What do you look for in a blog?

Introduction –

Due to making up for last weeks Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I decided to treat you all with two blogs in today’s Monday Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging, one like normal like this and the second one is in my 30 Day Challenge for Autumn. The reason for making it up to you guys for not having it done was that I was feeling poorly due to a cold and my left ear is now starting to play up again. Such is life when your on holiday for a week and you end up being ill because of stopping.

In a blog I like to find-

In a blog I would love to find heart warming, funny, own sense of style but also to be able to engage with the writer or YouTuber as much as I can. Not fancy pansy copy what everyone else does because that just boring and typical thing to do.

Attract my eye attention –

I like to be able to get into a blog by grabbing my attention of a worthy quirky way of writing to be able to drag me to come back to read another few blogs.

Blogger –

I feel that each blogger needs to be the own blogger and no one else; this is because there is so many wannabe bloggers who want to make money just like their idols that they watch, but they feel unsuccessful because of it. Just be you and no one else no one wants to know or care if you like someone so much you want to be like them. I could think of a few people that I’ve seen who wanted to be their famous idols and put all of their work into just to look like them. The worst one recently is people trying to make them look like ken or barbie doll in real life. Wrong! Just wrong man!


To be a better blogger is to be able to take their time on their work; not rushing their time or making loads of mistakes, and posting it up straight away. This won’t help you to gain your audience or anything it’s okay to have a few mistakes even if you go over it and you think you’ve done it. However it’s okay to ask someone to check it over as well if you feel comfortable to do so.

It’s okay to feel like a bit of a turniphead most of the time because I always do that’s why I have a journal full of notes; will I use some of them probably not most likely to have forgotten all about them, at least they are there if I need them. Also it’s okay to feel like a turniphead if you haven’t got a clue what to write that’s also fine.

The way how I work things done in my own blogging way –

This sentence doesn’t make any sense what so over; I’ll let you sort that one out, as at the time I thought I had made sense of it all when I wrote it down but obviously I didn’t. I like to make up my titles and also look up for references of titles to see what I can use and what I can’t use to what I can work with and what I can’t work with. It works.

Who wins between anxiety or the creativity of blogging?

Both win at different times because I have good running with blogging and then I have terrible days when anxiety comes kicks in.

What happens neither wins?

Basically what I just said neither wins when they play off each other. Not cool man.

What makes your blog successful?

To make your blog successful is to treat it like a best friend because you will have days that you will love it and you will hate it at the same time.

Where are the best places to get your blogs noticed?

Wondered where to go after hitting published and get more readers?

Wonder where to go after hitting published and get more readers? Wondered what media is the best used to advertise? Fear not I’ll guide you to the right places that I use that maybe useful for you. Some just say oh I did this to make this happen and used that to make it happen; but however never really told or explain how it really works or how it actually happened to get it to happen. There’s no icing on the cake when you start out you have to put the icing onto the cake to make it work.

1. Facebook: fear that your friends and family would judge you on what you are writing and go behind your back because you had said something in your blog. Yeah that happens a lot to me but that’s only because people just looking out for you; at the end of the day it’s what you choose to write, wether its true or not it’s you know the truth not them. Let them decide what’s good and what’s bad.

2. Facebook Pages: Facebook pages is a great way to get people to read your blogs and also see what you get up to whilst not blogging. That’s if you have Instagram linked up to the account as well. You can advertise your facebook page with a certain amount of money that you want to spend at the time. Also get it across the world as well for people to read; yeah you could just say it’s marketing and research, but I don’t mind spend so many pounds a few times.

3. Googled +: I don’t really check on google + that often but I link it up to my blog website for the sake of doing it to be honest. It depends what works and what doesn’t work at the end of the day. Also what works for you as well due to the fact that you might try the others but you may find they don’t work for you. It’s basically a trial and error for you; you won’t loose anything or gain something that might not 100% for you.

4. Tumblr: Tumblr didn’t work out for me either to be honest but then again it might work for you. I just publish my blog and it gets linked to Tumblr. Basically the same answer as Google +.

5. Instagram: Using Instagram you can advertise the whole content of your blog by just using the picture of what topic you are going be talking about with a brief summary in the caption. Or you just use the link of your website in your bio for people to click on. I have my link in my bio so that people can just click on it if they fancy having something to read.

6. Pinterest: With Pinterest you can create a board for your own blogging for people to read like by adding a link to it or just put in website to the board itself. That’s what I did I put a link of my website on a board and have people clicking onto and having a look. Also you can research lots of ideas and see how people create their blogs for ideas to help you out.

7. Twitter: Twitter is a great investment to have. Not just staying in touch with the world but you can get lots of people all over the world to read them. I rely on Twitter a lot to get my readers to come in have a look really.

These 7 things generally help me with my blogging and to be able to get my blog work out there. My two biggest assets are Twitter and my Facebook Page and a few others are just a hit and miss. On average I get about least about 10 a day nearly by Twitter and my facebook Page; if I’m lucky but they are my best value of the times of being able to know, where my source of income would be coming from.

Going back to the basics

To be able to go back to the basics when you have lost your way in life and blogging.

Since finishing tidying my room; getting rid of the horrible big spiders that caused me to start cleaning my room in the first place, now back into my room and nice clean for me to start again and on the road of recovery. I thought it’s time for me to go back to basics with my blogs as well so I could get back into writing again; along with sorting myself out, sorting my blogs out as well and go along with this journey with my blogs and my life.

Going back to basics for me it’s like why do I like writing? What got me into writing in the first place? What does this mean to me? Who am I doing this for? Why is this helping me to survive through the pain and confusion of things in life?

It’s okay to go back to the basics as I believe when you have a lot going on in your life; you just feel like your work is rubbish, giving up on this side of things. I know you have noticed things have been going up recently but I’ll explain in another blog for another day or so.

Here are the answers to my questions that I have mentioned in the second paragraph. In why and how I haven’t given up with my blogging and my writing even though even though I just want to give up on everything and what’s happening around me.

1. Why do I like writing? The reason I like writing is because it gives me this world of sense of well being; I can escape from the troubles of what I’m going through by putting it down by pen to paper, fingers to screen or fingers to keyboard. I can use all of my feelings by expressing the hatred of life and pain through either my stories or my experiences to help others to cope.

2. What got me into writing in the first place? From probably the age of 6 or 7 when I first started to be able to hear and write down what I could hear for the first time. Along side with J.K.Rowling Harry Potter series and listening to her stories; it gave me the encouragement to be able to express my feelings, my liking of coping to write down my feelings than talking about them. As I wouldn’t know how to express my feelings or talk to someone about them.

3. What does this mean to me? This means to me that I can move on with my life and knowing that I can show the world that I can move on. No matter how much I have been through at that the time; I know that my writing is waiting for me to return, and express my feelings and how to deal with things like I use to do.

4. Who am I doing this for? I’m doing this for myself. No one else but I like to share my work on my own accord and no one tells me when to do this things what I should do it.

5. Why is this helping me to survive through the pain and confusion of things in life? I’ve mostly answered this question in one and two really but when I have lots of things going on in my life there’s so much in my head that I cannot seem to get away from it all. The fact that I have so much trust issues within myself that I can’t seem to get away from it all and sets off my anxiety badly to the point of I can’t breathe. Then it’s like why is it that I can’t breathe all of the sudden. Writing it all down weather it’s sharing or not I for one glad it’s all written down in one piece

How to get rid of blogging blues

The fact that today Monday 11th September 2017 is a working day for me in which I have to get up at 5:30am; so my body clock is saying to me “oh I’ve had way too much sleep yesterday because I was feeling dreadful. Let me throw in as well a anxiety attack along with a freezing cold weather into the room” thanks guys I love you so much. Not complaining as much as the coldness due to what’s happening out in America and the Caribbean I wouldn’t want to be out in that.

The fact that I have had so many blogging blues recently; I’m sick and tired of having them it’s ridiculous, it’s like saying why am I doing this? Who am I doing this for? Why I’m still writing? I know everyone gets them now and then. I just find them frustrating that I’m for ever getting them; unless I’m just not concentrating enough or something, I don’t know really. I just get a complete good runs and I’m perfectly fine with it all but then all of the sudden bam; that’s when it hits me to the point of do I actually give up, or do I actually carry on with it all.

For me no matter how painful and hard it is to get through the pain barrier of the blogging blues it’s one of those things you just have to find away to keep going. Even if it takes days and days to write something but at the end of the day at least you got something that’s good to post. Sometimes you just have to go with it and see where it goes. I’m afraid.

Anyone else have the same problem or is it just me? Let me know so I can learn as well by leaving a comment below.

Autumn Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging 2017

Lets all grab a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever that is in the picture. Looks like a what’s the word the one that begins with the L?

First of all I would like to apologise if I have been so distant with my blogging this past month; a lot of things have gone on that I can’t explain, along with mental health issues and what not. Now that I am on the road to recovery I’m hoping to get back on to my feet and get back into the whole process of the blogging.

The fact that its September 2017 over in the UK Autumn had literally arrived exactly on cue from 31st August 2017 to 1st September 2017; absolutely freezing cold weather, raining, leaves are starting to turn to orange and crispy. Come by the end of September 2017; it will be the season of conker, to which reminds me every year for the past 17/18 years of my cousin naming her brother who wasn’t born just yet conker. Ever stuck with me since.

What to expect from this months blogs; most probably how cold and depressive it’s starting to feel, along with some exciting news I never know what’s going to happen each month until it happens. I generally just go along with the whole idea of planning the week or on the day; then lets see where it takes me, yet it’s 2017 September and it’s only 4 months away until the end of the year.

Yeah this advice probably sound boring for now but you when it’s a new month you can’t really predict what you want to write unless you have something all ready. Unless your like me taken some sort of time out and your like erm what am I suppose to write here. I may put up another blog post in the hustle and bustle advice of blogging extra later. I wonder if you notice one thing that I did wrong in this paragraph; let me know down in the comments below, and see if you notice what I didn’t do.

Detoxing Social Media

The fact that I’m slowly but surly giving up my favourite chocolate and junk food. After having a row with someone which lead me to tears; I thought and agreed with them that I should log out of all of my social media accounts, so far I’m doing great with it after a day.

Why I am I having a detox social media time? It’s because I spend way too much time on it; during the time I’m bored and yes it gets me into trouble when I look up things that I really don’t want to know, that will put thoughts into my head and start believing in things. Then it causes more problems further down the line in your life wether it’s something that you may think “oh no one will find out” sadly it’s true there’s lots of things that people can find out and report back to your work place.

There are so many snitches in this world you barely escape from; to be fair I have had something similar that has happened to me, but heyho not going into that detail. Yeah I still have my accounts on but because I’m not using them it’s far easier for me to focus on what I’m doing like blogging and etc than distracting myself and seeing what other people are talking about.

I still can use them as for my blogging network connection as it’s all connected to each account; the fact that I don’t have to do anything after I pressed published it does everything for me, yes it’s going to be hard after certain number of days but I know I can do it because I’ve just completed day 5 of detoxing my favourite chocolate and junk food even when I want them so badly recently. However it’s getting to the point of pushing me forward in to determination of I want to do this; I want to beat it, there’s nothing stopping me from doing it. It’s okay I still can gain access to them all and be able to respond.

Mental Health VS Writing

The day I never felt I wanted to cry and say good bye to my writing.

What I find hardest is that when I’m so low about things or stressed out with things; it generally effects my writing abilities in the way that what’s the point in writing, I’m not good enough, no one wants to read them. I have never really took much noticed in the way that how much my writing is so connected and how important it is in my life.

Yet I’m the one constantly fighting my way through the of not giving up on the writing; even when I don’t know what to write or struggling to write about things, sometimes maybe I need a break from it all. I don’t know. Yet then how can I let down my readers and followers down if I just quit and gave up on the whole thing.

I love writing so much but it just hard enough to keep my emotions in check; not to share my frustrations, anger, hatred or show so much upset through my writing but yet that’s how I generally work when I write. However but it’s the only way I can seem to get my emotions through paper is share my words down. Than talking about it verbally.

Sorry this is short this week but still it’s something for this week; I may have something for you later in the week, along side hustle and bustle advice of blogging extra. My question is for you is what would do if I gave up blogging? Let me know down in the comments. It’s alright I haven’t made a decision on what I’m doing yet. I doubt I’ll will give it up I worked to hard to give it up.

Who’s the worst critics Paperwork or Readers?

Due to all weekend paperwork everything seems to been gone out of the window. Let me explain.

The worst feeling ever is you don't even know if your the the worst critic about yourself when doing your paperwork or when you have readers who are like really supportive in what you do but then you have the crappy horrible critics. To be honest with you I'm the worst critic to myself than anyone else; but then again I can prove myself, my work and make a success out of it. Yet you have fair few who may think your a fake, you scamming them or something because they are either jealous or that they haven't got anything better to do other than try and rip you to shreds.

Hate those sort of people who want to be successful but actually they just see you as potential threat; because your making a success of yourself one way or another, yet for me I'm just pushing through life and want to do things for myself. In my way of thinking now is no matter how much negativity I'm getting from the critics now; I'm just thinking I don't give a sh*** anymore want to criticise for doing something I want to do, get off your own backside and do something you want to do than criticise other people. If anyone has any ideas on how I can fundraise for children in Nigeria let me know; I'm having great difficulties with the critics trying to shut me down with the fundraising through justgiving, and etc.

Paperwork always paperwork when it comes to blogging more so now as I've got two blogs to write for; double the amount of work to do, double the amount of paperwork to do and you have no idea how hard it is to get one set of paperwork to work. Then the other one you think yeah this would work for the other and yet the one you worked with for so long decides to trip you up at every hurled when you try and do it. Not cool man. You never guess which blog website it is? Ah that's what I thought not Sentebaleblogs but lizzysweeklyblogs.com is doing the whole tripping me up business. That's just because I'm starting from scratch again but coping it from the notebooks. She says then made a complete c*** out of it and had start all over again. You think it's should be easy if you did it the first time around with the other blog….but nooo when it comes to my brain it just has a complete brain fart as it does. After doing it for hours on end thinking it's never going to end. Still haven't finished what I was going to do with the paperwork because I was miffed about the whole fundraising thing I couldn't concentrate on it properly. Will get it done sooner than later. The one rant hustle and bustle advice of blogging that doesn't happen very much.

What the hell am I doing?

To the one of those annoying 6 little words that I hate the most right now; who, what, where, when, how and why. They can all just do one right now; never done something so complicated in my life, blogging my own stuff is easy.

As I've just use one of the annoying six words from the picture; this week I've come crawling for help from my fellow readers and fellow bloggers, to give me a hand or give me some advice of how the hell I’m going to run this with hardly any money to get it going.
So far I have got a Facebook Page, Blog Website, Fundraising Sites, Instagram and Twitter. Oh don't forget I have a board on Pinterest on it as well.
Social Media:
Twitter: @sentebaleblogs
Facebook Page: @sentebaleblogsnigeria
Instagram: @sentebaleblogsnigeria
Pinterest: @lizzyarrow
Blog Website: sentebaleblogs.wordpress.com
The fundraising sites are practically nearly on every site that I use; along with lots of paperwork that I use for this website, also now that I'm doing paperwork for this blog and etc it's like how much paperwork do I really need to do. So over the weekend just been (5th-6th August 2017) me and my friend were in the library I was photocopying and she was counting how many sheets I've got if I missed any out. Probably about £20 worth of photocopying; some of it was for this blog as well, I'm currently half way sorting it all out and then realised that I brought the wrong sheets for the laminator so I can't laminate them either.
Lots and lots to do yet alone trying to keep up with blogs for here; looking for another job to gain more money, and everything else. Not sure how people say I was a Wonder Woman doing everything all at the same time. Who knows I’ll get there in the end I suppose.
Anyone knows or got ideas that can help me with raising money for the foundation for Nigeria all let me know by emailing me on this email address sentebaleblogsnigeria@outlook.com thank you muchly and appreciated as I'm stumped for it and I'm asking for your advice for it as well.

Strategies when Launching a Successful Blog 

To be able to launch a successful blog in ways that you can describe the true meaning of yourself and passion.

Strategies for launching a successful blog is to be able to define your target audience for your blog and to be able to cater to that audience in what they like to read. Main important thing is to keep on bringing them back to read more of your niche. It is the best way forward to build a dedicated audience for any blog; is to be able to carefully and be more clear in defining the target audience right from the start. Work around the content that will cater to all of the audience that you have thought about. The fact that I repeated myself a bit but I just made it more cooler than what I thought made sense in my head.

Focusing on a niche for the chosen age rage of your audience and to be able to develop the appropriate content that is specifically for those people you have in mind; will help you to ensure there will be a strong interest in your blog contents, in which prompting the blog will make it a whole lot easier as well.

The more ideas of you defining your set target audience. The more easier it will be to identify those people of whom cater to their needs with your content; which will reach out to them with your advertising and marketing messages, drawing them in and possibly go out and spread the word through word of mouth.

The fact that you are targeting marketing or audience. You are identifying your online content to draw in the audience; which can be defined by using one or multiple criteria, or various demographic characteristics. This is by reaching out a large target demographic of the web is relatively easy (much simpler than doing it using traditional advertising practices in the real world). In basic terms of my understanding of it is by using social media, word of mouth and etc. 

The fact all of this sounds so hypocritical of someone who knows what they are doing; I basically don’t know what I’m doing, I just generally swing it and hope for the best really. I recommend not doing that; unless I say so otherwise but it did turn out for the best for me, I rather you do it the proper way first then swing it. 

As there are a lot of competition out there for lots of pique of the same interest on the internet who have inherently the same thing that you want to do online and what your offering. I would recommend carefully design your online marketing efforts to your audience like they haven’t seen the content before and what makes you, you. Just own it basically; own it like someone just went “oh no you didn’t girlfriend to you”, you be like “pow I just kicked your butt girlfriend”. Literally just own them like you have more interesting in that niche than anyone else who’s doing it. 

A strategy with a unique twist that you can put on your blog’s topic and content. People say it’s virtually impossible to plan a totally original topic to blog about. Erm hello! It’s not that hard honestly it really isn’t. Have you read my blogs? I always find a unique twist like nobody knows what hit them; I don’t know what they are talking about really, it’s all beyond me. Instead, of trying to be someone who you want to be. You are you and nobody else; let’s keep it that way shall we, no one can say you can’t say that or you can’t do that. Tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Not literally tell them but it’s okay to say it in your head. You are allowed to express your amazing beautiful unique spin that you will continually develop your innovative content. 

I could of left this blog post as boring as hell if I wanted to; but I decided not to because you guys would be so bored, given up by now reading it if I didn’t put some of my quarks into the whole blog post. I can’t help that I make random comments half way through. I just find it a bit boring of saying do this, do that, it’s your blog beautiful people at the end of the day. You will know what will work and what won’t work. 

As a blogger, you are a unique individual with your own personality and have your own mind. You are capable to set your blog apart from everyone else, with the incorporate your knowledge, voice and personality into your blog. This is one of the easiest ways to set it apart from your competition.

Being a successful blogger you may find that; youcan also set your blog apart by including proprietary information, publishing extremely timely facts or research, or by incorporating your own unique thoughts, ideas, perspective or expertise into each of your blog entries.

Research how other bloggers and website operators are presenting similar information; you may find that bloggers and other website operators may not research the full amount that you can, this can be develop innovative ways to do it better or in a more unique, attention-getting, and memorable way. Meaning that you will need to keep up with constant tabs of what your competition is doing. Along side staying up with the trends that are happening within the blogosphere.

Another important strategy for creating and publishing a successful blog is to find away that you can develop content that isn’t readily available elsewhere in the blogosphere or on the web. I’m going to keep repeating to myself so that I can get this into my head as well; the more unique and innovative you are with the content and the better you target your audience, the easier it will be to build a following.

To be able to add a new content on a regular basis. You must be able to build and maintain a steady audience, regularly when adding new content to your blog. Every new blog entry should cater to your blog’s target audience, offer content that’s perceived as valuable, and build upon previously published content. Basically topping the last blog each time you blog.

A blog to be successful, you must stay on topic and cater to the wants, needs and expectations of your target audience. To be able to do this means by developing a thorough understanding of who your audience is, then adjusting your focus as trends and demands change over time.

Once you set a schedule for posting new content; it’s essential to maintain that schedule, so plan accordingly and don’t be over-ambitious. Like for me for example: I have about 8 major events over the 7 days that I have spread out over the week. When I first started the major events I only started with three; over the time it grew with audience, so they became a regular thing and stayed as a regular house hold name. Then I increased with two more major events along side the three other major events; to which they had started to grow in the way that the other major events have and I brought three more new events who are starting to take shape currently. That’s just how I’ve done it and the other advice you can have is by promising new content once a week then posting twice or three times per week on occasion, as opposed to promising new content daily (or several times daily) and not being able to deliver. Basically what I just said but I did it under major events than one post and so on. 

The fact that your transforming your blog by interacting online with the community; instead of focusing exclusively on the publishing the content to develop your blog into a interactive online community, encourage your audience to post feedback and comments. Which will interact other readers or watchers; to whom will share their ideas and it will enhance your content by added their own information. It’s another best way of researching and listening to other people’s information or shared stories; when you go back to revisit in couple of months or years in advance, you can look into the comments or you have written them down somewhere and you can add a bit more to what you know since you did it the last time. 

Make sure that you have incorporate a “Share” button into each of your blog entries. This will make it very easy for readers to share your content via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. Virtually all the popular blogging platforms offer a widget that makes it easy to integrate a “Share” button into your blog. Doing this can help you build your audience through virtual word-of-mouth. Believe me it’s amazing how far it travels; there’s some countries that I’ve never even heard off, until I look it up on Google to see where it is. Even what’s more interesting is that I have been getting European Union coming to read my blogs; that took me awhile to think isn’t that the European Union, I’m pretty sure that they aren’t a country. It confirmed that I was right European Union were actually the whole world of politics. 

Marketing and promoting your blog continuously is the worlds most pain in the arse thing to do day in day out. Yeah it will take time to build the audience in the hundreds, thousands or millions; it’s the only way you will be able to approach they most typical audiences that you want by ongoing marketing, promoting, and even paid advertising. Many of the world’s most successful bloggers have relied on the mainstream media to generate publicity for their blog to help build an audience. Promoting your blog on an ongoing basis is as important as regularly adding new content.

Keep the blog’s look, overall design and content professional. Always convey a professional image, regardless of the subject matter or your audience. The look and overall design of your blog should be professional, and easy to read and understand.

Also, be sure to edit and proofread your work carefully to avoid or correct any errors. Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your blog take away from your credibility and make your blog appear amateurish. I pretty much write mine out on pages or what I have in the technology world but also to write my notes down if necessary when I’m researching.