Everyday Online Diary Entries: Should I study Criminology Course?

Sometimes I begin to wonder weather I should study criminology course it looks appealing to me and sometimes I get asked by a friend for advice on something’s like criminology just on the outside purposes of course as they study law. Not like I’ve got law degree or anything like that but sometimes having someone’s opinion on a situation whether the criminal or the person who’s being questioned about something whether it’s their fault or not.
To be fair I’m not a criminology student or working with any sort of law in forcemeat it have a pretty much a good idea of what to look out for. Mostly it comes down to common sense and what was the life behind close doors before they have met and after. Sometimes it takes years to get people to crack but sometimes people still want to control things even if they are still behind bars; as I’ve watched something the other day where someone’s father still tried to control the situation, where a daughter and grandson were looking for long lost mother/grandmother who went missing but there was no body or anything that they can explain if she was murdered or she did actually just disappear and not to be found.
That case was closed once again because the father wasn’t going to be budge or tell where the body had gone. It was similar case with child killers on the moors in Devon I think it was and the killer still had control of the person who was with him at the time until she died. He still didn’t give up the information at all for the family who was still looking for the body and answers in where it is. Then only within few years he died because he was trying to die and refuse to give in to give anymore evidence.
The fact that people who still try to ring round people and control them because they don’t want to leave the earth like they have lost everything that’s around them that they have built up. Cases like these back then life was life not these days you get 5-10 years imprisonment that is life because you know they will be out again in no time for good behaviour bounds.
That won’t bring back the person who was killed or the family who want justice. I could go on and on about these sort things. I won’t because at the end of the day what do I know I’m just a low paying worker and write on the side. Sorry this isn’t a story day as you guys much hoped it would be but will find somethings that might get my stories going once again.

Monday Topics: Find the Nigerian Girls now!

Abductions has raised again in Nigeria the most chilling tale that back in April 2014 and now February 2018 four years on; the chilling similarities are that the kidnappings and stay silent where the jihadists had diving more than 270 girls into the bush and set up camp. In April 2014 the military and the government had denied that the abductions that had been taken place in Chibok which is 275km (170 miles) south east of Dapchi.

Yet they had never able to find the girls over the four years; yet the four years on the world and the country has once again witnessed the denials and misinformation, that have been given from the authorities to which lead the disbelief and anger that has been seen from the parents. You may find that some in Nigeria have accused the government for being slow to respond or issuing a public statement for acknowledging that this will reoccur more now than it has been.

According to a BBC news reporter who’s based in the capital of Abuja that the government had lead to believe that the girls had been later on kidnapped to which they only accepted at the time. However the story became more confusing as it was slowly coming to a light that as different brunches of the government and the army had begun tit diverging their own accounts; who would the Nigerian people believe now, to which point where was the extent of how many girls had been rescued from the dreaded nightmare. It came more alight at the time of the announcement there wasn’t any acknowledgement had been made of the kidnapping but any official.

There’s been a biggest argument there is where the government and the parents of the missing girls of how many girls who are missing that day. The persistence of the parents have told them from the beginning of the abduction from the school was more than 100 girls that had been missing to which has 926 students; according to the authorities that the figure that they were giving were 40 but continued to say that many had run away into the bush, and would no doubt reappear soon.

This lead in the end of the stress and fed up of all of the confusion parents had formed a group to produce a list of 105 names; which in fact the government had come back with total number of girls who are missing, the total of missing is 110. It goes to show that the government hasn’t really understood how serious this is when their country is well known to have crime, kidnappings and etc. Yet more than 100 girls from a boarding school in the North eastern Nigeria had gone missing; plus the ones 4 years ago its becoming more apparent that their government is becoming weaken more and more if they don’t do something about this, all we know is that group of militants presumably from Boko Haram arrived in the town of Dapchi Yobe State during the evening of Monday 19th February 2018.

They were heading for the Government Girls Science and Technical College yet they were fleeing while later. Original claims that many of the girls had escaped and no one had been kidnapped; a week later authorities have retreated back to what they had said a week ago that the girls were taken by the Islamist extremists, which is it? Did they run away from the nightmare or actually been taken by the Islamist extremists?

Now that they realised how serious this situation is they should of gone straight into the huge scale search a week ago; not taken them a week that the girls have actually been taken, the fact that they should realise the extent of how many of the girls were taken before and now roughly the same amount have been taken. They could of been taken out of the country or soon be taken out of the country if they had a week a head.

I just pray that the girls will come home to their families soon because its the worst thing that any child or parent have to go through. Wether they are dead or alive or still in the country.