Day 6 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: When Your Gone

There’s always times when I need to be on my own but I never thought that I’d need you there when I cried. The days feel like years when I’m alone and the bed where you lie is always made up on your side. When you walked away. I would count the steps that you take. Do you see how much I need you right now?

“When you’re gone!” I cried as the pieces of my heart is missing you; yet when your gone the face I became to know is missing too, the words that I need to hear to get me through the day and make it okay when your gone is “I miss you” I never felt this way before. Everything that I do reminds me of you and the clothes that you left are still, on the floor and they smell just like you. All the things that I love that you do made me feel so safe.

We were made for each other now and forever. I know we were. All I ever wanted was you to know that everything that I do; I gave my heart and would. Now I can hardly breathe because I need to feel you here with me. Why can’t you here me scream and cry our in the middle of the night.

“When you’re gone!” I cried as the pieces of my heart is missing you; yet when your gone the face I became to know is missing too, the words that I need to hear to get me through the day and make it okay when your gone is “I miss you” I never felt this way before. Everything that I do reminds me of you and the clothes that you left are still, on the floor and they smell just like you. All the things that I love that you do made me feel so safe.

Day 5 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Price Tag

Every couple you see has a price that they like to splash out I wonder how they can sleep at night; when the sale comes first and the truth comes second, just stop for a minute and smile. Why does everyone has to be so serious? Acting so damn mysterious? Why have you got shades on your eyes and your heels so high; you just can’t even have a good time without being so over dramatic, and want everything. Why can’t you just be like me who doesn’t ask for much.

Everybody look to their left. Everybody look to their right. Can you feel that? We are just paying with our love tonight of just being together. It’s not just about the money or even don’t need your money all you need to do is forget about the price tag. It just ain’t about the ch-ch-ching ch-ch-ching or about the bl- bl-bling. We just want to be ourselves; show how much we love each other by making the world dance around us, so forget about the price tag because we aren’t going to buy experience things for each other.

We need to take it back in time where the music all unite, why is everybody so obsessed? Money really can’t buy us happiness can we all just slow down and enjoy life with the person that we love the most because I can guarantee you we all be feeling alright.

I always think people are so obsessed of being spoilt that it just makes me want to vomit; there is no price tag for true love, only you know the really love with your true love when you know that your happy and feel grateful that you have that right person in your life. I should know as I’m happy as can be.

Day 4 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Crazy, Stupid, Love

“La la la la la la la love” as I could hear everyone around me I swore that I would never be that girl holding your hand as you start gazing at me like I’m acting like I’m your biggest fan; I used to make fun of all the things that they said, saying that I will never be like that until you showed up like you have been there before. Something was telling me that you knew me saying every word that I would say; along with you seeing right through me like it melted me down to the core, all I done was walked through that door and I just don’t know how or what you do to me.

You just make my brain just stop telling my heart to sink to my feet; just being in your presence in our little world forgetting that everyone is in the room, it’s like a roller coaster but I’m going up because I’m in this crazy stupid love.

So call me baby in front of all your friends and family where it used to shake me; I don’t know if or when you going say it again, it just weird as we were laying in the dark but I don’t want to fight this spark. As you got me flying and I don’t want to come down but then I realised I need you around I know this is hard to believe it; especially I’m that girl that’s holding your hand and I’m trying to understand how we manage to do it.

There goes a whilst I know you’re aiming it towards me to get your attention; I could hear you whispering in my ear “I want to kiss you with or without mistletoe, yes we are official because we are together and I’m going show everyone that we are meant to be together and no one else”

Day 3 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Roar

I use to bite my younger and hold my breath because I use to be scared to rock the boat to make a mess; so I would sit quietly agreeing to everything politely because I couldn’t tell you how I felt about you, yet I guess that I had forgotten that I had a choice. I let you push me to breaking point like I stood for nothing like I fell for nothing.

You held me down but I got back up again already brushing off the dust. All of the sudden you hear my voice; you hear my sound across the room noticing that I’m still there like thunder going to shake the ground, get ready because I’ve had enough of someone taking you away from me and I seen it all I can see it now.

The fact that I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter who will dance through the fire because I know that I am a champion and you’re going to hear me roar louder than anyone else in the room. Louder than that lion standing next you because you know I am a champion and you’re going to hear me roar.

Now that I’ve got you I’m now floating like a butterfly; along like a stingy bee who earned his stripes, I went from zero to being my own hero and now you’re not letting me go because you know you want to be with me more than her.

My things that I do when it’s a rainy day


I thought as it’s raining outside in my hometown; may as well do a list of things of what I do when it comes to rain, nothing else I can do really as it’s raining and it’s a Saturday.

My things that I do when it’s a rainy day 

Normally when it’s been raining I’m at work or at home in doors; on which in the middle I miss out on the rain pouring down, on which lead me to this scene in Whinne the Pooh. . Not hundred percent why it did but it did haha. With the humid weather going on as well yet there’s no thunderstorms or anything; which is a shame because we are well and truly need one, as it’s way too warm to do anything.

The things that I do when it’s raining and it’s a non work day for me; let me think about this one, I know let’s make a list of what I do. Than making constant paragraphs as they tend to get boring and dull along with rambles and brambles of no hope of getting anywhere.

  1. Sleep when it’s raining – that tends to happen for me because sometimes listening to rain helps me sleep. Just love the sound of it coming down onto the windows and the ground.
  2. Watching films – watching films or Tv programs on the TV, Netflix, Really, or dvds as they are like the best way to stay warm and cosy and you don’t have to do anything. 
  3. Creative – being creative such like crafting, blogging or writing short stories it generally what ends up happening with me when it rains. 

That’s pretty much about it I think when I’m doing the whole raining business thing. I like the rain to certain extent of walking in it when I like it so much on a good day; which means that I get into a bath and have a warm one then go straight into my pjs for comfort. 

May I help you?


Apologies this post is on a Thursday but due to not feeling to brilliantly yesterday; I thought I’ll plan what I was going to write for it, post it for today but still under Wednesday Evening Post at 8 O’clock, so you haven’t missed it don’t worry about it. I’m just behind on everything this week lots going on. 

May I help you?

The fun with May month that lead me to have loads of ideas for this month; well puns anyways only May can actually have loads puns going for it, like this picture here. May the fourth be with you! 

Love the Star Wars quote always makes me laugh when I say it; however we say things like puns that we use without knowing everyday, here is a list of puns and things that have May in it. 

  • May the fourth be with you 
  • May I help you with something? 
  • Isn’t that second one MAYbe a bit brief than the first one?
  • May I join you?
  • May I have a bath after you?
  • May I use your phone?

Only a few ideas here. Have you noticed or have said that you use every day using may? Let me know down below in the comments. 

May the 4 events help you this month

May the 4 events help you this month

As you may be aware that May has finally arrived; may have dampened our spirits with the rain this week so far, however it has brought with it this year full of May puns. Here’s the idea for you all may you find all the puns in the blogs that I have used in them; weather it’s got May in the pun or not but there is a bonus if you get two in one, the first 3 get to 100 will get a bag of giveaways in the first few weeks of June.

This blog does not count nor this weeks blogs; the giveaway surprises competition will start as from, next week Monday 8th May 2017. To take part in the giveaway surprises competition here are the rules to apply within:


  1. First three to reach to 100 puns that has May in or not or even have both without realising I did it is a bonus. (Tend to happen without realising)
  2. Email me when you have found all 100 puns over the month of May; no other blog counts that has been written before this month. 
  3. Closing date for this competition is on Wednesday 31st May 2017 
  4. You can still continue to take part in the puns if you have reached to 100 puns and still enter before the closing date. It will be the first three that have emailed first. 
  5. To enter your details please go via the contact at the top of the website. 

All the best good luck everyone.