Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle: Old Social Media that I grew up with – 21.8.18

In this day in age the most common thing about social media and online people is that people share so much personal things that are going on with their lives. You may think it’s safe no one will look back at it or when you apply for jobs and etc. Trust me people will especially employers of you’re applying for a job that you wanted to do for the rest of you’re life. Even if it’s a silly things you did on the internet as a teen at the time because they will find away around it along with people who know you may worry about you. Just be careful what you put up in the future even if you’re having bad time. 

I try and speak out mental health issues because there’s not enough help to get by everyday and everyone is letting their voices be heard because no one is listening to them at the time when they needed help. Along with not enough understanding of what’s happening and why people suffer from this illness. 

Enough said on that. You’re probably thinking what old social media is she talking about here. All we know is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Yes there’s a lot more social media before this time but since then with these 4 social media accounts have taken the world by storm all of the old social media accounts have died out. 

When I was growing up Facebook had just started out, I had msn which was chat rooms, Bebo it was like Facebook at the time I think it was, My Space was another one that was popular at that time. You may wonder why I’m having a reminiscence of these sort of social media is because I was colouring a picture that had a message called “My Space”  which had a completely different meaning to it obviously because it was all about the space and around the world. 

It just gave me the idea of the whole topic for you guys at the time. Since the other social media had died out and Facebook had out lived all of them; new ones grew and became popular with it all, everyone uses them in different ways, however there’s always one slight problem with that. That is because you will get more scammers, sex offenders and many more that can harm you in one way or another.  You have to be extremely careful in what you do; if something doesn’t sound right or feel right, please report it to your parents and the police even if they tell you not too. They will try everything to get inside your head and control you. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Planning a weeks worth of Star Light Categories – 20.8.18

I’ve planned out what titles I wanted to write about for this weeks Star Light Categories; well hopefully I have by the time this goes out because I’m putting my time and effort into these blogs after taking a week out or so for it, the reason why I have tried this out is because firstly I had a few ideas propping here and there to which I was like this is cool and I’ve never had a continuous ideas that kept coming to me for a week. Second of all I’ve also been planning a few ideas for my everyday post along side them as I couldn’t really see or seem to make it fit or work with any of the other Star Light Categories at the time.

I prefer to plan a few days or a week of blogs because I know there isn’t any pressure or having to worry what I am going to write about. I’ve pretty much spent a week writing about mini bio’s for our two little animals over the week and will continue to do so for a bit longer due to the fact that it keeps me going but also would be nice to know how far they have come each day for a year. 

I am pretty much hoping to write their bio for a year because they tell the tale of their daily lives and something is always different with them that we haven’t seen before. It’s like their little diary entries each day were we do something new each day that they haven’t done before. It’s like my Everyday Online Diary Entries for myself but in kitten world from day one to their year date of arriving to the house. 

That’s pretty fun to be able to do because it keeps me occupied and continually writing and etc. Gives me some sort inspiration to keep writing may give me some sort of ideas for short stories based on the two new animals that we have. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: I haven’t forgotten you guys

How you doing guys? Believe me guys I haven’t forgotten you at all just been busy one thing after another and so on. It may seem to be like that but I haven’t honestly though I haven’t. I have also been working on my other new blog site Follow the footprints on the open pages. 

It’s for my poetry and short stories I’m currently focusing on one area at a time to help build the fan base from there onwards. We all know how tricky it is to build a blog or work with something to improve on. It’s takes me awhile to do whilst not doing other things. The fact that I get good reviews and likes on the blogs when I post them up it’s quite nice that people appreciate them more than anything which is nice. 

I’ve started to do something like this bullet journal thing with my total categories I don’t have space for pictures but I use bright colours to make them into boxes. It’s quite nice to see the whole lay out of things in a way that it’s like very calming and relaxing. I had really good word I wanted to use but couldn’t spell it even trying to sound it out it didn’t want to work; I gave up to be honest something simple in the end, I hope you know what I was trying to say at least I hope.

I’m sorry this is short I’ve been stopping this blog all day today (13.8.18) being doing other things. Boring adult life but it needed doing along. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Follow The Footprints On The Pages Blog Website

Hey guys how’s it all going sorry it’s a bit later on the day for this one but I’ve just released my first writing blog on my new website called ‘Footprints On The Pages’ this is going to be for my short stories and poetry that I enjoy doing. I had it up running but trying to figure out what sort of things that I wanted to do for it and how I want to do it. 

I will still be keeping this one of course as my main one but Footprints On The Pages is more for my short stories and poetry trying to keep them separately from this one so it won’t get so confusing. The website is still on going for improvement with me adding bits to it; now that I know roughly what I’m doing for this main blog, and that I know I can fix this one whilst knowing that I can improve myself for on the other website. 

I don’t even know if that made any sense to you guys or not but I think I knew what I wanted to say but not getting it out from my head to the screen is impossible. That’s how my brain works and I’m like what are you trying to say you doughnut. Since posting my first poetry on there in the space of an hour this morning people literally clicking likes. As you guys know what one it is because I posted it this morning (6.8.18). 

Why not go and follow to keep updated with the whole poetry and stories that will be coming your way. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – It’s all coming back to me now – Story Based

There were nights when the wind was so cold like my body had froze in bed; if I had tried to listen to it as it was gusting right outside my bedroom window, I would of hoped to hear your voice once again and maybe give me a clue why you had left me so young. The were even days when the sun was so cruel that all of my tears felt like that they had turned into dust like I just knew my eyes were drying up forever whenever I got bullied; theres was nothing for me to cry because I was already a broken soul, all of the memories just came flooding back to me. 

I remembered the day I had finished crying since the day you left but I can’t remember where, or when or even how. I had banished every memory you and I had ever made; the thought of you coming back to me being a parent once again in my life, you gave me a hug like you never disappeared and you gave me birthday presents like this and now it’s all coming back to me. It’s so hard to believe but it’s all coming back to me. 

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light in the sky where I sworn  I hold never do again. Yet they’ve always seemed right but there were nights of endless cries but the system had laws that we weren’t allowed to do. All of the fun memories that we made me was all lost long time ago like it was dead to the world. Yet it’s so hard to resist when you walked back into my life I can barely recall all of those days in that moment of dark haunted adoption place. 

There were so many empty threats and hollow lies they told me; that no one wanted me just like my parents did, it hurt me even more worse and so much deeper and there were so many hours that just went on for days. Yet when it came to my new adoptive family came there were so many chances it wouldn’t be me. 

Now that I see the evil women I know now that she’s just a history with the slamming of the door and I made myself strong again and never wasted any of my time on her since then. As it’s all coming back to me from day one entering that house. The flesh and the fantasies of getting out of there I can barely recall but it’s all coming back to me now. 

If I could forgive you for all this and if I can forgive you all that. I might forgive and forget but it’s all coming back to me. When you see me like this as I see you as that I just like to tell you how much hell you put me through because now you know how it feels; you seek for my forgiveness but it’s all coming back to me now. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Do you have problems releasing your creative side? Why do you think that is?

Originally this was meant to be yesterday’s post (29.7.18) but I’ve decided to write it for today’s Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging (30.7.18) I thought let’s get today’s out of the way first so that it might actually come to me for Sunday Special or nothing at all. If I have that’s great but if not all well only you guys will know by the time you read this. 

Over the weekend I was having a struggle in releasing my creative side because I was starting to feel so down about myself to the fact that I had been in the house monjority of the week. I think personally I was feeling so tired and low that it just that sometimes I just think what’s the point of me even doing this. I genuinely hate that sort of thing because writing is my life but when I’m having a moment it all stops; personally I do think it’s good to have a few days off in between where you’re having an off day or not you need that sort of a break. 

To be able recuperate and to be able to think fresh for the new week a head and be able to think what to write and feel confident in what I want to write about instead of  forcing myself to write something that I don’t like and feel like it’s not my best work update. Can someone tell me if I spelt “recuperate” right because to me it doesn’t look right? I have the feeling it is right but not 100% sure. If someone says “look it up in a dictionary” you know where the door is…. okay because I still won’t know what I’m looking for in the dictionary. 

Sorry if that sounded rude or not but I’ve come along way without a dictionary. I have used it a few times when I needed to but I find it lot harder when I don’t know how it’s starts or anything. That’s because I’m dyslexic and I’m proud of it even when it’s a pain in the arse at the best of times. Yet you wouldn’t get amazing content without me practicing everyday with my creativity and spelling. 

Creative writing is the one thing that saved my life with spelling and language; so if you thinking of saying, “look it up in the dictionary” there’s the door because that’s one worse thing to say to a dyslexic person who just asked for help by their readers.  I prefer to ask my readers because I like to be able to improve along side my readers so that I know I’m doing good. Either comment or hit the like button if I spelt  “recuperate” right.

Many Thanks guys 

Star Light Categories – Friday Time Recap Time – How do I respond to things that change without my say so

Everybody hates changes at some point in their lives plus it happens everyday throughout your life whatever it is. I for one had loads of changes in my life that I couldn’t control to the point of if it happens it happens. The fact that everyone I know who know me quite well enough to know how hurt I get if I open up to someone then they either abuse it or walk out for no reason what so ever and then decides to walk back into it. 

The first time I had to respond to the things that changed in my life I use to go quiet, withdrawn and take it out on the people who let me down. This was the only way I knew at the time how to respond to something like that because I had so many people do that to me I had enough of it all. 

These days where people let me down I just let them go and do what they want because at the end of the day if I explode and everything at them. I know that they will win so I just let them go off to the point of I don’t actually care; yeah I’m hurting inside, along with being angry and etc. I know people who want me to talk about it but to be honest I rather not because at the end of the day I’m the one that has to live with it and I don’t want to continually getting reminded of things. 

Yes it will effect me if I don’t talk about it and not be able to trust anyone but at the end of the day people have to earn the whole trust from me at the end of the day. It’s not like I can hand it straight over to them on the plate like they are a dog or something but trust has to work both ways. 

Everyday Online Diary Entries – (26.7.18) Thursday – The Thursday headaches when it’s been 32 degrees

In the end last night (25.7.18) I ended up doing a all nighter where I was up until 5 this morning couldn’t sleep for ages. Anxiety was ridiculous along to the point of giving up sleeping whatever I did I tried to relax not worked one single bit. I slept for at least an hour or so before I left to go out for a bit. 

I went to have a shower as you do when you have this ridiculous heatwave. Yet it still didn’t work one single bit I was literally sweating like buckets; as I was meeting up with an old school peer that I hadn’t seen in a very long time, whilst being close by in case my best friend needed me because she’s going through some tough time. 

The old school peer was like you definitely sweating like buckets after giving me a hug. I was literally drenched through it was like me saying I need guttering just walking from my house to where I was meeting them; I was like what is the point of me having a shower if that’s going to happen, it was gross to the point of me giving up having make up on. 

I don’t even know why I even bothered meeting up to be honest because he said would text me later or at some point but typical blokes who say that actually don’t do what they suppose to do. Just walk back into your life and be all relaxing and etc then it’s like they walk straight back out again. I’m not really too bothered to be honest I’m jus happy being on my own in my own company at the best of times. At least I wasn’t too far for my closest friend who needed me. 

I’ve been keeping myself busy along with catching up with some sleep as I didn’t sleep to well the night before. Done my usual water the garden had water going up in my face because the nosel came off the end and then the tap decides to make the water go around the hose and not through the hose. Yet I manage to water the garden and feed the fishes along with I’m not picking up or sorting out the pond plants that have fallen over. For once I actually listened to my parents but to be fair the garden has been giving me the run around the past couple of days. 

Star Light Categories – Throwbackthursday – Have you got a nickname? What’s the story behind it.

Today I’ve thought as I looked what to write about on a Throwbackthursday on Pinterest. Very handy for these types of things especially Star Light Categories well 5 out of the 7 days; not 4 out of the 7 days lizzy silly brain of mine it’s the heat it’s getting to me now haha. Just wait when you read my Thursday Entry  for tomorrow (27.7.18) blog post. Just gross even just thinking about it haha. 

I’ve had two nicknames that stuck for years but one of them I’m not sure where the story behind that one was. The two that I had were “Littlebit” and “Elizbetroo” so the story behind “Littlebit” I think it was down to because I was little or they just decided to use some of my letters in my name. Not sure the reason for it but everyone in the family called me it so it was stuck ever since. 

“Elizabetroo” had to be funny and cute at the same time because one of my older brothers couldn’t pronounce my name properly and he thought people were calling me it. So one day he went into school one of his teachers asked him what my name was and he told them what it was. They really weren’t sure if he got it right or not so they came out at the end of the day to double check with my parents; my parents corrected them what my actual name was, I think personally my brother of all people got fixated on Whinnie the Pooh but then again my brother is funny anyways. That has always been stuck too. 

It’s only rarely that people call me those names now but I still respond to them when they do like it’s second nature to me to be honest. My sister on the other hand has saved me on her phone as “Lizbutt” I’m not 100% sure why but heyho maybe it’s because I had already had two awesome names to begin with and they were taken haha. As she’s younger than the rest of us. 

Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle – Bonfire parties with friends?

It’s that time of year for all you guys and girls to go out have fun for six and half weeks; staying up late, staying out late, sleepovers, bonfire nights and all of the typical teen life I wish I had. I always had a dream of living by the sea side being on the beach with a group of friends until late at night; having fun, enjoying myself and etc. That’s what my dream life was as a teen back in the day many moons ago to be quite honest I didn’t have much friends back then and didn’t really want to go out as much as I want to now. 

Living in a town can be quite boring half the time because you know what’s there and you want to do something new and exciting. Want to explore other areas like going to London, Bournemouth and all those kind of places just to have fun with your mates. To be able to enjoy the sun so much that you get to enjoy of being free and safe at the same time. 

Love those days when you sit around the camp fire toasting marshmallows and eating them as they melt into your mouth. Use to do that all the time but with my family it’s good but it’s not the same doing it with your friends because at the end of the day you get to stay out late at night with your friends. 

Especially when it’s not even on a school night for six weeks and half you can practically do anything you want within reason guys. You don’t have to worry about school or exams or anything just having fun letting your hair down.