Wednesday Evening Post: Today just goes out the window!

Not even sure what actually happened today and I’m just literally blogging off my phone because I can and I haven’t prepared today’s Wednesdays Evening post. I’m not even sure what this is about but heyho. Let’s talk about how much I hate adult life of today shall we. Haha

Today one of my best friends decided to ring me at 5:15am forgetting that they are currently 4 hours ahead of me. They were like oh it’s like 9:15am so I photo screened them the time difference done it a few times today. Then half an hour later my job decides to message me to say they need me and I’m like at least I’m half awake nearly.

Then I finally got out of bed about another half an hour later. Hardly awake what so ever then out of the door by 6:45am back home at 9:30am for 4 hours. In that four hours pretty much sorted out something what my friend wanted me to do; afterwards went round my local Sainsbury’s shop and I thought I do a bit of house keeping to get two loafs of bread because someone did the dishwasher, came home had breakfast and etc. Then fell asleep the rest of the time so I can catch up some extra sleep. To which I manage to be completely awake and on caffeine for the next run of my job at 14:15pm (2:15pm) got home at about 16:30/16:30pm (4:30/4:45) to find a parent buying two more loafs of bread. To their realisation that they didn’t know I left a message or brought some already. So extra bread for me to steal in the middle of the night but not sure how long that will last until I react to it.

I thought I’ll do a bit of the house keeping and help get a few bits to get by. Yet I’m trying to get myself back on the right side of everyone but yeah. Sometimes being an adult has its good times and funny moments. Now I’m gonna chill. As you may of noticed that I’ve not even corrected any of my writing in this or anything else. It is what it is with any planning involved. Might need to remember not to do this again on my phone haha. Night people sorry for late posts for somethings. Now you know what a day I have had off the record. Also remember the actual pictures are on the iPad not on phone jeez! Someone give me a holiday please.

Everyday Post: “Survivors” – Story Based

Now your on that god forsaken island with all of the people who hurt me; your now out of my life I’m so much better without you because you thought I was weak without you but I’m so much stronger without, you thought I would be so broke without you but I’m so much richer and you hope that I be sad without you but I can laugh so much harder than I can before just seeing it your miss fortunes.

There’s so much you thought I couldn’t do without you like I couldn’t grow or be helpless without but I became so much wiser and smarter than you actually thought I could. Funny that you thought I be the one that would be stressed or wouldn’t go out you but your wrong I’m chilled and confident to go out when I want to.

I am survivor from your pain and I am a survivor off a mental health patient; I know that I’m not going to give up on anything even if I could try but I’m not going to stop for nobody because I’m going to work harder than before, being a survivor means the world to me as I’m going to make it knowing I’m going to survive what’s going to be thrown at me and I’m going to keep on surviving.

The thought I couldn’t breath without you would set my anxiety off but now I’m inhaling the positive things that’s in my life. Your thoughts scared you if I couldn’t see without you being next to me but I’ve now got perfect vision; the thoughts of me not lasting without you I’m just lasting even with the thoughts of me dying without you I’m still living my life, your worried thoughts I would fail if you weren’t going to catch my fall and yet I’m on top of the world. You keep messaging me with worry that I would self destruct at anytime; pleading that I should come back to you to get you off the god forsaken island, even in the years to come I’m still going to be here.

I yet wish you the very best in your new life. I pray that you are blessed to which will bring you much success, no stress and lots of happiness; I’m not that sort of person that will blast you on the radio or lie about you or your family, I’m so much better than that because I know that I’m not a shit stir and go to the magazine to sell out my story it’s not my nature especially when I grew up in a Christian family. You know that I’m not going to diss you on the internet because my mum told me that I’m better than that.

After all of he darkness and sadness soon will come happiness; that’s were I surround myself with lots of positive things and I’ll gain the prosperity of my life again, because I’m a survivor and I’m going to keep on surviving.