Star Light Categories – Teen Lifestyle (26.6.18) – You can have it all – Story Based

I’ll tell you what it’s going to be like once you leave school because when I last saw you on the bus you were just in your uniform and that was that. There was more to meet the eye than passing by; I can tell you what it’s going to be like in five years from now, I saw you on the bus in the distance future I looked at your shoes they were starting to fall apart. I would remember you saying to your friends that you would find someone rich enough to buy me everything that I want. I don’t need grades or anything. 

Coming back to the reality I turned around to tell you that you would need grades and everything just incase you don’t meet the man of your dreams. It won’t be my fault wheather you take my advice or not because I won’t care because I won’t regret a single thing taking my grandfathers advice as I turning my life around at the last minute. I chose to live my life how I want it. 

It will definitely won’t be my fault and I won’t care if you fail to get the life you want at a drop of a hat. I won’t regret a single thing without giving you a warning right now. I can tell you what it’s going to be like if you lost a limb if you threaten someone with a knife; if you leave at night not telling your parents where your going because you think they don’t nothing, yet if you’re alone in the dark bleeding and your parents aren’t there to hold you tight whilst being rushed to hospital.

Leave but I can still tell you what it’s going to be like as I sit by your side at the hospital because I found you bleeding and you held my hand feeling scared. If only they knew or understand that I was your guarding angel; your parents came running in to be at your side, they held your had not even noticing that I was there and brought you in. 

It’s really not my fault and I don’t care how much you blame me for telling you the truth I won’t regret one single thing. You can have it all if you change your life around because it’s alright as I’m going to give you it all to you. You never lied to me before. 

Just as you were about to get off the bus you turned around to say thank you. I had already disappeared where you and I were sitting. You couldn’t work out who you were talking to. 

The Daily Stories – Luxurious Beauty – Testing out foundations

As I’m touching a few more home categories well you guys are I thought might as well bring back this category as well plus I’ve had this idea at the back of my head for a few days now. I thought it was about to release the whole new range for the category for you guys why not kick it off with Luxurious Beauty category. 

Recently I’ve been testing out different foundations due to the fact that Superdrug and Barry M stopped making/selling my foundation that I’ve been using over the years. It’s such a shame I really liked their pot pushy foundation as I could tell how much I had left in the pot. 

For about two months or so I started to use E.L.F to give it a try which cost me a bit more than Barry M foundation. Barry M cost me £6.99 a pot and E.L.F cost me £7.50 a pot the difference between them is literally 51p difference. What I found with E.L.F foundation is that I use it everyday and by the second week or the third it runs out or it gets stuck when you know there’s more in the pot because you could see it as you open it up. The product is really nice and everything but I don’t think I would use it again in a hurry I don’t think unless it’s like the last resort. 

So I began to search for another brand as I ran out of that foundation along with the two other products from E.LF to which I’m going to continue to use can’t remember what they are called. However they are in my Haul blogs as they work wonders for my skin along with Barry M purple lavender thing to go under my eyes. 

I found another brand that cost me a bit more money this time once again (by the way my sister got me them as she was in town at the time) so I’ll pay her pack asp and stop nicking her make up haven’t done that since the last time and brought her replacements. Also she needed something as well so a win win situation.

I’m currently trying out L’orel Paris 2in1 foundation not sure what the 2in1 is for but if someone could explain to me what it is let me know. It’s a bit watery but it’s brilliant because it looks like it’s going to last longer; I don’t have to put so much on my cotton pad, and most importantly it blends in a bit better along with it doesn’t make me like I’ve been tangoed. 

I’ve used some foundation where I’ve either looked tangoed or they didn’t blend very well or came out lumpy still. However L’orel Paris Foundation was £9.99 a bit more expensive than the other two £9.99 – £7.50 = £2.50 is the difference between L’orel and E.L.F. The difference between L’orel and Barry M £9.99 – £6.99 = £3.00. Yeah the price differences over time does building up to find the right one until they stop doing what they making the one that you like again. 

I’m currently still looking for the right one that I like but I think I’m pretty sold on L’orel foundation at the moment as I’ve only just started using it. So I’m going to see how I get on with it and we will see in a few weeks time. Not impressed the heat that makes me sweat off my make off but I’m quite a sweaty person when it comes to it all. 

Daily Challenges: Summer Challenges – Day 5 – Remember me

Everyday was so wonderful but one day all of the sudden I found hard to breathe; now and then I get insecure from all the pain that was caused I’m so ashamed, of myself no matter what they say weather it’s positive or negative. I am beautiful no matter how I’m feeling because words can’t bring me down. I just need to remind myself I am beautiful in every single way. Yes words can’t bring me down as I’m already low as it is so don’t you bring me down today. 

To all of your delirious friends who consume all of their alto egos; mean, bully people in your room just to fill the emptiness and your time with your so called friends. Yet once your on your own your doom is your biggest doom because all of the pieces  have gone just let the puzzle undone. 

You start to feel down and all alone. Starting thinking you you’re not beautiful no matter your mind says you are beautiful no matter what they say in your head. Words can’t bring you down today. 

No matter what we do, no matter what we say, we’re the song inside the tune and full of beautiful mistakes. Everywhere we go where the sun goes who will always shine over your head and tomorrow we might wake on the other side feeling positive.

Please remember I do have feelings too so don’t bring me down today. 

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Star Categories: – (25.6.18) Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: 3 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers and 2 reasons you need to look out for desperate bloggers.

Okay so my pitch for you this week for Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging is 3 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers also 2 reasons you to look out for desperate bloggers. To be fair I don’t think of myself as a blogger even though I’m using a blogging platform; I prefer to be a writer because I love to write, and don’t care what people call me blogger, journalists whatever you call it. 

I like to write and writing is what I’m good at because at the end of the day I’m not good at talking to the camera or talking people in general. I’m just use to keeping myself to myself at the end of the day. However is 5 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers in my opinion. 

  1. Genuine Bloggers – True genuine bloggers who talk to there fans who treat them like family, friends and engage with their audience in away that their fans have their respect to the blogger and the bloggers who give them respect.
  2. Bloggers taking their time – True bloggers take their time to come up with new content each week or each day. Take their time to edit and schedule them so that they can work on new projects/content for the fans. 
  3. Bloggers who love what they do – Bloggers who take time and love what they do shows by the amount of views that they receive and love creating content. Most importantly showing that their talent off in a most positive way. 

That’s 3 reasons why you should appreciate bloggers all the time because at the end of the day they are doing things that love. Also giving out the most positive things that you can do in away that you can do the same. However you have bloggers who don’t appreciate their fans/subscribers in so many ways. I’ll give you two reasons so you can look out for. 

  1. Big headed bloggers – You may find bloggers who are disrespectful in what they do; don’t care about anything that they do or care who watches it, they want to be in other people’s videos to get more subscribers and become big head because they rose to YouTube fame. 
  2. All in for money – They only want to create videos or any other blogging platform because they are in it for the money and nothing else. It also goes in with the big headache category of no respect what so ever. This is because they don’t want to work in a normal job and just stay at home creating things. Also you can tell their alto ego shows through the platform that they are using. 

I could go on with so many reasons why bloggers don’t appreciate what they do but maybe another day or another time because I know so many people who work hard and be positive about what they do. So many people appreciate the bloggers in what they do giving them the respect and getting respect back. 

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Everyday Online Diary Entries: (24.6.18) Sunday – Stop building people’s egos so high.

This could conderdict myself in so many ways but I genuinely hate people who focus on people who are more confident and have big egos because they make them so high and might for so many reason until one day they come crashing down to reality of I’m actually not that great. Let me explain the contrast of this years World Cup 2018 and 2012 World Cup and the past world cups since we won it back in 1960’s. By the way if you guys haven’t worked out I’m from United Kingdom. I am proud to be British on somethings but not other tings. 

Today (24.6.18) we had won our second game of football in the World Cup; where the England players showed twice now that they all worked hard, tight nite group of defending and working together in turns to score a goal. This actually shows that they came out top form because they believed in each other; back each other up, and being more positive throughout the games that they played. Especially the coach picked young players to take part in the World Cup to be able to get their names out there and most importantly putting faith back into their own country again. 

Literally no well known players who needs their ego or confidence a boost because we all know that they will get too big headed; to think that they need to shine in the spot light making it all about them, when actually it’s not all about them it’s the whole team. 

There has been so many footballers in the past and we all know who they are so I won’t bore you with the list of their names as you guys know them if you follow football. They think they are all great, powerful, everything they do is to make their team to look good and etc. Guess what they actually aren’t that great because they play that silly tantrum/drama card because their coach told them to or because they aren’t getting what they want. 

That’s because they get the attention from the coaches who pay them more money than anyone else; continually building their egos with press making out that they are great, not this 2018 team they brought it all back from the old school ways before the war started and no one played the drama card or anything like that. 

People just find that they are really intimidating to the point of they themselves actually want to give up on achieving things because of one person is getting al the attention and being focused on. This is why monjority of people actually don’t really care about people and the footballers due to their egos at all they want is a team that actually work together, believe in each other and a coach who knows what they are doing and most importantly believe in the team that they actually picked. Working all together and following it through the game plan to achieve, give the best performance that they can and most importantly knowing that they’ve got a best coach who they believe in and who believes in them.

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Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 4 – Scars are beautiful

She just wants to be beautiful but yet she goes unnoticed by so many people who just walk on by; she even knows that she has no limits no matter how much she tries to get through the pain, she craves the attention that she never had no matter how much of image that gives out. 

No matter how much she prays to be sculpted by the sculptor when she sees other people getting sculpted in paintings and clay. Yet there’s no light that shining to guide her to the other side; no matter how deep the eyes can see but it can find it no matter what have, we made her blind? 

Sitting in a dark place in the corner of a room wearing over size clothing trying to cover up her pain. Nobody knows that she’s cutting her woes away because cover girls on magazines don’t cry after their face has been made. There’s always hope that’s waiting for you in the dark no matter how low you can be. 

I just want you to know that your beautiful just the way you because you don’t have to change a thing about yourself; the work just needs to change it’s heart as it’s cruel to everyone that meats it’s way, there should be no scars on your perfect skin as your too beautiful and we are stars that glistening in the sky as we are beautiful. No matter where you are.

She has dreams that can be so envy as she stands outside a newsagents shop because she’s starving but she knew that she had to lose weight as she read that covergirls eat nothing. Yet she tells me beauty is pain and there’s beauty in everything. Little bit of hunger wouldn’t hurt? She tells herself “I could go one a little while longer” in front of our eyes she’s fading away. She really doesn’t see how perfect she is or how much she’s worth or that the beauty goes deeper than the surface she lets on. 

To all of the girls that are hurting please let me be your mirror to help you see a little clearer; letting the light out thar shines within because there’s hope that’s waiting for you in the dark, you should know how beautiful you are and you don’t have to change a thing at all the world has to change it’s heart. There should be no scars to your beautiful soul as your are a star that’s shining out like the rest and your so beautiful. 

You really don’t have to change a thing about yourself because the world should change it’s heart and soul. You know better than anyone else who you want to be. All you got to do is to remember who you are as there’s no better life being dead than the life that you are living. There is really no better life than the life we are living. There is no better time for you to shine than everyday fighting for your life because you’re a shining star who is strong. Yes you are beautiful. You really don’t need to hide in the dark no more and you really don’t need to hide or wait in the dark. 

You don’t have to have anymore scars anymore because you are beautiful. 

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Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 3 – That’s not my name


Four letter word just to get me along but with the great difficulty with biting on my tongue to keep my mouth shut because I keep on stalling just to keeping me together. People around me got to find something new to say now about me because I’m holding back now everyday is the same; I don’t want to be a loner so listen to me because I may never say anything nice to all you again, yet with nothing they don’t consider just forget my name.

I sit at the back of the class when they ask me a question they call me “Bell”, they call me “Stacey” they call me “her” they call me “Jane” that’s because not my name, that’s not my name, that’s not my name. They call me the “quiet girl” actually I’m the riot girl; Mary, Jo, Lisa always the same but it’s seriously not my name, not my name not my name.

I’ve thrown the ball too hard as they caught it they had to drop it because the throw was too hard but I was the last chick standing up against the wall so they couldn’t really get me out. If they keep it up they might break their ankles as they keep falling over due to the heels giving me the best opportunity to win but now it’s getting too boring. 

It’s like watching paint dry as you watching them getting all glammed up just to sit on the fence or the brick wall to attract male attention. I like to sit alone at night although I dress up looking nice but I considered that they just forget my name. Yet it’s all the same because it’s not my name. That’s my not my name. 

I walk down the street people call out to me darling? Or calling out bird? I look around to see who they are talking to just to make them look stupid because that’s not my name, that’s not my name. It’s always the same it’s not my name. 

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Everyday Online Diary Entries – (22.6.18) Friday – A YouTuber complains for a day of spending a pound!

I fell on a YouTuber commenting on another YouTuber video who actually failed to do a 24 hour challenge of buying things £1. Yet they actually didn’t do it properly or done it in the right way or the the backlash he was going to get from it until he posted it. 

I don’t understand why would you do something if do something think it’s cool to do but don’t think the conciseness might happen, plan it and do it for a charity. Most importantly why on earth you do it because you don’t know if your viewers who are in that situation. 

No matter if your a blogger or a YouTuber blogging you have to tread carefully in what you have do weather the social media platform because you don’t actually know what other people’s life is like behind closed doors. No matter what it is. What got me most annoyed is that he tried to do one bit of it in £1 then buys other things that cost more than a £1. 

The whole point of it is that having luxurious items because they can buy what the want and etc. Yet complain of not being able to have what they want for 24 hours but do it wrong is completely wrong. First of all when you say “I’m doing a £1 Challenge” it means it covers everything from food shopping, meals out and etc you have to budget what you want or limit yourself a £5 for the day. 

I should know because I’ve been stuck for money for a very long time haven’t brought anything for a very long time until I had money and brought things that I actually needed like my make up and bigger size clothing because that’s what I actually needed. 

Since then I haven’t brought anything for myself because I know I’m on a tight budget because I’ve got my things are important. I can literally go without things for months when I know I haven’t had money trust me I barely go out to do anything or when I do go out I don’t buy anything because I don’t have any money to spend.  It’s called life choices at the end of the day but people who spend money money money all the time who don’t care in the world don’t even care how hard it is for people. 

Just don’t be a dick about things who are living the life’s of struggling to meet ends meet everyday putting food on the table and what people do who can spend spend spend generally can go to hell. I use to spend quite a lot but now this has been a eye opener for me as I’m in it but at the end of the day I’ve been quite cleaver with money but at the end of the day there’s times I actually regret buying things because I know I needed to pay for things. That’s why I’ve learnt to control my spending habits and everything. Yeah you want to spend money to make yourself feel better but it only last 5 minutes or so it’s really unnecessary to be honest it’s like do I actually need to. It’s like voiding that whole that you have; trust me spending money to fill a hole is for filling but it’s not so great to be honest, it does bring me down like I wish I didn’t at the end of the day. 

I’m not using my mental health as an excuse I know what I’m doing. Yes there going to be problems down the line at the end of the day. That’s why since I’ve been struggling with things in life I’ve put my foot down hard on myself of what I want and what I don’t want in life. I knew how hard it was for my parents to get this far and I’m going through the same thing now. It’s controlling your mind. I’m pretty much good at that until I get tired of fighting then have a relapse. I do go flying to a hot country whenever I can, go to a fancy restaurant or go round to my local supermarket because I don’t want to make anything for my lunch and what not. Yeah I’ve done it a few times but the weakness is when I’m in a depressed mood I want junk food. That is my downfall and I admit that but at least I’m not buying load of alcohol drinks and what not every time to make me feel so good and forget everything. 

Rant over just think before you do things. 

Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 2 – Power

Hold up no you didn’t bow to me because I’m not that chick that walks behind you around town. Just because you’re packing to go down to the south that doesn’t mean I’m going to follow you or lay down crying to get over you. Oh you think I’m backing down now because your a man; I’m so not sorry anymore I have the power to do what I want as I have the right, even you made the rain fall I can make it shower. 

You should know that I’m in control of my destiny and everything so come and take the wheel as long as you don’t forget who has the power? I’ve got the power. Hold up what’s happening over there. There’s no tears left to cry anymore because girl you don’t have to be brave anymore you have the power to stand up to your abuser. Here’s how you can do it. I make it this look so easy like tick tick boom like it’s gasoline-y that’s why they call me lamborghini because I’m too fast and to powerful to be taken down. 

That’s because I know what I’m worth from zero to a hundred the toughness of my body makes them shudder and stutter. Let me just start my engine by pushing the button because I’m coming first in this race; you’re just a pathetic man who just want to take control of everything but guess what I make the rain and the shower too, as you should know that I am in control now. So as long as you don’t forget who has the power now; I have the power too and it’s more powerful than you think I am. 

Don’t be fooled by the weak and useless girls they will wrap you up in the trees in the arms of an animal because they got you thinking that I’m all innocent but wait until you get home. You should remember I am the one in control and so is the rest of the girls. 

Don’t forget that I’ve got the power.

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Everyday Online Diary Entries: (21.6.18) Thursday – Dry Sense Of Humour Never Dies

I do find that when my mental health kicks in it always tries to take the last two things that keep me going. My writing and my dry sense of humour but they always seems to shine through no matter how hard it tries but it never does. That’s why I like the whole I can do better than my mental health I literally just use it as my advantage. 

Today (21.6.18)  I made a few jokes about the situations that I’m in like this morning I was at the doctors having a blood test; I’m not good at needles so I had to look away, I literally said to the nurse when she asked me which arm do I prefer to have blood taken from. I replied my right arm because you won’t be able to get any out of my left it’s practically dead with nothing in it. Even a child tried to do it by scratching it and only a little bit came out. 

I made one down the phone to one of office ladies at work to see what I was doing tomorrow. They were like “oh you’re with such and such tomorrow. If that’s okay with you?” I replied “unless Michael wants a death sentence” she burst out laughing it was like if I really have to then it’s fine but I don’t particularly want to. 

As you may can tell I don’t complain or say no to things but when something I don’t think is right work either knows or I just sort it out myself. However this week has been a bit difficult and weren’t in the mood for someone’s behaviour on which I normally can put up with. This week was the week that I wanted to put up with that sort of behaviour especially from an adult. 

It got sorted out in the end and I’m generally good at doing my job don’t get me wrong I get what I’m given and the respect that I get. I give it back to them with the amount of work they give me because that’s how it suppose to work. Give and take, give and take. The fact that bring out my humour and etc from what I do across to the office base I literally prefer to joke around, be friendly and what not than walk in and say this and that should happen. Unless something does happen they get what they are given at the end of the day. 

Sense humour and joke around gets me through life no matter how serious it is but at the end of the day you got to make it peaceful and pleasant one way or another for everyone.