had this picture of me and now I have shattered your dreams and I know the drill and I know the truth and it’s kills me inside. 

Ive should of known that I could not go on here without you; instead of walking away knowing that I’ll feel terrified, I know I was wrong now I’m hurting myself but I wish I knew please could you take me back I don’t want to believe this is goodbye. Yeah I’m guilty don’t come near me one thing I’m good at is messing up somebody else but I’m guilty as hell.

Sunday Special Topics: I think my life is like a rock!

You’re probably thinking why is she comparing her life as a grey rock; I can answer you that it was the wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” what’s his face name gave me the idea for the title as I just saw his picture on something, I was contemplating about my life like I do most days and I was just like I just want to hit someone or some people with my rock or a brick because they annoy me to the point of they needing one thrown at them. By the way I wouldn’t do that anyway neither should you in the first place. Good thanks for the promise. 

Sometimes I rather just lay underneath my rock and just stay there. Don’t want to come out or nothing because what’s the point in life if there’s not much to do or anything loads of thoughts in my head. I rather just hide away in my cosy rock that I call “home” or “my comfort rock” not sure how a rock can be comfy but you can give it ago.

I find that people who come across me think I’m bubbly, funny, find it more funny that I say it how it is, relaxed and etc. At the best of times can’t work me out if I’m dead serious or not until I crack a smile of I just got you and burst out laughing. When I’m not myself and burst out crying they don’t even know what to do with me because I’m normally like the bubbly person to be around. You know they are trying to help but never know what to do. 

I’m like it’s fine I’m just having a blip and the next minute I’m mucking about and having a laugh with everyone. I always find away of knowing how to bounce back when I’m having one the blip moment. Yeah my life is like a rock that I just want to throw one at someone, stay underneath or just crumble that’s basically my cycle my routine if you like to call it. Just had to double check the correct spelling of grey if I had the right one for the my britishness and it’s says “grey” and “gray” are accepted in English language so it doesn’t matter which word I use it still same word and meaning. Just the US prefer to use “Gray” in their English language. Fun fact for a Sunday.