Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – How do you know what’s hurting your blog?

How do you know what’s hurting your blog? Basically you don’t because people say this is hurting your blog or this is hurting this and so on. Actually it can be anything lots of things can hurt your blog but at the end of the day the things that they tell you that are hurting their blog actually works for yours. 

It’s basically a trial and error people are just giving you advice at the end of the day but you won’t know what’s hurting yours until you learn yourself what it is. It’s good advice to watch out for but you also got to learn yourself what works and what doesn’t work at the end of the day. 

I basically learn all the time on how to improve, where it goes wrong, how to change it, how to conceal and improve your content. It’s just basically challenging yourself to do new things all the time. I like to challenge myself all the time learn how to do things in away that’s better for me and for my readers.

The sense of pride takes place within yourself than through other people. People can comment negativity and positive; all you got to do is throw away the negativity and keep the positive is the best thing to do, positive helps build your pride and confidence knowing that you’re blog content is worth while. 

All I can say is keep working on it. Take the advice of other people that give out where they say what’s hurting your blog but it’s done to you to know what’s what. So don’t give up or let people say anything different.

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – 2 blogs for each blog! Say whaaat?

I’ve become recently writing for two blogs two is my max on each one if I can; you must be thinking why two blogs when you barely have time to concentrate with this one, I know but since having kittens is giving me great opportunities to write stories, poetry, comedy and many more. 

To which I love writing stories so writing stories and etc for the other blog has made a hit for me because on here it didn’t really take off how I really liked of done to be honest with you. Since I made Follow the footprints on the pages sharing my sisters Comedy Kittens on there and on here; comparing them on each other I’ve noticed that my viewers on that blog likes that sort of thing more than on here. 

It’s alright I’m not going to stop this one; I’m still continuing to work on this one but having other things, like keeping my regular Star Light Categories, Hauls, Everyday Online Diary Entries, and the others. So don’t panick Mr. Mannering! Stories and poetry are quite hard to do and take time to write but bouncing between the two I can literally make it work by helping myself to improve one way or another. 

It’s like teaching myself all over again. Trying to improve how to do things better and differently. It’s not a bad thing to be honest it’s the only way to learn at the end of the day because you may end up in a rut and do the same thing over and over again. It’s good to have fresh new eyes at the best of times just sit back and rest for awhile. To be able clear you’re mind and collect new thoughts. 



Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Finding you’re voice through blogging

Are you finding it hard to find you’re voice through blogging? Or having a hit and miss with you’re blogging? Don’t worry we all have days like this. Don’t sweat it peeps. I can give you the low down of what you could use to find you’re voice through blogging not quite sure how it will work how I want to present it but I think I might go for the whole bullet point and see if that would work. 

  • Content: Finding the content that you want to write about, what you’re passionate about, things that enjoy doing, things you believe in and etc. This will give you more options and opportunities to get you’re voices heard.
  • Being yourself: If you have a favourite blogger and want to do something similar or the same thing. Try not copy as much as they are doing because each person have their own sense of doing things. Just be you and be comfortable with yourself because at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself, building you’re confidence up and be pleased in what you have achieved not worrying that you’re stuff isn’t good enough and etc. Please remember that some bloggers have been doing it for years and they are always trying to work things out and improving themselves otherwise they get stuck in the same old routine. 
  • Fear of negativity: There are loads of people who are negative out there because they are either no life off their own; jealous that they can’t have what you have, they basically have no soul if they say negative things towards other people because they have had it done to them. To be honest ignore them and rise above them yeah they hurt but you either learn from them or run from them. They don’t really know you and you don’t know them at the end of the day. 
  • Positivity: Listen to the positive comments and feedbacks that you get because you know what you are doing is right along with building up your self esteem and confidence that you’re a great writer. 
  • Fear of no one is going to read your blogs: Have no fear about people not reading it or not. You may actually find that people tend to read it because they like the content and come back to read more of the same thing or find new ones. You will also find that people will also go back and find you’re old content because they want to know what else you have done. It’s not all that bad you know. 
  • Not having enough views: Don’t panic okay. I have hit and miss days because I have writer’s blocks now and then or my days get really busy and no time to blog. They always find away to look at my old blogs that I have written in the past. Just keep at it no matter what happens within your day or your really busy because at the end of the day you will have new content for everyone to read.

I hope this helps you guys to know what you can do and what to expect because at the end of the day it’s your life you’re world your blog and most of all your content. You really don’t need to copy other people style or you really want to be complicated and be really blog nerd don’t really need to copy people’s niche because you are your own blogger. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: The day you realise you won’t get much time blogging as you use too.

These are sad times there’s no denying it. Your blogging ministry will remain strong. School will not take that away from you. No matter how much homework and revision you will have to have this year. You will always have your blogs to help you relax in between them all.

(3.9.18) Today is the day before you go back to school in the U.K. I don’t know if that’s the same as everyone in the rest of the world or not; I personally can understand the whole I wish I didn’t have to go back to school, I wish I had more time off and etc.

Don’t panic. You will have time to blog in between homework, school, clubs and etc that might take up you’re time. Just fit it around it all and allow time to yourself and enjoy what you do in you’re free time. Unless you are wanting to become a writer focus on that in your free time; explore many different ways of writing whilst using your blogging, and expand just don’t talk about where you go to school.

You never know who’s reading it and come to you’re school claiming that they are a relative or a friend of you’re parents because they can well and truly tracked you down. Ideal is don’t put where you’re schools location is or your home location is when you are blogging.

Just don’t give up because school says you can’t do that or your can’t do this. Trust me I played the school game and then continued work along with my writing because at the end of the day writing is my life. Don’t let people say you can’t do something because they’ve given up on their dreams.

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – “What gets you inspired?”

The fact that I am going to write the most boring opening sequence you could ever ask for because I didn’t know how to start this topic for this week; I even looked it up to see how I could start this blog off, but it seems that you can’t get first lines generator for blogs. That’s like my first go to thing when I get stuck for writing and want to make the best opening to draw my readers in. 

Normally that gets me inspired to have a good blog or story to write on a good day; sometimes I get inspired by things like what I have done in the day or what I have brought, my sisters kittens got me to keep on going with my writing and etc. I do have days I can’t get inspired by things so I take a bit of a break or look up Pinterest for ideas and etc so I know what I could do. 

Yeah I hade days that I find it hard to know what to write or I’ve been so busy that I can’t get a blog out in time or I’ve been so busy and just fall asleep. The fact that being inspired by people who never gave up on things gives me some sort of hope of not giving up either. 

All I have to say don’t give up on things that you actually want to do with you’re life especially if writing is your life. You will always find away to get inspired no matter where you are or what you do. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: I haven’t forgotten you guys

How you doing guys? Believe me guys I haven’t forgotten you at all just been busy one thing after another and so on. It may seem to be like that but I haven’t honestly though I haven’t. I have also been working on my other new blog site Follow the footprints on the open pages. 

It’s for my poetry and short stories I’m currently focusing on one area at a time to help build the fan base from there onwards. We all know how tricky it is to build a blog or work with something to improve on. It’s takes me awhile to do whilst not doing other things. The fact that I get good reviews and likes on the blogs when I post them up it’s quite nice that people appreciate them more than anything which is nice. 

I’ve started to do something like this bullet journal thing with my total categories I don’t have space for pictures but I use bright colours to make them into boxes. It’s quite nice to see the whole lay out of things in a way that it’s like very calming and relaxing. I had really good word I wanted to use but couldn’t spell it even trying to sound it out it didn’t want to work; I gave up to be honest something simple in the end, I hope you know what I was trying to say at least I hope.

I’m sorry this is short I’ve been stopping this blog all day today (13.8.18) being doing other things. Boring adult life but it needed doing along. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Follow The Footprints On The Pages Blog Website

Hey guys how’s it all going sorry it’s a bit later on the day for this one but I’ve just released my first writing blog on my new website called ‘Footprints On The Pages’ this is going to be for my short stories and poetry that I enjoy doing. I had it up running but trying to figure out what sort of things that I wanted to do for it and how I want to do it. 

I will still be keeping this one of course as my main one but Footprints On The Pages is more for my short stories and poetry trying to keep them separately from this one so it won’t get so confusing. The website is still on going for improvement with me adding bits to it; now that I know roughly what I’m doing for this main blog, and that I know I can fix this one whilst knowing that I can improve myself for on the other website. 

I don’t even know if that made any sense to you guys or not but I think I knew what I wanted to say but not getting it out from my head to the screen is impossible. That’s how my brain works and I’m like what are you trying to say you doughnut. Since posting my first poetry on there in the space of an hour this morning people literally clicking likes. As you guys know what one it is because I posted it this morning (6.8.18). 

Why not go and follow to keep updated with the whole poetry and stories that will be coming your way. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Do you have problems releasing your creative side? Why do you think that is?

Originally this was meant to be yesterday’s post (29.7.18) but I’ve decided to write it for today’s Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging (30.7.18) I thought let’s get today’s out of the way first so that it might actually come to me for Sunday Special or nothing at all. If I have that’s great but if not all well only you guys will know by the time you read this. 

Over the weekend I was having a struggle in releasing my creative side because I was starting to feel so down about myself to the fact that I had been in the house monjority of the week. I think personally I was feeling so tired and low that it just that sometimes I just think what’s the point of me even doing this. I genuinely hate that sort of thing because writing is my life but when I’m having a moment it all stops; personally I do think it’s good to have a few days off in between where you’re having an off day or not you need that sort of a break. 

To be able recuperate and to be able to think fresh for the new week a head and be able to think what to write and feel confident in what I want to write about instead of  forcing myself to write something that I don’t like and feel like it’s not my best work update. Can someone tell me if I spelt “recuperate” right because to me it doesn’t look right? I have the feeling it is right but not 100% sure. If someone says “look it up in a dictionary” you know where the door is…. okay because I still won’t know what I’m looking for in the dictionary. 

Sorry if that sounded rude or not but I’ve come along way without a dictionary. I have used it a few times when I needed to but I find it lot harder when I don’t know how it’s starts or anything. That’s because I’m dyslexic and I’m proud of it even when it’s a pain in the arse at the best of times. Yet you wouldn’t get amazing content without me practicing everyday with my creativity and spelling. 

Creative writing is the one thing that saved my life with spelling and language; so if you thinking of saying, “look it up in the dictionary” there’s the door because that’s one worse thing to say to a dyslexic person who just asked for help by their readers.  I prefer to ask my readers because I like to be able to improve along side my readers so that I know I’m doing good. Either comment or hit the like button if I spelt  “recuperate” right.

Many Thanks guys 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Why don’t like the first blog that I originally done?

I’ve countlessly rewriting so many blogs before publishing them on to my website because sometimes I just feel like they aren’t good enough or I’m just not feeling the  love or the passion in them that I normally write. I’ve come to realise I’ve done it quite a few times now and then or I don’t bother at all. 

I personally like to feel the blog or the story that I’m writing like I’m actually in it telling the story because it makes it more real and have that sense of feeling like it has a purpose of being there. If it doesn’t have that feeling or purpose of being there then why should it be there. 

I’ve rewritten at least the first few sentences of my story that I’ve started twice now on my second opening because I literally couldn’t feel myself getting into the story as much as I wanted to be like. So I had to look up opening starters to see what I could do to make it more intriguing and interesting that the first paragraph along with the whole listening to one of the videos that gave me the idea in the first place. It gave me that sense of feeling that I was on the right path to get it right and on the right track. 

I do find you have to your niche and etc it’s okay to have off days when you find that you can’t find what you want to write about. It’s fine the fact that you have your days like; it means you know you got think and take your time to work out something that’s interesting to write about in your own time. No matter how much you want to write you just have those annoying writers blocks and you see people continually posting things everyday and think why are they having so many things to write about and I don’t. 

Trust me everyone has though days you may find they go quiet for a few days and all of the sudden they have a spirt of loads of blog post everyday. It’s natural to have them how many times have I had those moments that I can’t think what to write but yet all of the sudden I have loads. Quite a lot. So it’s okay to have a writer’s block at the end of the day; it’s like having a blocked brick wall in front of you, you try to find something to blow it up and you use everything that you have until you got the one thing that would do it and that’s when your back on that road again. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – My two current favourite apps

On Thursday I think it was it could might as well be on Friday last week I had two awesome apps for my iPad (by the way I’m not being sponsored for this) called “MindNode” and “TabletJournal” they are so awesome I fell upon them whilst looking through the whole App Store and I thought why not give them both a go to see what they are like.

Oh my word they are so good you could barely imagine; the reason for this is because it has unleashed my short stories that I’ve been struggling to write for a very long time without any prompts, not saying my daily challenges or any other stories that I’ve written in the past needed the apps but for me personally I found that they’ve woken up an old part of me that I use to do all those years ago. 

I use to do mind maps and everything in journals pieces of paper and so on. Also answer questions that I would write about to get me thinking of what story I wanted to write about. This was when I had word on my old laptop before it dyed on me for being so old; to which I had to buy a new laptop which was Apple Mac Pro I think it was then I sold it, which is annoying but I do hope I get a new one soon and do things again that I want to use it for. 

However my iPad has worked its wonders for now for over a year so it’s all good I like it. Mindnode is basically an app that you can create a mind map of what you want to do whether it’s for blogs, stories, business ideas and etc it’s so handy that you can create lots of different colours with it and many more ways to be creative with it that can help you.

TabletJournal app is like a normal like journal but on a app; you can use it for anything to be honest, I’m just going to use it for my short stories because I find it easier to answer my questions that I have planned out on Mindnode and be able to expand how I want to do but also to know the outline of the story before I write it completely. I use to do this sort of thing years ago to fill in the gaps with questions and colour code them so I know which ones are which. I am so ocd when it comes colour coding and organisations with my blogs and stories. 

You may find it with my pictures there’s certain things that I do with my pictures where I have to have the right sort of pictures for certain categories to the best of my ability. Presentation for me is important for me whether it’s for myself or for you guys.