Hauls 2018 – Superdrug Hauls – Top up the old make up box (13.10.18)

My next lot of hauls from Basingstoke I have finally got the chance to top up my make up box that somehow I manage to break half way through the year. Didn’t even have it that long to be perfectly honest with you only got it last year’s Christmas but it still works if you remember that you got to use the handle as a lock when lifting it. 

I’ve finally got myself a packet of hair dye live in the colour red which cost me £5.49 I think it went up in price but I can’t remember it’s been so long since I’ve done it. Now that I’ve got it back to red and manage to cover it all over without missing bits out this time. I did it like I would out my hair extensions in to cover all of the roots and the greys that I may have received throughout the time of not dying it but then again I’m sticking to the four that I know about because I don’t want to know if I’ve got anymore. 

In the Collection section I picked up pressed powder which cost me £1.99 and sheer loose powder which cost me £2.99. I find that they are easy to manage and also stay on my face longer. I hate it when it runs out you start hitting the pan or you can’t shake anymore out when you know perfectly well that you can see there’s more inside the pot.

I’ve picked up L’Oreal True Match Foundation again as I find that it seems to last longer on my face but also its smooth and not so clumpy as I’ve had different foundations in the past. The foundation cost me £9.99.

Rimmel Super Curler Mascara finally got one of the mascaras that I normally use well not one that I normally use but the brand I would go for. I’ve learnt that since using the mascara that I needed to use one of my cheap ones first as a base coat then use it to make it stand out a bit more. To be quite honest it’s worth doing in my opinion. This cost me £6.99. 

I’ve got Revolution Concealer and Define which cost £4.00 I liked the little pot because it’s handing for me and would like to get the bigger one of it which cost £7.00. One day I’ll get it but I do find that the concealer I do have to say it’s better than Collection Concealer. 

Hauls 2018 – Primark Hauls – Started to get Autumn Clothing (13.10.18)

Basically today (13.10.18) I had to budget a few things today of the essentials today especially for the things that I needed. One of the things that I needed today the town that I visited today was Basingstoke didn’t have the store I needed so I had to compromised. In the end it worked better that way for me in the way did to the fact that I gained more money than I budgeted for; one thing I liked about Basingstoke, and one less out of many other dislikes about Basingstoke. 

I basically got 3 bras for £13 and £3 knickers for £5 which if I went to my normal place I would get one for £25 and that would be it but they didn’t have the store so Primark fingers crossed that they had my size in which they did. 6 items that I got from there came to £18 and I would of got the one for £25.

After the boring necessities of what I major needed; I decided to look into some autumn clothes section as I normally where summer tops all year round and just stick useless jumpers and no fashion sense what so ever in the autumn what so ever. So I thought I’ll give it ago this year and see what tops they’ve got I’ve already brought a long grey jumper before in Bracknell I think it was not too far from Basingstoke. No b’s intend to get my autumn clothing. 

I then got myself a cute little gray check jumper X – Large I do like my x-large baggy jumpers because I can get away with wearing it as a top dress. You’re probably thinking how can you possibly do that? Simple it’s called being 5ft4 and half and get away with clothes to fit nicely and I seem to pull it off. The outfight that I’m going to be wearing it with is just a cami dress top with or without my high waisted shorts; black leggings and either brown long boots or black long boots with a bit of brown around the edge. The jumper top cost me £8.00.

I then brought a nice light colour pink longline rib bru dress like top with a little pocket on the top; I thought let’s have a bit of colour to my autumn themed that I’ve got going on here, I would wear it with leggings and brown long boots which I personally think would go nice with it all. I would properly put a vest top underneath as it’s a bit see through. The jumper like dress cost me £6.00. 

I’ve also brought two more cami dresses vest tops to put underneath my work clothes and my everyday wear which is grey. As it’s nearly winter and it’s starting to become cold I need something to keep me warm. They cost me £1.80 each for two it’s £2.60.

Ps cotton rounds pads at 50p in Primark to me I think that’s a bargain. I always generally running out of that sort of stuff quite quickly due to the fact that I use it for my make up; I couldn’t remember if I needed another one or not but I picked up one just incase, by the time I got home that day I had already had one not used yet. I was like sweet all well never say never. They are pretty much cheaper than Superdrug where I use to get them and there’s more in them than Superdrug’s brand. 

Autumn Hauls – Superdrug Haul – September 18 mini haul on a tight budget

When you’re on a tight budget of £25 which means you have to prioritise which certain things you really need at the time. There’s me when I need a lot of things to get but on a really tight budget because the wage you have isn’t enough to cover you for a month nor the things you need. If you’re going back to uni (university) soon or right now this might help you out; if you’re not but here to find out what I got, along with how I budget for it that’s also great too. 

Being a typical person as it was raining at the time I went to go and get these items I was pretty much not in the mood of walking 45 minutes in the rain. I can tell you that now because my hair was already wavy and frizzy before I left.  

I wanted to try ultra face base primer by Revolution because E.L.F primers are good but I just find that they run out quite quickly and enough product inside. I do have to say from just walking around my house to the car and from the car to somewhere when it’s been raining my make up hasn’t run off my face nor when I’ve had been getting really hot and sweaty or my make up has literally coming off. This product has been really great so far. I’ve only used it once but I personally feel like it’s good thing to have. Not saying E.L.F primers are bad or anything I do prefer to have my make up staying on my face. 

Revolution primer cost me £5.00 and I brought 2 of them because I wasn’t so sure how long it was going to last or how long I will need to wait to get another one so my best bet was to get two. All together for both at £5.00 each came to £10.00. 

Revolution Concealer and define C5 which is a Rose sort of colour. I thought I’ll give this ago as I asked my sisters advice of what’s a better concealer than Collection Concealer which costs £4.19 something like that. I was running out of Concealer at the time; I tend to find that I was replacing Collection Concealer a lot more than anything as it was pretty much hardly anything in it I found, so my sister recommended me this one by revolution as she uses it and she had told me that she found it quite easy to use and it seems to last longer than she has used others in the past. By the way my sister also said that the primer that I just talked about is pretty good too.  My sister works in a make up store so she pretty good at knowing her stuff.  

Again I just liked the feel of revolution and the amount that covers my face than collection does; I have been with collection for a number of years now, I do find mixing it up and trying knew things really good because you never know what’s actually good for you and get the make up that you in away you want it to be. I prefer to get the cheapest first to see how it goes; if it works out better than I think then I may consider getting the next one that costs a bit more than the one I’ve got at the moment in which is okay. 

Revolution Concealer and define for a small one cost me £4.00 it’s pretty neat little thing where you can even put it into your small hang bag on your night out or your weekend away too.  

Imperial Leather bubble bath has to be one of my favourite brands when I need bubble bath but like when I have the money and on offer at the time. I do have one current favourite which is marshmallow bubble bath; just the smell of marshmallows in the bath is so nice and scented, especially when it comes to  this time of year when you just need some chilling out and having relaxing bath with the warmth of the bath. 

Currently Imperial Leather has brought out a limited addition of cosmic unicorn. I thought it be quite cool and intriguing what it would be like because to me it doesn’t smell like anything to me but it could smell really nice. Yet I wouldn’t know without trying so I thought I’ll give it ago to see and find out. 

Both were on a deal for any 2 for £2 on the whole imperial leather bubble bath stuff. So I decided to choose these two because one is unique and different the other one is just my favourite at the end of the day. 

Please remember that I am not being sponsored by Superdrug or any of the brands I’m just sharing my interest, what I like and what’s the best things to try out that’s different. 

Hauls – Superdrug Haul – August 18

Super Haul Superdrug Haul haven’t done one in a very long time think the last time was probably back in May 2018 sometime. The was because at the time I had money back then I believe since then being trying to use things that I had left at the time; to which made me have spots coming out, looking like a dishrag or something, I probably looked fine to be honest I’m just being negative about myself for that time. 

However this time I managed to have some money to get replacements for my make up that I was actually running out off; I’ve been budgeting in what I needed at the time because I was literally running out of them desperately, so on 16.8.18 I popped into town with one of my parents at the time it was raining when we left it was only a drizzle until it started to get heavy. Anyways going off to the point of budgeting and getting them. 

I budgeted for 4 things to get in Superdrug that I needed at the time; I budgeted for £27 at the time of working out how much I needed to pay for it, I went to go and get the things that I needed and here is the list that I needed at the time. 

  • Nivea make up water cleaner at £2.09
  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation at £9.99
  • E.L.F Porless primer at £7.50
  • E.L.F Primer at £7.50

By the time I got to the counter and completely forgot that I get a discount in there because I’m that amazing and get my Superdrug points too. So I’m building them up gradually saving them so when I need to do a big shop I can use all of them at once. However I even saved a couple of pounds off when I had my discount which came to £21.00 forget the loose change because I can’t remember it haha. Not that important anyways. 

I then got home put them away due to the kittens roaming the house I didn’t want them to get into the products even my make up box is kitten proof but I don’t think they have worked out to get into it quite yet. Which is a good thing to be quite honest with you. 

Haul 2018: Superdrug Haul – Part 2

Today is a mini Superdrug Haul for you guys for the bank holiday and I want to share with you what’s in my Superdrug bag but also what I got off my list from the last time. It’s only a few items but when I say a few items it was more like 5 items but cost a lot but most of it was for my sister. Yes I’ve gone and done it. I paid her back with make up that I used.

I’m kicking my Superdrug Haul with my sisters little haul that I gave her from Elf Foundation light ivory/sunscreen at £7.50, Elf Pours prime at £7.50 and Elf BC Primer at £7.50 all in all her little lot came to £22.50. Expensive for me to pay her back but I needed to and she did find out in the end that I did use her other two weren’t impressed when I confessed. All good now that I’ve paid her back with a load of makeup.

The next I’m going to talk about is Live Instant colour – Real Red hair dye due to the fact that my hair actually needs doing now as my natural colours is coming through and also I think I’ve got more grey hairs coming through now. Hopefully soon I get to redoing it especially before I go away. Pow red hair man all the way haha. Got two boxes for £4.49 each total £8.89.

Finally got my Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water at £5.29 which will last me for months because having a big bottle like that will never run out until the next time. At least I don’t have to worry about the one is going to be running out soon about 2 weeks time I reckon.

I can now get rid of my old eyeshadow pallet as now I’ve got a new one. The new eyeshadow is Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Captive at £6.00 to which has the basic eyeshadows that I use such as my natural colours are my favourite and me than bright colours that some people seem to be wearing but it’s not me and I’m not that brave.

Remember be you, be yourself, you are beautiful whatever size or shape you are because you are worth it and don’t let people who are negative towards you put you down or don’t let your negativity thoughts put you down either. You are beautiful for who you are.

Hauls 2018: Primark Haul part 2 – how much?

Yo hey guys just typing up my notes from my blog notes of Primark Haul decided to write them down as my iPad is getting too hot to hold now so I decided to jot them down. Today (26.5,18) I went to my local Primark to get more nice summery clothing tops as I’ve noticed that I’ve grown out of some of my clothing that I’ve had over the years. Which is a shame really but all well what can we do.

I’m going to start with W-Button Kimo costing me £12.00 it’s cross between cardigan/swimwear sort of style where it’s long, lose and flows quite beautifully. The cardigan is black with flowery patterned with short sleeves, easy and lose. The size that I’ve picked up is size 18.

I brought another Will Button Kimo costing me £10.00 which is another flower pattern with black background with bright flowers and green long Kimo cardigan. Another long, lose and flows quite beautifully once again I do like my flow lose clothes in the summer and also in the winter because I get hot quite easily and I’m not that so claustrophobic. I hate the feeling so claustrophobic. I’ve got the size 18 once again.

Now I’ve got two different types of sleeves milit at £8.00 each and obviously size 18 one is patterned flowery top long and the other one is a stripy long one. I just find it comfortable and lose it’s just helps me quite a lot especially with this heat that we are having at the moment.

If you remember that I brought one black high waisted shorts at size 20; so I brought two more extreme rip high wasted shorts that are denim shorts to which it to my advantage I can wear them everyday, without using my black high waisted shorts. The shorts cost me £10.00 each.

All in total I spent like £58 roughly I know guys “how much?” The fact is I needed new tops, leggings and etc over the past two weeks of spending like £100 for two weeks but when you have lost your way for awhile and everything that you use to feel is like what’s the point in life.

The fact that I’m trying to take charge of my life right now trying to remain positive and get back into the positive frame of mind. It’s like you need to do something about it and fight for you’re life like no tomorrow. I’m currently fighting for my life with my mental health right now; I’m tired of letting it control me everyday now, I want to live my life now to the best that I can be and thats even with the blogging and what not.

Remember believe in yourself, you are strong, you have the passion to survive this and most importantly you’re beautiful in all different shapes and sizes no matter how you look. Ignore all the haters that hate you ignore all the negative that they give you even yourself. Be you, be yourself and love yourself no matter how much hard it is. Peace!

Primark Haul: Primark Haul May 2018

Primark Haul first one of the year and I’m not sure if I’m going to make this as a part 1 or not but I’m playing safe and not going to for now. Apologies for not having pictures in the hauls it’s a bit hard when it’s on a blog website than doing it on YouTube actually that’s a thought. Might think about for the next time to go inside with these hauls. What do you think let me know in the comments below.

Apologies for a bit of warning but I’m quite self conscious of my sizes in clothes however I’m going to be sharing them with you because I want to and also along side them I will describe what they are as best I can. I also want to share why, how and etc.

I have a sense of style where I manage to feel comfortable in what I wear day in day out without feeling so uncomfortable unconscious about myself not looking my best. I do have my days where I have battles with my insecurities, my figure and my weight of course. People say that “you’re not fat” or sometimes suggest “you need to lose a bit of weight. Especially for you’re mental health” getting told I need to lose a bit of weight doesn’t really help it’s like saying to me that I’m fat and ugly. It’s bad enough that I say that to myself on a bad day more than 20 times a day. Yes I’ve put on weight, yes I need to lose weight, yes I need help and etc but at the end of the day at least I can still pull off good styles with my curves. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear or change at least 50 times in space of hour and half (yeah I’m exaggeration a bit there but it feels like it) I even have days like it at the best of times but only once or twice.

However I’m pretty good at knowing what I’m going to wear because it’s same thing day in day out as I try different things and what not. Yeah I forget what’s in my wardrobe and draws at the best of times but at the end of the day it’s my sense of style that I like. It took me a long time to know what it was but then finally since I had started to earn money; looking after myself a bit more, caring what I feel comfortable with, knowing who I am and beating the bad days with a positive ones.

Today (15.5.18) I went into Primark I did have a basket just incase I did find anything that I would like to get because I soon realised that I need new leggings and some tops. I did have to budget but there were loads of nice things in there that I could of got if I had the money. 7 items were enough for me for the day but when I get more money going to splash out on new clothes just to treat myself but also I wear them all year round to be honest. Don’t have set clothing for each seasons who does that? I don’t know but I like to feel comfortable in what I wear and what I like. Yes I have a mind set of what I want to look like when I’m out and feel great about myself than coping other people.

The first two items are sleeveless high neck tops with a part zip at the back. One is like a neutral colour with a few flowers and butterflies placed around in the top. It’s airy and loose so when it’s a nice warm sunny day you’ll have a nice breeze. I would wear the top with leggings rolled up to the knee, a neutral, white or grey cami top underneath either sandals or canvas shoes. The top size that I brought it in is size 18 and cost me £8.00. The reason why I got it in a size 18 because sometimes if I got a size smaller or the next size up than I normally get sometimes I feel uneasy and uncomfortable so I always get a bigger size so I can make sure that I’m okay with it.

Next sleeveless high neck top is the same as the first one with a part zip at the back size 18 flows beautifully the colour of the top is a pastel green with faster colours for the flowers. Again I would wear them with leggings, neutral, white or grey cami top underneath and for footwear I would wear scandals or canvas shoes. The top cost me £8.00

Extreme High Waisted Black Shorts I know black shorts Lizzy. I know but most things go with black to tone it all down. I do have one Denim High Waisted Shorts already but they are size 16 and a bit difficult to get on at the moment and they are in the wash at the moment I think. The black high waisted shorts with ripped look style going on is; I thought whilst my other one is in the wash I can wear this one most of the time and not feel too uncomfortable or anything or feel sick afterwards. They are size 20 because I know my back side is quite big and so is my hips at the end of the day. I have this feeling I might need to get a belt for it not sure yet until I try. They can go with anything on the top to bring the contrast out and the colour. I’m not that brave to have my legs out completely so I’ll stick some leggings on underneath. The price for them was £10.00 I know that was expensive in my opinion but I needed a pair of shorts at the end of the day.

Leggings leggings leggings, I basically live in leggings to be honest I do go through them a lot. I got x 2 Viscose XL Leggings at £2.80 and x2 Capri Legging at £2.50 both size 20 the reason for this is because the ones I’ve currently got keep falling off at the moment it’s either I’m losing weight or getting fatter round the hips and bottom so I’m trying them out. I’m not too bothered if they are too big or not because I can be creative with them and they are very cheap anyway. They go with anything that I wear and sometimes they do go walk about in my house or they are in the wash or I put them somewhere stupid in my room. Plus I prefer leggings to jeans any day of the week. Unless I have to get jeans if it was a last resort but that won’t happen.

The full total of the 7 items came to £36.60 yeah it became expensive but I needed some of them at the end of the day. You probably thinking over the last two days she spent £70; however I do need to point out that for months I haven’t brought anything for myself for a very long time, also they are necessary things for me to get and I was running low on make up also needed to replace things that were starting to become holy.

This is my Primark Haul first one of 2018 let’s hope to have plenty more for the rest of the year. Ding ding ding.

Superdrug Haul: Start of my Superdrug Haul Part 1 (May 2018)

Boom! First part of my Superdrug Haul for May 2018; I’ve started to fill my make up box with make up as I’ve been running out, replacing my make up slowly but steadily however some of the bottles won’t fit but I think I have to work around it and along with the other new things that I need to get soon. So there is going to be Part 2 of Superdrug Haul when I get round to get the rest of the of the make up. However I will share my list that I have left to get and each time I make the next Superdrug Haul I’ll write up what ones I managed to get and see what’s left to get on my list. Now here’s what I’ve got so far before I start making my list for the next Haul list.

I had to try out a new foundation from E.L.F. As Barry M had stopped making my foundation in a cylinder like bottle; so I brought myself foundation natural (sunscreen flawless finish) I didn’t realise that it was the same one that I have been using the past week from my sister to which I’ve now given back. Going to replace it for her on the next round I think that’s if I remember to get it; I then got Face Primer Neutralising Green Tone Adjusting I do have to confess I have nicked some of my sister in a small pot and I don’t think she noticed if she did oops but it’s a good usage, then also brought Poreless Face Primer Clear (yes I did nick some of my sisters) it’s okay my sister won’t even read this but I’m slowly going to replace it. All three were expensive but worth using each one cost £7.50. Hang on let do the maths 3 X £7.50 = £22.50.

The next one is Collection I brought two off the new shade that they brought out which is called “Extra Fair” Lasting Perfection Concealer which cost £4.19 X 2 = £8.38. I use the Collection Concealer fair bit amount ooh just made a pun or a connection with the Concealer. Hehe.

Since I think they stopped making my other B. Micellar not quite sure didn’t really look properly to be honest but I thought try Nivea MicellAir Skin Breathe Make Up Remover which cost me £4.29. I didn’t get myself another Garnier Skin Active because they only had one left but it had a bit of a dent on it so I didn’t want to get until next time I’ll get it when they have more in.

The last think that I brought was Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer purple colour it’s the first time using it; because normally I use a purple primer from Collection, but I want to give this Barry M Flawless Brighting Primer ago. It’s cost me £5.99.

All in all it cost me £34.75 I had saved £9.24 for 10 items by the way I did have two drinks as well. They don’t count do they as beauty haul do they? That’s what I thought no. Thanks.

Now for my next shopping haul in Superdrug that I need is: (will put it in to sections because it’s easier for me and for you guys)

– Collection: Sheer Loose Powder, Pressed Powder

– Maybelline New York/London: The Nudes Eyeshadow

– Revolution London: Ultra Cream Contour Palette, Ultra Based Corrector Palette, Ultra Contour Kit Lighting Contour.

– Cotton Pads

I think there should be more than that but I can’t remember what they are. If there’s things that you want me to try let me know down below because I’m interested and up to trying new things. See you in my next Superdrug Haul.

#throwbackthursday: The wish list that never made it

Finally caught up what I needed out of my makeup box and now hair and makeup doubles of things box currently not an ideal box/basket thing by it will do for now. You’re probably thinking why does she need a new hair brush don’t she have another one? I have got another hair brush but I like two hair brushes one to keep in my bag and one in my normal daily life but I tend to lose one in my room but I broke one a few weeks ago let’s not get into it on how I broke it. I do double of things up and planning on getting some from the store and some from online so it’s easier for me to have the doubles come at different times.
So here is my wish list if I had money and all that jazz.

Superdrug Haul Wish List April 2018
Red Passion Live hair dye x2
Primer Barry M x2
Finished ivory foundation Barry M x2
Lasting perfection purple colour correction concealer Collection x2
Lasting perfection colour concealer Fair 2 Collection x2
Extreme bold 24 felt tip callgraphy liner Collection x2
The nudes maybelline New York eyeshadow x2
Revolution make up london ultra cream contour palette x2
Revolution make up london ultra base corrector x2
Collection pressed powder x2
Collection sheer loose powder x2
Revolution make up london contour kit 02 x2
New hair brush

Hauls 2018: Part 2 – Birthday Haul 2018

This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday. It was a bit of hated day more than ever because of personal reasons I’m not getting into because it’s not me to delve about my personal life on here; however I’m not talking about that I’m talking about what I have received on my birthday, to which I am grateful to receive from my family and birthday messages from friends.

True friends helped me get through the day as much as possible even know it should of been the best day spending it with family and etc. Few closet friends know how difficult it can be for me but I’m still not going to get into it. However what I’m going to talk about is what I have received for my birthday.

Bits and Bobs Haul

– Cinema Light Box

– Bracelet Handmade

– Stitching and etc craft book

– Box of heroes

– Lego that’s magnet

– The tiny book of tiny pleasures

– The luxury bathing company by Grace Cole (elderflower, crassis and lemon blossom)

The Body Shop Haul

– Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel 250ml

– Mango Shower Gel 250ml

– Strawberry Body Butter 50ml

– Shea Body Butter 50ml

– Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter 50ml

– Frosted Berries Body Butter 50ml

As you noticed in both Christmas and Birthday Hauls last week (Christmas December 2017) and this week (Birthday January 2018) that it’s been The Body Shop festa haul. That’s what all I got for my birthday.