Bloggers: My current favourite youtubers bloggers at the moment

Hey fellow readers, bloggers, subscribers, followers and everyone else before I introduce to you my favourite youtubers at the moment. I want to put forward a apologies to you all after last week hit and miss with my blogs I know I did quite well on writing some out for you guys; this week it’s definitely going to be a hit and miss, why? You ask. Good question it’s because currently we are hitting highs of 25 nearly in the uk; I for one not complaining about it because I love it, yet it over heats my iPad and my phone so I can barely touch them long enough to do anything. 

I wanted to share with you guys my current favourite youtubers at the moment I do watch a few off my other favourite youtubers as well but the most recent ones to date are Omargoshtv, Moe Sargi and Danny Dorrito. Not too sure how I fell upon them to be honest with you but I think it was watching Urban Explorers at the time. Ever since then I just been watching these three guys videos. 

However they do risk their lives in some of their videos to the point of dangerous just filming. I recommend don’t copy them but watch the content because it’s just like you’re on the edge of you’re seat every time something goes wrong or try and see what they can see. Why not check them out as it’s a lot harder for me to explain what they do. They are amazing to watch. 

Teen Lifestyle: Violence is not the answer to life

You will hear things in the news or play video games or watch violent films thinking that it’s so cool or they are awful things. To be quite frankly violence on the streets and towns are not okay; by coping things from video games or watching violent films are not okay because it’s not cool or anything like that, you won’t get 9 lives on a game and come back to life, once your dead your dead in real life and there is only a few that make it through the injuries but that’s because people who maybe near by witness or find the person who needs help to get to the hospital. Then it’s either a risk if they survive it or not but at least their family members know that they are in hospital and be there. 

Violence is never the answer in life you can be arrested and be in prison for the rest of your life because at the end of the day you won’t be able to break out of jail or no one else will break you out. In this real world it doesn’t work like that in a non real world I’m sorry to break it to you guys who think it is. 

It ruins your life, love ones and many more this is because you think it’s okay to do it if your favourite character from a film or favourite game or just to impress a gang it’s not okay. Knife crime, gun crime and any other sort of crime that can bodily harm another human being is wrong. Furthermore attacking elderly people is wrong as well or robbing them is wrong why should they be the ones victimised when we should be helping them out. 

Don’t go swearing off or act like your one of those people who think your all it because at the end of the day what are you trying to prove? Respect or something. If you want respect you have to treat other people with respect the way they want to be respected and they will give it to you back the way you want it. Violence isn’t the answer to any of these solutions. 


R – Reverence 

E – Esteem 

S – Show Courtesy 

P – Point

E – Estimation 

C – Consideration 

T – Tribute 

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Blogging Bucket List

This week was a bit of a struggle to be honest to think on what to write; I know most weeks I say this but this time it was because I didn’t know what to write, normally as you know I’ve done things throughout the week that might be a good idea for a Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging and pay off in along run. 

I was looking through ideas on Pinterest to see what I could do for ideas; most of them would say how to create a blog, how I made x amount of money in one day, a week, a month, a year? To be quite honest I haven’t seen any other blog post from the other people on Pinterest but the same old same old things. Which is quite annoying really because everyone says the same thing and do the same thing. Why can’t you come up with your own original things than copying everyone else’s because at the end of the day it’s your work your hobby at the end of the day not other peoples or your readers. Your readers want to see something new and something different. 

Sorry that was a bit of rant but quite glad that I got out there to be honest. I just hate it where people just rub it into peoples faces of oh look how much I made in x amount of days. Does that make sound jealous? I hope not because I don’t want to do it for money I want to do it for fun and if I get paid for it then that’s great but at the end of the day I enjoy writing than anything else. So let’s get my blog bucket list up and shared with you. 

Blog Bucket List: 

  • Making writing become more regularly 
  • Blog more things that are different but still write stories as well
  • If it takes lizzysweeklyblogs take off and starts paying for itself then that’s great. If it does it does but if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Doesn’t matter at the end of the day. 
  • Get lizzysweeklyblogs merch up and ready again. 

Should be more of than this on the blog bucket list but as the heat was so bad along with the iPad burning up and etc it’s a bit harder to think than normal. Hence why I’ve just managed to post this up at this late hour. (7.5.18) if you have any ideas to let me know down in the comments below.

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Sunday Special: “Everybody Hurts” – Story Based

When the day is long enough for you as the night but the night isn’t yours alone; when you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on. As you stare up at the ceiling in the dark but don’t let yourself go because everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes. 

Sometimes everything is wrong but now it’s time to sing along when your day is night alone; even if you feel like letting go just hang on, yet you think you’ve had too much of this life can you hang on because everybody is hurting but take comfort in your friends as everyone hurts but don’t throw your hand on no.

Don’t throw your hand like you feel like that you’re alone or feel alone because no no you’re not alone; you’re never on your own in this life even if the days and nights are, you may think together has too much of this life to hang on and everybody hurts sometimes everybody cries. 

Just hold on tightly to my hand because you are not alone.

May Bank Holiday 2018: Summer/Spring heatwave weekend

It wasn’t that long ago that we had a week of heatwave in April 2018 as you may remember me writing about it back then to which we ended up having rain for awhile; now ready for the bank holiday weekend for 3 day weekend in the uk, everyone going to spend more time outside getting a tan, bbqs and many more things that are fun to do. I even got my feet out properly today because I can and I hate socks monjority of the time any way.

Today it’s been a bit of a chilled one on the first day of the bank holiday weekend; went into the town for a bit didn’t really get anything to be honest, slept as I was up at flipping 5 O’Clock this morning and went to see my grandparents. Now I’m just chilling out to be honest with you. 

Sunday having a birthday party I wish it was mine because of the nice summer time warm weather and what not but it’s not. It’s one of my grandparents birthday the other day but we were all at work so in the end we had to do it over this weekend instead to which actually is better because it’s nice and sunny. Also get the grandparents out into the garden to get the fresh air to which will be cool.

Monday no work but hoping that I get see a friend in the afternoon hopefully as he be close by as he’s taking some friends to Heathrow Airport which isn’t so far from where I am to be honest. So I’m excited to say the least can’t wait for that one. 

I’m going to love you and leave you with this awesome picture that I took of my  hometown Guildford. The highstreet has cobbles and original historical buildings that were apart of the town.  Guildhall was actually used in the scene for a film of The Adventures of Professor Branestawm but also the main filming was taken in the little quiet village not far from Guildford called “Shere” with lots of original historic buildings.

Friday Online Diary Entries: “Restless without you” – Poetry Based

Laying in my bed at night most nights I’m easily asleep, my thoughts have left me to go to sleep, some nights I’m laying there gone past midnight, my thoughts wouldn’t let me sleep. 

I look at my phone for the time, it read 2:50am, I roll my eyes turn to lay on my back to stare at the ceiling, I prayed to god that work doesn’t expect me to work in the morning, yet got that feeling it will happen, not long until my alarm on my phone will go off to let me know that it’s time to get up for work.

I turn to my left side to hug my quilt and throws, knowing that I’m too warm for wearing them, well maybe one. I just imagine it’s you that is laying next to me hoping that I can just fall asleep, feeling your strong arms around me, your chest rising and falling as my head goes up and down, feeling your breathe on my head and you can feel the smile on my face by my cheeks rubbing on your bare skin. 

Almost, almost fallen asleep, then my head says “just kidding” breaking up my happy thoughts, I could feel and sense you head a shot gun of wanting to kill my restless negativity that wash keeping me up nearly every night. I knew you wanted to protect me from myself, no matter how much it hurts you too see me in pain, knowing that I’m struggling to control my mind at the best of times. 

The fact that as I’m writing this, I can feel my eyes are dropping off to sleep, yet I’m too scared to put the iPad down, knowing that your not here to help me sleep, or take the iPad away once I have fallen asleep, placing it down next to me on my bed side table.

The thought of you placing a throw over the top of me, you knew how much I hate quilts at the best of times, yet they keep me comfort at the best of times knowing that if you weren’t around, you would know I’m thinking about you as I would hug the quilt, you would fight me for the quilt before you got in to bed. 

Always laugh at the situation because you knew how insecure I am at the best of times. Yet I’m the one who puts up with you’re anxiety as you put up with mine but sometimes yours causes more pain. Yet I’m the one riding yours out more because I know it’s not you; you sometimes remind me of what I’ve done but sometimes you excuse me of being someone else, when I haven’t even done it to you which hurts the most in life. 

Yet I keep forgiving you time and time again I know deep down it’s not really you. Yes you forgiven me taking it out on you and things I’m insecure about sometimes I hate it when I’m not allowed to share how I feel and you tell me that I’m annoying. I don’t tell you how it is or how annoying it is for me or tell you how much it hurts me all the time. 

Yet I’m the one restless without every time. 

Teen Lifestyle: “Bet on it” – Story Based

Better late than never but I did say this week was a hit and miss with blogs not being on different days due to being ill at the start of the week. (Ill on 30.4.18) 

You sit in class or college interviews or college open evenings; yet you find that everybody’s always talking to you trying to get into your head but all you want to do is listen to your own heart talking, and need to count on yourself instead of everyone else telling you what you can and can’t do. 

Do you ever lose yourself of getting what you want? Did you ever want to get on a ride then realise you just want to get off? Did you ever push away the ones away that you’ve should’ve of held close to you? Did you ever let go somewhere along the line? Did you ever not know what to do with your life? 

The fact that you’re not going to stop because that’s not who you are; you just have to give it all even if that’s what you got as it’s your only plan, will you ever find what you have lost? Deep down you know you can because you can bet on it bet on yourself because that’s what you want to make it right for yourself; that’s the only way to turn your life around as today is the day, your that type of person who means what they have to say and you can bet on it.

How will you known if there’s a path worth taking? Should you question every move you make? Yet with all that you have lost you feel like you’re heart is breaking but you don’t want to make the same mistake. 

The same question keeps on spinning around in you’re head like did you ever doubt your dream will come true? Did you ever blame the world, but never blame yourself? You will never try to live a lie again because you don’t want to win this game if you can’t play it your way. 

Your not going to stop for being who you are; all you got to do is to give it all you got even if you find what you lost because you know you can by betting on it, as you want to make it right as it’s the only way to turn your life around and that day is today. You know perfectly well you’re that type of person who means what you got to say. You know you can bet on it. 

Hold up give me room to think as you got to bring it down to you’re options by practicing you’re swing of doing your own thing; it’s no good if all your see yourself but in someone else is dream but not yours, however you got to go out on your own even if the world is such a scary place and all the answers to you’re questions all inside of you. All you got to do is to believe in yourself that you can do it.

Thursday Online Diary Entries: Pot Noodle time!

Just had or earlier I did have Beef Tomato sauce Pot Noodle for my lunch was going to have the other day but didn’t I think I just slept monjority of the day that day. As you may can tell I do like my sleeps; I was getting better in not sleeping during the day but since being ill, going back to work I’ve gone back to that cycle off falling back to sleep and etc really need to stop sleeping during the day. 

Not cool though waking up at 5:00 in the morning half an hour before your alarm goes off but knowing that you were working a bit later than normal; but still not cool man when you want to have a bit more of your beauty sleep, I still ended up sleeping as soon as I got back home when I should of washed my hair and did my face. Oh well. 

The sun is out and warm apparently it’s here to stay for the bank holiday weekend that’s the rumours anyway; typical English weather could happen either way, it would be nice to have some sunshine staying put for a change. 

Before I continue working on a short story for Adventures of Borthwright Children that I started in the middle of the night; I might as well finish this off that’s taking me all day to do, as I’ve been on and off with it all day because I’m talking a load of rubbish today and I know I know it should be a free style blog but why can’t it be one of those online diary entries that I can just talk freely to be honest with you. I just wanted to sit down and write nonsense with a purpose. 

I’ve got a question for you is it right for someone who was attempting to rob a 78 year olds house but got killed by the 78 year old elderly person who was defending himself. On the day of the funeral the robber who passed away gets police protection and the 78 year old who can not live in their own house in fear of being robbed again. Do you think it’s fair that the 78 year old pensioner who worked all their life; paying their way live through the end of the Second World War and other little wars, making sure that their family have a good life and etc to be frightened and can’t rely on the services anymore for protection as they proven to protect the robber who was stealing in the house? 

The justice in my opinion these days have completely gone out of the window because elderly people who earned their way in life to make the world and their country a better place for us to live should be more protected from people who think it’s okay to steal from other peoples good hard earned money and get away from it. It’s not the first time I’ve talking to someone about this well similar situation but someone I knew brought a lot of moneys worth of goods and only received some of it. Yet the person who thought it was clever to steal X amount of goods that someone else paid and they steal it for themselves or to flog it off to someone else because they didn’t have to pay for it. Personally that’s just wrong to be honest I had the same situation where I ordered something for someone I know it was a cheap thing but I brought it for someone that I cared about and I received one set for myself and the second set for someone else on which never came. I complained that I ordered two of the same thing but the second lot didn’t come with the others that had arrived.

Of course I got them replaced and sent to me and so did the other person with their x amount of goods that they ordered. These days people are so desperate to get things for free but at the end of the day if they want something go and get a job earn the money show your children how to earn and live their life not show them how to set a bad example. Would love to know your opinion of this topic?

Netflix Reviews: The Awakening Film 2018

The Awakening Story Based: In 1921, England became one of the countries whom overwhelmed by the loss and grief of World War 1. An Hoax exposer Florence Cathcart visits a boarding school to explain the sightings of a child ghost. However ever everything that she believes in unravels as the “missing” memories begs to show themselves. 

I’ve just recently watched The Awakening film that’s based on horror/supernatural themed; I may off seen it before and writing about it at some point as I could remember parts of the story line every so often, if I have writing this film review before please let me know to jog my memory. Thanks guys. 

The film “The Awakening” was realised in November 2011 a british film creation and around the years after the First World War. A young lady shall we say was asked to come to solve the mystery of this ghostly child but the truth to be told it was to bring her back home; the home that she grew up in her early years, that was when she soon realise through out the film that all of the memories came flooding back to her. 

I wouldn’t want to spoil it if you want to watch it. I do have to say I wouldn’t watch it again for awhile because it’s me and that’s how I work it to be honest with you. Pretty sure I said that the last time I wrote about this film and now watched it again. For me I find watching supernatural films a sense of meaning what things could happen and what’s out there; like for example Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures and so on. It’s like a sense of a reality check in some way or another for me and comfort thing. 

However with films I have to watch them at least once in a blue moon go to speak; the fact that I needed something to shock me to the core, make me jump and etc like “The Awakening” it helps me to like put my life into prospective in some what way. Reminds me that life isn’t so bad when I’m having a bad day with my mental health and what not; you guys probably saying “you shouldn’t be watching those things when you have mental health” like I said I don’t watch these types of movies all time. 

Wednesday Online Diary Entries: Taking control of the anxiety once again.

The past couple of days haven’t been great to be honest yet that’s probably my fault  who knows; you guys probably say “it’s not your fault…you’re just having a bad time  it’s not your fault. Your just having one of those days” yes it’s not my fault because when it’s in my head it’s a lot harder to get through it, it’s like I didn’t want to go to work (2.5.18) that’s when I knew I’m still letting my anxiety starting to take control. It was like last night I was trying talk to myself that I’ll be fine and so on. 

I know I’m doing the exact routine day in day out get up get ready go out come back home do what I need to do; get ready to go out again for another shift, come home and do a bit of something then go back out again to do another shift (that’s if I’m doing three shifts in one day.) just to keep my mind busy and myself occupied for the day otherwise I’ll be sitting at home wallowing myself pity. 

To be honest that’s why I try and post everyday even if I’m having a bad time or something just to know that I’ve done something positive towards myself even if I’m feeling like I’m useless and what not. I was even talking to someone the other day and I was just saying I might as well give up writing all together because it’s not getting anywhere I want to be and what not. I knew it wasn’t me because I love writing and so on. 

Even if you’re on your own war path with yourself you hurt everyone that you love around you; they know it’s not you talking it’s the anxiety and the depression that’s talking, (I’m only going off with my own experiences) trust me when I’ve been on my own war path people soon realise it’s not me who’s talking. I’m completely someone else not the bubbles person who takes control of the nature of things. 

The fact that I want to share with you the whole taking control of anxiety is by pushing yourself to get through it by taking control of it before it gets worse and takes control of you. Trust me I’ve been there done that got the t-shirt. I’ve let it control me because I didn’t know how to deal with it at the time. Yet people say I’m brave and strong; I’m standing there looking at them, and thinking you only know half of the battle. 

I’ve even started to have hot chocolate every so often just to calm the nerves down especially at night it does work I’ve just tried it last night (1.5.18) it’s like burning/melting away all the bad things that’s triggering it or trying it because it’s like saying enough is enough. I’ve asked a few people who do they who hates their mental health state more than anyone else. Meaning who’s willing to fight it more than people who just let it take control of them. Believe me a fair few people came back to me as said “you” ie “me” this is because they know how much of a struggle that I have had in the past with it and now that I’m taking control of it that’s when I know I’m not letting it define me of who I am. 

Why should other people let any mental health or disability define them from who they are as a person. Please help by donating money via clicking this button here where you will find a suitable price for you to donate or if you like to find out more please go to Payment/Donations Page. 

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