Wednesday Evening Post: Amazement of how much I love you guys

I just want to say thank you to everybody so far reading my blogs; I am internal grateful for continuing to come back each day, reading my stories and other blogs that are surrounding them. I’m so glad that you guys like them very muchly not sure if that’s a word but it is now haha.

The fact that you guys are giving me so much positivity of being able to continue to write; I know that 20-30 views along with 10-20 visitors isn’t a big deal to anyone but to me, I am glad that I’ve got the regular people who like to come back and read them time and time again. I’m having awesome time writing these sort of things as if I know what I meant to be writing; that’s what she said, but at the end of the day you guys are the ones that are making it happen and by that you’re getting good blogs out of it all.

I wonder if you remember earlier this week on Monday 5th January 2018 that I had launched a payment/donation page along side my Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging this week about it. If you can donate anything it would be grand if you are under the age of 16 please ask your parents permission to help donate the two charities that are listed in the page in the top box. I have also attached the button down below also. You’re help, kindness, generosity and thoughtful many will help others in a long run. Let’s turn this world into a positive one for who we are.


Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Planning and Scheduling Vs Non-Planning and Scheduling

Everyone has a complete run of planning and scheduling in one block but then at the best of times after a good block you get the bad block of non- planning and scheduling. It’s okay to have a positive and a negative bouncing off each other at the best of times; I should know because I have them all the time as you should know, hence why I create things that are different to keep me going even if it’s not what I want at the time but to keep my audience interested and grabbing their attention all the time.

It’s good to know when you look at your stats everyday and record them to know what’s the best outcomes of things than meaning; what works and what doesn’t work, so that you know what to expect in the mean time as well and sometimes you get nice surprise of readers going back to your old blog post as well. It just gives you the most positive outcome when you know that when you plan and schedule your blogs people enjoy reading them.

Non-planning and non-scheduling it’s hard when you have the writer’s block you think “oh no one is going to read my blogs anymore. I might as well give up now” how many times have I confessed to you guys about me wanting to give up writing and etc. One to many in my opinion. Yet I still work out some ways to post things up when I know the feeling I’ve got something is good and etc.

Trust me if I didn’t start writing the daily diary for each day to keep me going until something amazing comes to mind for my major events. That’s when I know I haven’t got something to worry about; as I know that I’ve got something to fall back on if I’m struggling to write something, I’m also quite fortunate that I’ve got Valentine’s Challenge coming up and I know that will be a sell out due to my two previous challenges that I’ve did at the end of last year.

I do recommend keep changing how you work things with your blog because it will draw your readers in along with updating pictures along side every so often. You may bring more readers into your website than ever before. That’s even with social media as well.


Hustle and Bustle Advice: Why taking my blog slow this year?

As you have noticed that this is my first major blog post of the year; the reason why is I wanted to take it slow because I thought I can collect my thoughts on what topics I can come up with, also it’s only the new year on our third week and we got the rest of the year to contend with. I like having the time off every so often so that I can work on myself as well outside of the blogging world as well.

I’ve also been revisiting some of my old blogs that I’ve done in the past, rewriting them and reposting them along with Online Diaries for each day. Little things like that has helped me get back into what I want to write and I love the fact that you guys read my Online Diary Entries take it in what I write. I always like to give you a chance to have a opinion on things but knowing that I know the truth when I write them you give the respect back as well.

I love just the fact that you guys give me the chance of coming up with new ideas and still continue to read my old blogs as well. Some that I’ve forgotten all about as well; I’m like which one is that? I either look back at it or I don’t I’m like “oh yeah I remember that one” sorry this is short and sweet but this week it’s one of those days I can’t think what to write about.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Do I or Don’t I create stories for e-books?

Over the weekend I was doing some thinking and ask someone who does e-book stories on amazon. As I was wondering weather take a leap of faith to get my stories out there or not; you guys are probably thinking that I should go for it because I do great work on my blogging and everything, I don’t know I’m just putting words into your mouths here.

Then I’m being stupid because I look at my stats each day, record them and check them every so often throughout the day. I know they are good I just don’t know what I’m worrying about really; I just think I’m just worried that it won’t work or it won’t take off or anything, I don’t know I’m being stupid aren’t I?

What do you reckon? Should I go for it or not? Really need some advice right now guys as I don’t know wether take a leap of faith or not risk it. Please let me know what you reckon on me writing stories for ebooks and selling them. If you think it’s worth a try and say I should go ahead to do it. Then let me know and I’ll consider it for the new year.

Day 18 Christmas Log Blog: Would I do Christmas Advent Calendar Again in 2018?

As this is the last Monday before Christmas Day. I thought I’ll do my over all Christmas Advent now before I forget but also to tie in with todays Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging as well. Well you get both at different times today as the Christmas Advent has taken over its normal schedule today or has been for the last couple of weeks as you may have noticed.

The question is would I do this again next year in 2018. I am not too sure if I want to do it next year or not it’s just because I’ve become a bit confident in doing it this year than last year as I knew what I was doing this year. I’m not sure if I am going to be that confident of doing it again next year.

It’s another whole year to think about to be honest with you. I haven’t even set any goals yet for the new for lizzysweeklyblogs for the year. So I don’t even know what to bring out yet might tend to get cracking during my holidays or as soon as I’ve writing the last 7 days of Christmas Advent Calendar and then start thinking what’s next for lizzysweeklyblogs.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Emotional Writers Block

Your probably thinking that is Emotional Writers Block actually real. Yes there is such a thing in the writing world; you have Writers Block that gives out signs of you wanting to write but yet you don’t know what to write, to which you have to leave it for a few days or try again later on or the next day. Emotional Writers Block is where you want to write but you can’t put anything down on paper or on screen because there’s so much going on inside your head that you can’t escape it.

If writing was your go to place to escape like mine to express your feelings through words of your blogging or stories; I know how that feels when your thoughts cloud your judgement when you start writing, then all of the sudden you’re like hit with a bam! Wondering where the hell did that come from? The worst bit is that your head seems to be quiet in the middle of the night; that’s when you find out that’s the best time for you to actually start writing your ideas down, I know it’s typical and probably worst time for it to happen.

For me as I don’t sleep as much anyway I find it more easy than during the day because it’s less quiet for me to be able to think as much. It’s like right now it’s 3:35am in the Uk I’ve almost just finished this blog; I’m just taking a pause because I’m getting quite cold, and I want to get some sort of sleep one way or another. I will be back to revisit in the morning.

Well it’s now 20:28pm on Wednesday 29th November 2017; November is nearly over or by the time you read this or go back to it November 2017 is now the past, and we are in the present. I always preferred to write when I feel upset or have some sort of emotion that happens; odd occasions I have posted up things that you may have read and you guys liked it very much. Sometimes I write them just because I needed to share my frustrations out at the best of times but don’t post them. This is because they maybe too personal and I don’t like to post much about my personal life. I do have days I really can’t write what so ever. That just upsets me more and more. I just have to get on with it as the best I can at the best of times.

Apologies there’s no Wednesday Evening post tonight (29.11.17) struggled to write something for it. I hope this makes up for it. Hehe.

Day 26 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: What have I done something that I thought I couldn’t do?

The fact that blogging has been apart of my life as a writer to be able to achieve things that I wouldn’t be able to do. Becoming a blogger has given me the great opportunity to be able to write and improve my areas that needed to be worked on. Yet it’s given me the confidence to know that my work and my ideas work without the fear of being judged by people who may not like them.

This may sound a bit cliche but before I thought my work was rubbish and still do. Yet every so often throughout the day I would look on my stats and I would criticise myself for having poorly views at the time or I’ll be impressed on how many I get that’s above and beyond the previous days.

I still criticise myself just a tiny bit about the whole I could do more than that on a good day but that’s just me being stubborn. As I’ve been told quite a lot. Achieve something that I thought I wouldn’t of been able to do with Learning Difficulties such like dyslexia and language difficulties and Mental Health Issues. I’ve learnt how to adapt the whole issues that I have to face each day within my everyday life along side the most favourite hobby creative writing.

Sometimes take a risk or believe that you can do it. At the end of the day it’s your choice how you want to achieve it; just don’t hold back and let people walk all over you, otherwise you will never be able to do. Just do it.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Paperwork Of Stats

The weekend of paper work catch up was fun but good for a distraction on which I needed to do so. I managed to work out how to do my monthly stats but it was quite confusing at the time but I was going all the way back to March 17. Now I’m up to date with it all and only have two months left to go; so in the new year I can start fresh again knowing what to do with my stats for each month, might not colour code it again think that was a stupid idea that I had made.

I like to work out how to keep track of things with my blog because it gives me the confidence and the chance to actually see that my work isn’t rubbish what so ever. The fact that I can see the progress over the years of doing it all I know that I’m improving a lot in my work each time. This also gives me the opportunity to use the stats as evidence so that if people want to employ me for any of their work to be blogged about; I can show them the amount of views I get in a day, a month and a year. I still need to work out how to keep up to date with the weeks but I might just use the daily sheets to work out the week totals I suppose as it’s all there in front of me.

More sheets need to be printed off or copied I’m not too sure which one either way I need more social media sheets than before. Unless I use something else for the time being not quite sure yet either way something needs to be done. Oh the joys of not having your own office, printer and photocopier. It would be so grand to have one so that I can do it all in peace and quiet and not be disturbed. I’ll keep dreaming about it all along with getting paid for blogging as well. No harm done to be honest because I like writing at the best of times so it’s all good to be honest.

Sorry if this week is boring can’t help it but you have to have a boring one once in a while or none at all. Do feel free to ask questions about it all anyway as I don’t mind answering them.

Blogging Essentials that I can’t love with out

The fact that I didn’t get much sleep last night nor had a good start of this morning with my job. The fact that I had thrown myself into doing some paper work for my blogging; whilst watching 6 Days which based on a true story that was based in 1980s in England, then carried on watching it for awhile before I turned to writing this blog for today’s Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging.

Just thought I’ll do something else for a change than doing 30 Days Challenge for Autumn Planning there’s too much to figure out and gets boring after awhile. It needs to be written at some point. I’m going to share with you in bullet points of what blog essentials that I can’t live without when I blog.

• My iPad where I do practically everything on

• My blog journal

• Pinterest

• Wordpress

• Colour pens

• Paper

• Canvas

• Photo edit

• Pages

• File for my stats/data collection

• Data collection

• Research

These 12 things are roughly what I believe are my essentials due to the fact that I use them everyday without fail. Without them I don’t think I would get very far with it at all. I prefer to be organised and have a system that works easier than me to use than be completely hopeless; I’ve had so many other systems that I have had tried to use in the past, but each time I change how I would like to do it so I know how I want to do it professionally and get my head around it all.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed a lot more out of the list of essentials that I can’t live without but I can’t remember what. I do have to say this was a quick and easy Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging for this week ever to write. I knew what I was writing and drawing it up was easy to do than not knowing what to write at the best of times.

What are your blogging essentials? What would you recommend me to try out? Let me know.

Day 13 Of 30 Days Challenge For Autumn: 2 years and 2 Months of Lizzysweeklyblogs

As I was coming home from dropping off the last child from school; I realised that this month was when lizzysweeklyblogs was born, didn’t really realise how much time flies when your having fun creating blogs everyday or nearly everyday. Building up your reputation of blogging over the years seems to be only like yesterday; actually over time of the two years and two months, actually hang on these people actually enjoy your work a lot more and enjoying them.

In November 2015 I had created lizzysweeklyblogs on not knowing what I was going to do with it; so I just did a hit and miss blogs for the first two months or so, then I looked into it a bit more in the new year of 2016 what titles that I could write about and etc. Which brought more viewers to my blog website as they were interested in it all; then the year went by coming up to its year anniversary in November 2016, by February 2017 I had started to take a leap of faith in creating lizzysweeklyblogs as my main dominion website but still use WordPress as my main platform. That took success of transferring my readers over after a month or so to which I had to loose my first platform with first because I wanted to make this official blog website as the successful one. Yes that would have mean loose the work I did before but that doesn’t matter now.

During June to August 2017 I took a risk of using my Facebook Page by promoting it around the world; so that I could get more people to be interested in it all, but also to see what I get up too as well just living in a little country with lots of people living on it.

Thank you for all the support that people having giving me so far but also who transferred over from my previous blog website to here. Let’s keep this going and grow with it for next year and so on.

Lizzy 💋💋