The Only Exception 

Hello. Its me. I was wondering if it’s okay if we could meet. I thought you would like me to go over, what we had been through. At least I’ve tried to save our relationship. There wasn’t really any secret that the time running out. I must of called a thousand of times to tell you I’m sorry.
You were the only exception that you would make me happy; made my world go around, I gave you my world but all you wanted to everything from me. Why did you lie to me; your abusive words hurt, you couldn’t be trusted. You never could never change; if you had changed you would of been here with me; the only exception was that I wanted you to do was to be with me, knowing that you were going to be here looking out for me. 

I always take you back but you never changed. Right there was your biggest down fall; come on we both know we could of worked out but you never tried, do you have to make me feel like there was nothing left of me. The only exception you should of made was to realise that I did everything for you; you took everything that I had, you could break everything that I am, like I was made of glass, like I was made of paper. You can try bring me down but I’m closer to the clouds up here. 

I had always thought nothing would go wrong and I took a massive risk on you. I made an exception; I was the one that had to believe it but you took it away from me, I made an exception on you but the rumours has it that your head still in the cloud. All these words you whispered in my ears were all lies you weren’t going to do; I kept on taking you back but you keep on doing it, my heart was always on the frontline and my heart will always love you. Yet you couldn’t bring me out of the darkness that you put me in; as I risked it all of for you, I would run through fire for you like I wasn’t going get burnt. I would always love you like it was a good bye but you couldn’t save the relationship because you were too stubborn to listen to what I wanted or when I needed you.

If only you made the exception for me by listening to me; then it would of worked we could of done things together, than do everything to impress me and prove to me that you can be the man I wanted you to be. I didn’t even want all that I’m not that kind of person; I just wanted us to be together but you just didn’t listen to what I actually wanted, I can’t go back to the way it was because you destroyed it but you can’t do one thing that I want you to do. 

Nobody does it better than you. I can’t go back to the way it was. If I ever fell in love again I think I would have a heart attack if I had done that. Every time I cry I always cry for help. 

Its the sign of the times when it comes to the end of the show; stop your crying its the sign of times, you don’t know how I feel because of the bullet that you caused you haven’t even made the exception of what I wanted. You just had to make one exception or two. 

To know how to start creating a blog/website

I’m going to give this ago on how to guide you through how to create a blog/website. I your using this guide for any other website; this will help you create the basic layout but from there on, I don’t have much knowledge on the front of selling part. As I am currently focusing on one bit at the time. 

Good morning lovely people yep its that time again this morning; that we are here with a new week, new month and summer has finally arrived as the longest day has been and gone. This week I wanted to write about the whole how to create a website guide; I was talking to my friend yes it was Caspian but he was asking me is it possible to create a blog or a page for a charity, so it got me thinking about the way he wanted to know things and how it all worked because he has other people to do that sort of work for him. 

I will try my best to guide you all the best of my ability to talk you through it all; as I generally just mess about it with the whole idea of the website idea, to see where it all fits to be honest. People have game plans on how they want their website or blog to work; for me I tried that but it doesn’t work for me, as I am more of a visual learner and explore how things work. 

To start with you need to know what you want to call your blog (this is also goes along with the whole company process); a blog name is where you can create and build to make it more stand out than other competition, this will get you know and talked about. For example when I started my blog out for the first time; I wasn’t too sure what to call my blog at the time, I had at least three different types of blogs on the go. Yet lizzysweeklyblogs came out the strongest because I was more on the blog site; creating ideas for it, seeing where it would take me and it wasn’t until august 2016 I started to think hang on let’s see if I can make it into my own blog domin and etc. 

Once I had my blog name I went with; with the first basic thing that I tried, it did take me awhile to get going with limit that that I had to begin with. It was okay as I was going as I started to write more blogs; more readers were coming to look at my website, the more encouragement that I had to continue in writing the blogs. This took me about a year and two months to get to build up my readers; the creditably of knowing my work as a blogger, but most importantly a writer within oneself was given the opportunity to know that I am a better than I think I am. To be tell myself to stop being negative towards myself; to say that I am better than this I can do this, your not that sort of person that everyone thinks you are. 

In August 2016 I thought I’ll try out the whole run my own domin and etc; so I first went with VistaPrint to be honest it’s okay for normal businesses like shops, etc but I wouldn’t recommend the whole blogging side of things. It was okay doing the layouts and how I wanted it to be like but when it came to the actual blogging side of things; not so great as it wasn’t the way I wanted my blogs to look, as it was big pictures dominating the writing. To which point it wasn’t getting me anywhere; which was bringing me down a lot, as I felt like it was making me a failure as a writer. That was when I went back to my safety net of for a while; so that I could rebuild myself up again, knowing that I’ve got my back up plan to catch me when I needed it the most. 

Then by February 2017 I had decided to go and transfer the whole thing to another host; to which is so it made easier for me to still use my domin as I brought it from the previous website that I had started with my own personal domin, this was because I was so use using wordpress and I knew what I was working with and what I wanted my website like to be. Due to the fact that when I was using VistaPrint it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do; the whole blog post itself wasn’t what I had hoped for. I explained a lot about VistaPrint side of things back in the last paragraph; so I asked in a facebook group of bloggers which is the best blog host and etc to use to keep your blog name but also cheapest, someone had said to me that TOSHost correct me if I got that wrong.

So I went to have a look at it then I started to do the transfer of everything that; I had from applying to take ownership of my blog name, which took 7 days, once that was sorted I had hit another block road and I had to apply for again but this time with my brought domin name. It wasn’t too bad as I had the process was still 7 days but for me it was painful; but I did have my basic line of my old blog website to go on.

After all the hard work of money waiting, paying the fees and etc. I had finally managed to start my new blog website; whilst doing that I was still doing my blogs using my basic blogs, by the time I started to think do I transfer my old blogs or do I start fresh and I decided to start fresh new blogs. Yes the fear of building up my readers and etc is always going to be hard but at the end of the day; what are the risks of taking it serious or not, I kind of do the risk takers at least twice now. 

All I can say is that if you want something; people don’t believe in you in your past or around you, you either believe them or you choose to act on it and prove to yourself that you can do it. I did that I keep on proving myself and proving people that I can do things because of rubbing it into people’s faces that I can do things. I believe in myself and prove to people who that I can do it better what they think. You can do the same. 

Holidays that I would love to go on! 

It’s this time of year that everyone goes on one of those extotic places like nobody knows; brag it on social media on how much fun they are having, then still brag about how much fun they had when they came back. 

The joys of working on my blogs and creating pictures for them; you forget one vital bit and that was the allrightsresereved and copyrights blah blah blah, boring stuff then I realised as long as I’ve got my logo on it and that it’s got the little copyrights and etc on that I’m cool. Way to kick off the 1st July 2017 Lizzy good one; nice job of forgetting that stupid, thanks guys man I love you too. 

Before I go any further than this just want to wish my best friend Caspian’s mum a happy birthday; I hope you have a lovely time where ever you are, I’ll look after him as all ways. True and fantastic women to meet if you ever met her; I’ve only heard stories from Caspian, I can imagine what it would be like her to have a mother like that. 

Anyways me and Caspian were talking about holidays; well he was as he runs his own companies and do lots of charity work, he said to me one day “if you could let me take you to the countries you wanted to go to. Which ones would want you go to?” This is me who has never flown before; scared of heights, let alone people buying me stuff or spend something that I think it’s really expensive. He knows that I’ve never had that much money to go on these wildly exciting expensive holidays. 

I think I might actually take it him up on the idea to be honest; he’s like the worlds most over protective guy ever, even if he asks me to go with him on a business trip and let me roam around for a few hours. I still wouldn’t go; which meant that he would have to go alone, yet still messaging me and ringing me just incase I was alright. Did I need him to come home early or comeback and get me. What not. I knew he wouldn’t be listening or think on what he needed to do; until I tell him to stop messing me, until he had finished with his meetings and what not. Sometimes he ropes me into them to get another opinion on the subject matter; not the best solution Caspian, haha love you really but I do think his business colleagues overseas think I’m his girlfriend or something. 

The few places that I would love to go and visit are:

  • Isle of Scilly of the coast of Cornwall
  • Isle of Wight
  • New Zealand
  • Australia 
  • Caribbean 
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Commonwealth Countries
  • Amsterdam – Holland

These 9 countries are the only places that I would love to go; this would be awesome to go and see, I would love to go and to these places because it would be seeing the cultures of different places. I’ve been to Isle of Wight countless of times but I still always going to be my favourite places to go.  

I was almost what I had thought I had finished this blog; Caspian messaged me to ask me a few questions about blogging, many more things as he knew that I specialise in this area. After we finished talking about his charity and what not I asked him about the whole going away; where would I want to go and so on, I’m going to be brave and take him up on the opportunity to let him take me. So I told him where I wanted to go only the few places; he then replied when everything is sorted; also join him where he is, meaning to live with him. Then he would take me around the world in 30 days to see the places that I wanted to see; to be honest I wouldn’t of asked for a better friend than that, along side with we might end up together in long term. So watch this space people who knows what path will end up at the end of the day. 

In the memory of Princess Diana

Over the years that have gone by when we have lost one true amazing women that changed the world; by her warm loving heart, her glowing smile so sparkling that you can’t help but to smile and chuckle. When she passed away in the tragic accident in 1997 I was about 7 or 8 at the time; I always liked Princess Diana as she was the most successful lady; that I think I looked up too at the time, still do in lots of ways than one. As I heard what happened at the time; I would sit on my bunk bed at the time, I would pray to god to look after Prince Harry and Prince William as they were going through a difficult time. 

As the years gone by I would look out in the way something was telling me; to keep an eye out for them, I don’t know if this is true or not. I would hear good news about how they turned their lives around; even through the darkest times of events when they came face to face them, yet bounce back and say “no this is not what I want. I’m sure that this wasn’t what my mum wanted me to do” 

I’m glad and I think Diana is glad that Harry and William have stuck together like glue; keeping each other company, tell each other things and most importantly letting another wonderful lady like Diana into their lives. Not just a wife, sister in law, or a mother but strong happy women that I think Diana would of loved to meet and share things with Kate. Kate took on that role because she shares the same dream as Diana; everyone should be able to live like everyone else, carrying on the tradition of helping William and Harry out but also to show two sides of the world for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

Even though I don’t know Prince Harry and Prince William I feel like I should protect them; as like two brothers I’m not sure but like I said before I feel like I’m their guardian angel or something, I don’t know it’s makes me worry what’s actually going on in their heads at the time. It’s probably nothing it’s all in my head. 

I do reckon that Diana is proud of her boys; keeping up with what she has taught them from a young age, to have a normal life as much as they can. Show the goodness in their hearts and be true to themselves. By letting them choose their own paths as she never got a chance to finish it off; but getting to see her boys doing it for her, knowing that her legacy is in their hands. 

One year back in 2007 my aunt took a nice picture of me that she had thought I looked the way Princess Diana had looked; when she was having her pictures taken, especially when she did her charity work with children in Africa. Also it’s one of my favourite pictures of me and my dad’s favourite especially. This was when I was 16 years old; just as I left school completely, as my cousin was just about to start the same secondary school that I left at. I was brace enough to have my hair cut short, blonde and spike. I think that’s why I like this picture more than the others over the years; also I believe that people come back but through someone else, I’m not sure how that works but I do believe is true.

R.I.P Princess Diana and happy birthday. 

Ear Wax vs Deafness 

This has to be the worse feeling ever; when it comes to any part of your sleep pattern when your up so early on a Friday morning, your like jeez thanks man this is going to be a long day now. Believe me when it comes to my ears and nose problem that’s when it’s sucks the most. Which lead me to write this blog on which I was going to use as an everyday blog but now decided to use it for Wednesday Evening Post. 

The past 26 years I’ve always struggled with hearing impairment; as long as I can remember, I have times over the years when I have colds or hay fever badly I panick when I can’t hear properly and become very anxious about my ears. To which I have to book an appointment just incase that I haven’t burst an ear drum or there’s swelling to my ear drum; this can be damaging when you know you have a history of hearing lost, I have had a burst ear drum before the signs were painful ear when I put ear drops in and blood on my pillows. That’s a sign of you have a burst ear drum. 

You probably thinking how can you fix someone’s hearing if they were deaf? I can promise you that there’s lots of routes down the line that I could of taken if I wanted to; I can still do that if I wanted to, yet I’m determined to prove myself that I can do things like everybody else. I’m only going to use that one thing as a last resort; I’ve come along way without it, why should I claim disability allowance now. Also when I was little I was deaf; I was in and out of hospital; having grommets put in to help me clear the glue ears/deafness, to which help me to hear properly with the help of speech and language along side going to a unit through out school. The signs for someone who’s deaf in my experience is from high pitch noises that no one else can pick up for example certain freezers in supermarkets, along with not hearing helicopters especially when they are just about to fly over until they are right on top of you, people think that your ignoring them but your not you just can’t hear. Along with when your talking your mumbling to that your thinking your talking normally but actually your not. 

Earwax is similar situation to deafness but in my case it’s the same; as I start to mumble and not being able to hear anything, it is painful more when you have fluids building up behind the ear and the earwax building up on the other side. Building up the pressure hurts ten times worse; I generally use the ear drops that crackles to help with the earwax to loosen up, but that sometimes hurts when your unwell or your hay fever kicks in. Sadly my hay fever kicked in this year due to the heatwave; to which point that means going to hurt even more, on my ears mostly on my left ear but I’m not too sure why more on my left ear. Heyho. 

If you have any concerns on yourself or a child has similar situation I recommend see the doctors because they will run tests for everything for hearing; also my parents got me tested for autism because they thought I was autistic, but I’m not but they are giving me time to read the file that I’ve got on me. I haven’t really looked it but when I’m ready I’ll be able to read it; knowing what is what, and to learn the process of how far I’ve come. Good luck and I hope this is useful to you.

5 lessons learned from working a 9 to 5

Being a 16 year old kid who’s just left school or will turn 16 in the next few months as your a summer baby; you think yes I can just walk straight into a job or the dream job that you want, I’m sorry that isn’t going to work because you have to work the most boring jobs first or become an apprentice to work your way up. That’s how you would do it no matter how hard or easy it is; unless you don’t want to do the same job for the rest of your life, maybe you should do something about it. Let me guide you with my 9 to 5 jobs that I have done and some are the similar hours of a 9 to 5 job that I actually enjoyed doing.

Not all 9 to 5 jobs are bad depending on the company and the people you work with. However each company have their own work ethic that we all have to follow; people also work differently as we are our own individual, who works different but get the work done quickly and officially.

If you do not like the job that your doing; look for something else, or change careers. Something that you prefer to do than doing the job that you don’t want to do right now. You have got your whole life ahead of you work towards what you actually want to do; than stick behind a boring desk job or till job, that won’t give you the satisfaction or pleasure of making yourself happy. 

If you get stuck with anything then; there is no shame in asking for help, they are always there to help that’s what part of a team is working together and to give support with one another. 

To be able to helpful and to use your common sense if someone needs help on the tiles or something needs to be put out; then use your common sense and help the rest of the team, than sit right back and think they can do it all. 

If an experience staff is telling you something or explaining something to you; listen to them if your still not sure what you have to do or if you don’t think if you haven’t done something right, ask them to come and check or ask them again to be on the safe side of things. 

All of these points are very helpful and it’s the best start out in life of all jobs. You never stop learning when you leave school; you never stop training for things, all jobs are not always going to be your life long dreams. Changes are good and better because otherwise you will get stuck in a rut doing the same thing everyday with the same people. The longest job that I’ve been in is 4 years each day was a different day; but now that I’m doing something different, won’t be starting until September it’s something that I would love to do for a few years until I actually know what I want to do with my life. 

It can either take me to a different direction or I can stay in one direction; I like to keep my options open, so that if something comes up that I want to do then why not take it up and go for it. Like right now I’ve got the time to do my blogging and writing so I’m taking the opportunity to focus on this; until I start working again, along side it. As I want to be successful in a writing career; to which I can turn it into a business, to which I can live on as much as I can. The only way I can do that is to be able to work hard at it; continue to write, and explore more areas than one. 

All time favourite quote

All time favourite quote 

Let’s not have an introduction break up! Going to do it all in one today; that’s right I’m breaking up with my long term introduction this week, it’s a long old month and plus it’s the second to last week of a Wednesday. So why not do the all important no introduction what so ever; but also I can’t think of any introductions for the moment in time, might as well get on with it and go straight through the whole thing as all in one. 

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. We choose to act on. That’s who we really are” – Sirius Black. I 100% agree with this quote because no matter what background you come from; you always choose which route to go down, no one tells you to go down the route you take. Unless you have been influenced by someone but it is your choice to go down it no matter what it is. 

There is similar saying “I accept that there is no right or wrong. There are many ways to see the situation.” – Rozine. Everyone does it differently there is no right or wrong answer; or no right or wrong way of doing things, however people think they know best don’t actually know best. It’s how everyone’s brain works differently; it goes to show that if everyone was on the right page, we would get on swimmingly but we need the equal balance in life to do things.

Last week of April 4 main events 

Last week of April’s 4 main events and blogs this week.

Last week of April’s 4 main events and everyday blogs this week; don’t be foiled that they are finished completely, may I remind you that we have got a new month coming up soon. Maaayyybe May can be even better than the foolish April that it has been; it may bring us happiness and love, as the sun comes out and plays with us. 

So sit back and relax; let your hair down, enjoy the last week of the foolish month that we all love the most about this month. It has given us the greatest weather we could ever have; with the nice warm weather that we have been getting, here and there with the rain but monjority of it has been the nice warmth of the sun making us happy. 

Thank you April for being the most respectful host this month. See you in the following year.