Day 25 Christmas Log Blog: Victory! We have reached Christmas!

After all blood and sweat of Christmas presents and everything today has arrived for all of us in the UK. To be able to spend time with our family and friends at this amazing time of year. However I had the amazing gift so far this year is from you guys who continuing to follow my Christmas Advent

Calendar Blogging and reading my other blogs that I have completely forgotten about.

Without you guys support of tuning into my blogging world I don’t think I would have the strength to care on; yet you guys proved to me that I’m worthy, my writing is worth more than just getting paid for (even if I was getting paid for it) and gives me the sense of hopeful as I’ve now completed my first month into my third year of blogging I can look forward to 2018 to work on some more preparation for what’s around the corner.

I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my readers and followers. I hope you have received the things that you have wanted and enjoy your day whatever you are doing. Love you all. Stay safe.

Day 22 Christmas Log Blog: Against All Odds (Take a look at me now)

As you looked at me across the charity ball you were like “wow” there’s me thinking all those years ago; how could I just let you walk away?, let you leave without a trace? But now when I’m standing here your taking every breath with you. You’re the only one who really knew me at all.

The thought of “how can you just walk away from me?” When all I can do is watch you leave because of all the laughter and the pain that we shared even the tears. You were the only one who really knew me at all. Baby take a look at me now because there’s just an empty space; there’s nothing left here to remind me of you but just the memory of your face, I wish I could just make you turn around to see me cry and there’s so much I need to say to you. So many reasons why you’re the only one who really knew me at all.

Just take a look at me know because there’s just an empty space nothing left here to remind me of you but just the memory of your face. Just take a look at me now when there’s an empty space; there’s always a chance of you coming back to me is against all of the odds, and that’s what I’ve got to face. Take a good look at me now because I’ll be standing here and you’ll be coming back to me; I know it’s against all of the odds but it’s the chance that I got to take, just take a look at me now. I’m standing here like a beauty queen when never noticed it at the time. You made your way over to reclaim your space beside me and not hers. Just take a look at me now.

Day 21 Christmas Log Blog: When You Believe

Many nights that we had prayed to be saved but there was no proof that anyone could her our hearts that are so hopeful with a song that we barely understood. Yet we are not afraid of what’s about to come around the corner; although we know there’s so much to fear as each mountain we move way to long ago we knew that we could.

There are miracles to which we can achieve when you believe in yourself; though the hope is so frail but it’s hard to kill when know one will know what miracles can do, when you can achieve in life when you start believing as somehow you will when you believe in yourself.

At this time of fear prayers are often proves to be in vain; when hope seems like the summer birds swiftly flown away yet now I’m standing here with my heart is so full that I can’t explain, yet I’m seeking faith and speaking the words that I would never thought I would say.

They don’t always happen when you ask and it’s also not easy to give into your fears when you are blinded by your pain. Yet you can’t see your way clearly through the rain but a small still resilient voice says there’s help is very near.

Day 20 Christmas Log Blog: “Her name was Honey and his name was Brian”

It was one dark winters night in December. Brian had just finished college in Old Woking he was heading through a gap in between some old cottages that had seemed to have been there dating back before Second World. He really didn’t think about it to be honest his grandmother didn’t mention it to him about it; he was only told snippets of some stories but he wasn’t allowed to ask why because he could see that she was still upset about it, even though so many years has passed but it still stayed with her.

He didn’t realise that he was actually sitting at the bus stop in Kingfield Green when he turned to look at his watch that use to be his father’s before he had died in the car crash with his mother just a day old and hadn’t been given a name yet. Ever since then it was just him, his grandmother and his uncle and aunt. His uncle is his dad’s brother he was more of the father figure when he came home from serving; Brian always knew his grandmother hated it when his uncle had to go away because they all knew something in the past would set her off, but wouldn’t tell them other than taking her to the cemetery and stay put in the car as she wanted to be left alone.

Brian on the other hand knew that his uncle and dad grew up in the shadows of this mystery person but something had to do with his name but none of them knew the reason why. As he cast back to looking at the time it was ten to four but no 34 had turned up yet he had been waiting for the bus for almost an hour.

Then all of the sudden the old double decker 34 bus had arrived; to which it look like it was ready to break at any moment, he didn’t blame it to be honest and he got on the bus and sat at the back instead of being at the top like he normally does. The interior was that old mud like brown colour with the seats looking like they were out of carpet material than any other material with a splash of green into it.

There was sounds of tapping and ticking noises all around the bus which sounded like a bomb was going to explode but he was pretty sure it would of gone off ages ago before he even got onto the bus. Brian looked down at his bag thinking what he needed to get out of it but he didn’t realise for a moment that it actually changed.

As he looked up again that’s when reality had hit him hard; he had gone back in time but not sure what year it was but he soon work it out in no time, well maybe he can work it without any help. As looked down the gang way as the bus bulled over he had noticed that a young women and a solider climbing on board; they had made their way towards the back of the bus near him, the women looked familiar but couldn’t think where but all of the sudden it dawned on him. The women was his grandmother and the mystery man was her boyfriend at the time.

The women said “hello” sat down near him and the solider saluted to him to which gave Brian a puzzled worried look before he realised what he was wearing and quickly saluted back. The solider sat down next to the woman. The woman looked worried that Brian didn’t know what he was doing but made a small talk to him as she turned round. “Awful Time isn’t Sargent” she said. It dawned on Brian what year it was; he quickly replied “yes terror able but I’m pretty sure we would win this”, “with your expertise sir I’m pretty sure we will” replied the private.

The fact that he soon realised that private is the one that his grandmother gets sad about. He pressed his button to leave the bus. He heard “good call sir…your being tracked” he murmured to Brian who hadn’t noticed that a few dodgy people were lingering had disappeared up to the top deck. That’s when Brian had an idea he got up and said to the other two “you two come with me…if I’m in danger so are you” they both stood up along side a few other soldiers who knew the que of their safety. He explained to the bus driver that he should get off the bus right now as well as it was only the soldiers that were actually left on the bus and the group of people who weren’t in uniform but he realised what was going on.

They pulled over making them think that someone was getting off and coming on so it didn’t matter as much to them what was happening down stairs. As the Private was last to get off the bus he chucked a grenade onto the bus both Private and Brian told “Honey” the lady to run and all the soldiers, the bus driver and both “Brians” started to run to the dip of the bank side of the field. The grenade exploded to which point that bus was now lit alight but it didn’t accurately go to plan because now the air raid sound started to go off.

Brian heard the Private murmured a swear word under his breathe; he knew perfectly well that wasn’t meant to happen, he didn’t care really even if his uniform says otherwise. He told him it’s alright things happen for a reason that couldn’t be helped. The Private was taken back that Brian had quoted him on something that he would normally say. “Now we need to run to find shelter for these two right now” said Brian as he ordered all the men to get to safety of the nearest barracks door as it wasn’t too far just across the field; both Private and Brian had to take care of Honey and the bus driver, there was a shelter not far from where they were if Brian remembered rightly.

Not even sure how he got to DeepCut in the first place but there was a little stone army shelter thing that was ready to be used in case the Germans had ever invaded England. They just about managed to get to the bunker but Brian somehow managed to get shot in the back by someone to whom they couldn’t see; Private and the bus driver dragged him into the bunker, before he got shot anymore by the unseen agent or solider at the time.

Honey managed to find the first aid kit in Brian’s bag; to which to her surprise had her name on it but didn’t ask any questions at all because it wasn’t the time to ask, or cause a seen as Brian was blacking out due to the amount of blood that was coming out of his leg. The Private had noticed that Brian had actually shot twice but they only heard it one gun shot. All three throughout the night endlessly trying to keep Brian alive by the morning when rescue had arrived he didn’t make it.

In the distance Brian could hear a voice talking to him. He slowly woke up from his coma and he noticed that it was his grandmother talking to him about the time she had tried to save a sergeant life but he had passed away in action of trying to save her, the bus driver and grandad. Himself Brian did the same thing on the bus when he soon realised that the bus was going to go off any second because someone had left a bomb on the bus.

Sunday Special/Sunday Online Diary Entries: Never Lie To A Woman – Based On A Story

Here’s a short story that should serve as a lesson for all men, NEVER LIE TO A WOMAN, she will find a way to see right through your lies and catch you red handed. This man learned it the hard way.

A man phones his wife and asks her: “Honey I’ve been asked to go fishing in China with my boss for a week. This is a good opportunity for me to get the promotion. So could you please pack enough clothes for a week, set out my rod & fishing box. We’re leaving from office & I’ll swing by the house to pick my things. Oh, Please pack my new blue silk pyjamas!”

The wife noticed that there’s something fishy in her husband’s story but since she was a good wife she listened to her husband and did exactly as he told her. After a week the husband returned home, looking a bit tired but happy to have done a good job. The wife immediately started asking about the weekend, how it was, if he’d caught any fish and so on.

The husband said: “Yes, Lots of Salmon, Blue gill & a few Swordfish. But why didn’t you pack my blue silk pyjamas?”

To which the wife responded: “I did…..They’re in your fishing box”.

By a Nigerian Friend

#throwbackthursday: The day I met the Prince? – Story Based

Call me the storyman for one I am the one with all the stories. You might think your fully awake; however we all know that your just about to drop off to sleep one way or another, unless your one of those people who are so tired that you actually can’t sleep until realised that you have just fallen asleep with your eyes open. Now have you heard the day one ordinary girl met one unexpected person that she wouldn’t expected ever. No! Snuggle up and let me tell you the story how she met her true prince.

It was never going to be an ordinary day for me well at least I don’t think so but I like to keep to myself as the best I can. Until one day in the summer I get a message from this Prince of England that everyone in the country and the world fancied. Me I couldn’t care less but secretly I liked him too but not overly obsessed with the whole idea. The fact that he found me just on his own accord and what not on instagram whatever social media I had at the time.

Yet we hit it off really well took him a few attempts to convince me that I’m making the right decision of saying ‘yes’ to going out with him but in the end I agreed. We continued to talk everyday without fail. However we somehow managed to loose each other thinking that we were talking to each other but people were imposing us. Then managed to reconnect one way or another after finding out that we had been talking to fraudsters.

As I was walking down my road not really thinking about anything; I just finished my morning work run shift the road and the path was still icy because the sun hasn’t come round the front to melt it. I missed my footing and started to slip as I started to fall someone had managed to grab hold of me before I fell to the ground hard. I wasn’t really expecting anyone to have been following me home or walking down the same road as me.

I looked round to see who it was who had kindly stopping me from falling any further. There stood 6ft2 man, bulking muscles, ginger hair and the most cheekiest smile you can ever ask for. ‘Caspain’ I answered like my chest had been squeezed all of the air out of me. I knew I had my massive grin on my face because I had immediately wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. I had never ever felt so happy in my life that he had finally came to rescue me from my ivory tower.

Day 10 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Halloween Special – The Unknown Fear – Skeletons and Ghosts

It was the first time that I had stayed alone in the house called The Old House Hall without Caspian; as he had convinced me that nothing is going to happen in this house while he was away, and tried to get me use to the house other than staying in the family hotel for a few nights.

To which I agreed on one condition that he would let my best friend/Ex become my second bodyguard; to which he was more than happy too as he would love to see me smile more, feel safe and etc. It was Monday that he had left for America for a two day business trip; two days weren’t that bad if you had to think about it, long but okay to cope with when you know you got good security and body guards to protect you.

The first night was a bit intense because my security, Darrell and Jones knew that old places like these would freak me out. They haven’t witnessed it personally but they could feel the vibes that I would give out; wether it was during the day or an evening that I didn’t need to attend to something with Caspain, I would ask a few times or so when he would be back and they reassured me that he will be back in time. Even though I know the drill with everything and being me being paranoid about one thing it’s another thing.

I know that I’m not going to let Darrell or Jones sleep for the next three nights; god help them now, what I will be like throughout the night and as I’ve taken my antidepressants medication snuggled up in my own room that I created to make it feel safe for me. This was incase I had to stay in the house on my own and I didn’t want to sleep in mine and Caspain without him.

Both Jones and Darrell stayed in the room; they had their own little rooms in a little cove boxed room, that went inside the wall but no doors just curtains draped down. Never really slept in here before unless I fell asleep on the sofa or something but they wouldn’t move me unless I was dead asleep on the sofa.

Throughout the night I was awake but that was my normal routine; Jones and Darrell took it in turns but in the end they decided that it wasn’t working for them, and so they decided one stayed with me and one stayed in their own room for the night. They did get the all clear from Caspain and his grandmother at the time of the arrangement on medical grounds of course when Caspain wasn’t around.

None off us really knew what was happening in the rest of the house; things where being thrown, things been breaking, heavy footsteps walking around and then suddenly on one the CTV cameras there was an eerie ghost like figure standing outside my bedroom door. That’s when a few security guards came running down to see the intruder; at that time they thought they had seen an intruder, but by the time they got there it wasn’t the intruder wasn’t there. Yet the others who were watching in base saw it had vanished no where to be seen.

One of the security guards poked his head in to scan around to see if they could see anything but couldn’t then closed the door and looked around the house before returning back to their base. It wasn’t long until they got back that they heard a sudden scream off terror; they rushed down to my room to come and help, as they got to the room the door flung open saw Jones slumped and knocked out cold in the corner. Darrell was up in the air by a visible hand but all they could see was a male figure but with no hands.

I ran to the security who got me out of the room and into the base for the time being. Someone had rung the services to come; Darrell was dropped to the floor, the male figure has disappeared once more by the time the police and paramedics came. The police had advised the security to take me to the near by hotel for the time being until they get the investigation going. None of them really didn’t want to be there but as it was a well known family they had to do their job carefully and steadily.

Jones was taking to hospital until he had come round; Darrell was given the all clear to return back to work, grabbed my emergency bag and my medication that I needed. I was checked out at the hotel was advised not to go back to the house; due to my anxiety being so high, it needed to settle first before reevaluate what’s going to happen next.

Police for the next few days sat outside the house day and night to see what was happening; also changing the tapes on the CTV boxes with the head security, along aside with them looking at the evidence on them. However they couldn’t believe what they had seen.

What do you think they’ve just seen?

A Dream that became a nightmare.

Life of a 26 year old who’s life can’t get so difficult than it already is. Love, Helpful people, confused, you then just think “my head is just going to explode one way or another.”

No matter how much I tried to keep myself together everyday; until one day anxiety starts to kick in, that’s when I know when I start to get so clammy. There’s no way I could stop it from happening; worst part is I’m starting to swell up on my way home on the bus, but it’s hard to show because you know that everyone will stare at you. All you want to do is just get off the bus and run home or just beg the bus to go quicker. Yet you have the most annoying bus driver in history; Mr Grump that’s what I call him, he’s always a grump no matter what it is. Which sets me off completely that he’s going to kick off again or something. As I prayed as he hovered near the bus that I want to get; he wasn’t going to be driving as I saw Norbert I relaxed he was going to be driving the bus, I was like thank god he was going to do it.

As I was going to get on I chocked as I was going to ask for my ticket; as I was trying to keep my tears back, he knew something was up and he said “sit behind me and don’t worry about the ticket.” So I sat down behind his little cab seat behind him. I kept to myself. My phone vibrated I looked up and saw it was Norbert messaged me “you okay? Also you missed your bus stop stay on I’ll take you back round” I replied “sorry. Thank you”

The fact that I missed my stop that showed that I wasn’t really myself at all…..

Brick By Boring Brick

So I’ve basically just pulled a all nighter; can’t sleep, can’t breathe, too cold and yet I’m too warm.

It’s all about the heads in the cloud; don’t think this is your fault, that I can’t sleep because I’m trying to rescue you from your ivory tower. Your walls are full of magic; if this is true, I’m coming for you as I’m coming to tackle your nightmares because I’m here to protect you from them. You don’t have to be scared no more. 

This might be crazy what I’m going to say, with the air that will take us away. If the happiness is the truth; but it comes with bad news talking about this and that, just clap along if you know if the happiness is too you. You can’t bring me down because your love is too high; if there’s no room without a roof, you know what that is. As the love is too high! 

Even though we are building by boring brick; yet we both know we hate this part, I thought we are stronger than this. I hate this part right here. Everyday of every scene; we telling each other whats hurting us, from being so apart. I know you hate this part right here. I know you will ask me to hold on for a bit longer; I will ask you the same, I’m not going to leave you no matter what. 

We can walk like a champion as we are young and free; somewhere you hold yourself, walk like a champion talk like a champion. We got nothing to loose because we’ve got two things on our side; we have each other’s love, we got one most important thing. We’ve got one special lady keeping us together; nobody does it better than she does, I know that she would want us to fight the system. With all of the crazy things we are trying to do; I know that I cant go back to the way it was, I don’t think you want to go back to the way it was. 

With the room that has no roof on. We are giants. When I look into your eyes and when you look into my eyes. Its just you and I. There are giants across the water; I could see someone sitting on one of the giants, we are giants in our hearts. As we build by boring brick; not just any building by boring brick, we are building the love into people’s lives. I whisper into your ear. I can’t shake this feeling off. That’s what they don’t know because I’m building with the love boring bricks with you; because I’m not shaking it off, I know who’s not shaking it off. Have a look over where the giants are. 

I light up the sky above you; I’m not going to fade away from you, because you and me will be standing right by side of each other. I’m not leaving you no matter; I’m going to fight this, we are going to rule the world as the stars are coming out tonight. They are lighting the sky tonight just for you; as I’m staying by your side as the sky is being lit up, by the stars for you. For you. 

Rumour has it, rumour has it, I didn’t stay up all night to get all this done. Rumour has it, rumour has it, you have made my heart melt with your loving and smile. Along with the frown that I keep on telling you to stop doing that; because that I had said it, I didn’t really meant it. Rumour has it, rumour has it, that theres a whisper in the wind with the words with your name on it. 

I love you; as my heart burst again, just thinking of you and seeing you on my screen. Seeing your face light up; making me feel proud of you, with the smile on your face. You may have my number; you may have my name, but you can have my heart more than ever. You go where I go. I go where you go. Would you see what I see. Your loving eyes melts my worries as my loving eyes melts all of your worries. As we standing tall together and let the skyfall around us. 

Invisible Magic Part 3 

We have now just found out that Pfftten is a bit reliability at the best of times. Why was he late getting back? In what relation is Mr.Classic and Fred to Tom? Did you expect Tom to turn into a werewolf? Comment below and let me know. – My Author notes.

Give and take the medication should kick in; clouds had started too form across the sky, the intruders were taken away and been in for questioning. The rain had started to fall down onto them; hoping that Tom would start to come round now as things had started to take place transforming him back to is normal self, something very particular that nobody knew what it was had started to happen. 

Some sort of invisible magic had started to form; all you could see was clear little clouds joining together, Fred and Mr. Classic looked at each other to begin with if to say what is this. Pfftten on the other hand “ohoh” like he knew what he had just done; which made both men look at him, “he” squeaked Pfftten as he chocked on his own flame. “Pfftten what have you….” Again Fred never got to finish off his sentence. 

The invisible magic flew up into the sky on which exploded into a mark; a mark that Fred, Mr Classic and Pfftten knew all to well what it was. The mark that nobody had seen for so long; the mark of a true Kennedy with a symbol of a werewolf added to it, both men gulped because if anyone else sore that they will know that Tom will be in more danger and who ever was driving along the cliff face. Before they could get rid of it; Tom woke up in a blind panic like he’s soul had just been sucked out of him, they both looked up and it was gone. 

“Let’s get him inside before anything else happens” said Mr Classic grabbing one off Tom’s arms whilst Fred did the same.

Pfftten ran on ahead to what was the door but he fixed the whole thing before Tom came round; to realise what he had done to the house, Mr. Classic and Fred tried to swerve around the dead bodies of the intruders that Tom went for. Pfftten locked the back door; as he ran past them he kicked them like it meant of done something, he heard his name called down the hall way to open the basement door. 

The basement was like a medical room just for Tom when something happens to him; he can be treated at home than anywhere else, there in the room were people who just arrived who knew Tom’s latest medical needs. One asked if anyone seen Mrs Ingram. As the two men laid Tom down onto the bed; Fred, Mr. Classic and Pfftten went back up to go and find her, they soon realised where she could be hiding. 

Unfortunately Pfftten had beaten them too it; as they both watched him open the cupboard doors, Mrs Ingram came out with a surprise with a shovel thinking there were still intruders in the house. Along behold Pfftten with all people or animal creature got the hit; not just once but a few times in fact, the two men flinched a few times before they could do anything to begin with. Then one of them grabbed hold of the shovel before Mrs Ingram could swing again; one grabbed hold of Pfftten before he did anymore stupid things or worse getting hit, Mrs Ingram soon realised after she calmed down and realised who was stopping her, she had realised that it was Pfftten that she was attacking not the intruders. They were long gone…..