The Only Exception 

Hello. Its me. I was wondering if it’s okay if we could meet. I thought you would like me to go over, what we had been through. At least I’ve tried to save our relationship. There wasn’t really any secret that the time running out. I must of called a thousand of times to tell you I’m sorry.
You were the only exception that you would make me happy; made my world go around, I gave you my world but all you wanted to everything from me. Why did you lie to me; your abusive words hurt, you couldn’t be trusted. You never could never change; if you had changed you would of been here with me; the only exception was that I wanted you to do was to be with me, knowing that you were going to be here looking out for me. 

I always take you back but you never changed. Right there was your biggest down fall; come on we both know we could of worked out but you never tried, do you have to make me feel like there was nothing left of me. The only exception you should of made was to realise that I did everything for you; you took everything that I had, you could break everything that I am, like I was made of glass, like I was made of paper. You can try bring me down but I’m closer to the clouds up here. 

I had always thought nothing would go wrong and I took a massive risk on you. I made an exception; I was the one that had to believe it but you took it away from me, I made an exception on you but the rumours has it that your head still in the cloud. All these words you whispered in my ears were all lies you weren’t going to do; I kept on taking you back but you keep on doing it, my heart was always on the frontline and my heart will always love you. Yet you couldn’t bring me out of the darkness that you put me in; as I risked it all of for you, I would run through fire for you like I wasn’t going get burnt. I would always love you like it was a good bye but you couldn’t save the relationship because you were too stubborn to listen to what I wanted or when I needed you.

If only you made the exception for me by listening to me; then it would of worked we could of done things together, than do everything to impress me and prove to me that you can be the man I wanted you to be. I didn’t even want all that I’m not that kind of person; I just wanted us to be together but you just didn’t listen to what I actually wanted, I can’t go back to the way it was because you destroyed it but you can’t do one thing that I want you to do. 

Nobody does it better than you. I can’t go back to the way it was. If I ever fell in love again I think I would have a heart attack if I had done that. Every time I cry I always cry for help. 

Its the sign of the times when it comes to the end of the show; stop your crying its the sign of times, you don’t know how I feel because of the bullet that you caused you haven’t even made the exception of what I wanted. You just had to make one exception or two. 

Moving tribute from the whole country 

The hardest thing of all is when you were a victim of any of trauma that we hear everyday; most importantly the recent events that we have heard, seen, helped, applauded to. This goes no way go about it when something like this has made an impact on so many lives recently; if it was for Ariana Grande fighting back, raising money for the Manchester victims at her concert bringing everyone together, Simon Cowell had taken a leaf out of her book as he now a father. He can understand how horrible it must of been to lose a child in that way; I could be wrong but I’m giving him the credit of the count that, he brought singers in and most importantly having a touch of the community spirit to the song that has been recently released. 

Don’t let me forget about the Hillsborough charity song as well; coming together as one whole, making everyone’s voices be heard loud and clear. Each of these three songs have so many meaningful and powerful; no matter how much we pull together over the years, even more so over the past few months and weeks we come together and support one another in so many ways. We all no we aren’t heavy; because we are brothers and sisters, knowing as soon the cliffs start to settle its cliffs once more we start settle. Once the cliffs of the United Kingdom rises to protect its people; we follow it to protect our community, the services and most of all our towns and cities. I have attached the clips from YouTube of the three amazing tributes to the country: that we all love and proud off, showing we are a strong and we will get back onto our feet again. – Grendell Tower Charity Single – Manchester Concert Attack – Hillsborough Justice Collection 

Love and Respect For My Country 

This is the end; we can hold our breath and count to ten, as we feel the cliffs rise up to protect us. When we feel the earth moves again and then we let our hearts burst again. For then this is the end; we’ve drowned and dreamt this moment of peace and quiet, it is well overdue to which we need to be owed but that’s been swept away and we haven’t been stolen.

We could let the sky fall when it crumbles; we will always stand tall, but face it all together we are stronger than you’ll ever be. When the sky falls that’s when we start at out the thousands miles to keep the poles apart from you; where our worlds collide and days are dark, you may have our number but you will never have our hearts or breaks us.

Where you go we will always be there one step closer behind; what you’ll see and do we will see and do the opposite, we know we’d be never be the same afterwards but without the security of the community loving arms. Keeping us from harm; they put their hands in each other’s and we’ll stand together, showing that we are stronger than anyone else. 

Until we feel our cliffs move again; we can relax more than you can attack us, this is one country that you will never touch or hurt again as long as we defend what we believe in along with different religions, relationships from different countries and knowing we will come together as one country. 

Choose to Survive 

Choose to survive is a key thing in life; you either got it or you haven’t, from little amount to a lots we as individuals become as one. One big family to help and support the people who need it the most; this is for our communities that have come together, over the past few months and recently.

Choose To Survive 

The skies are crying as I’m watching the flames come near; every tear that I caught in my hands, I knew this was going to be the end. If there was silence at the end of this monstrosity of a nightmare wish it would end like we hadn’t had a chance of getting out or having our voices being heard, did they have to ignore our cries or our voices. Now there’s nothing left of me here. 

Did you have to take everything that I had in my life? Did you have to break everything that made me who I am? I am a broke glass that you can break so easily? Did you have to tear me up like I was made of paper? You can give it ago by tear me up and put me down because I know my community will help me rise up from the ground like I’m a skyscraper that you cannot destroy. I know we will fight for our rights either I’m died or not; I know we will win, because we chose to survive. 

As the smoke cleared I could hear ringing in my ears; as I came around I could hear sirens coming and going, as I watched you untangle me from shrapnel carefully without causing anymore pain that I’m already in. You just stand there watching as everything unfolds as we lay there bleeding dying; go run run run, back to your silly place of hiding that you call your home and don’t care about us. As we are just lay right here watching you disappear whilst someone else helps us instead; it’s a long way down from here, I think I’m close to the clouds up here.

It’s a race, it’s a race. A race to help the survive. It’s a race it’s a race and they’re going to win. They choose to survive. Yes they are going to win. Whatever it takes they are going to choose to survive. I’m going to give them all my strength with all human race. I’ll be prepared to do anything to help; fight to help survive, I won’t forgive those people’s who did this. Vengeance is mine as I’m going to show that we won’t give in; we choose to shrive, we pull together as one.  

Whatever it takes I’m going to win; you won’t pull ahead, I will light fuse that will make you trip up even more that you have done. It’s a race, it’s a race to find the survivors, we have to win to be able to shrive, not matter what it takes we have to win because we will never loose. When the night falls down they are still waiting for us to return; to return to find them, to which they want to return to their families either dead or alive. We know how much it’s worth for the people of the community; do you know how much it’s worth now?, of course not because you care about yourself.

I don’t know where I’m going but all I know is here we go again; I’m pretty sure where this is going, the empty promises that been made I know the answers already. I have made up my mind; I’m not waisting anymore time, but to go in head first and help. Your so cruel with a device that placed into your hands; your blood is like ice to cold to touch or understand, one look could kill us all in one way or another. 

There’s nothing going to stop us now; as we choose to survive, we are going to win no matter what it takes. Yes we are going to win!