Everyday Post: Candle in the wind

As every England’s red rose fell we say goodbye to one of our love ones. Yet may you ever grow founder in our hearts where you presented the grace that has nestled itself. Did you know where all of our lives that had been torn apart you called your home; whispering in the winds to all those that are in pain, to now that you belong in heaven watching down on us the stars come out and spell out your name.
It’s seems to me that your life that you have once lived is like a candle in the wind that shall never fade into the background of the sunset. Whenever the rain falls or sets in your footsteps will always fall here; where ever I am knowing that your right next to me along the english greenest hills, as I try and keep your candle burning before I get to the top without it burning out before your legend ever will.
Loveliness that we have once lost will never forget one great person you really are; these empty days without your smile will be hard but this torch that you send down to us will always carry, for our nations golden child who will fall your steps and even though we try to continue your legacy the truth is that it brings us to tears. The words that float in the winds of the english hills with the red roses flying in the winds; you have brought us through the years of your kindness, we really don’t want to say goodbye to our national treasure. A country that is lost without your true beauty or your beautiful soul; who will bring your wings back to life with your compassion more than you’ll ever know.
Your footsteps will never fade or fall here as long as England’s hills are still green and soft just how you like it; you’re candle will never burn out from the strong winds, and neither will your legend.

Thursday Online Diary Entries: Out of the blue – Story

A new year, a new beginning, a new chapter of my life started today well that’s what I thought it could be my last. Yet my eyes were wide shut because I had thought that I was going to give up; just like the rest of the time that I’d be walking the world alone, yet out of the blue there in the middle of my path you had shown me a life that I couldn’t see without you next me and there’s no way I can fight these emotions anymore your energy running through me like nobody else can renew me it had to be you.
Out of the blue can this be true? Family and friends were my life until I had butterflies in my tummy; I wasn’t known to have them but you gave me love that i can’t disguise, there will be times when we are apart and it will kill me everytime it happens because I know that I want you to be in my life and my heart along side the beautiful garden.
Yet no emotions can be shown during the time my whole body felt like ice as if I took on ice challenge far away from home. Needed to feel that sound that shone my way along the beach like my world that I once knew had turned to dust but I had my faith and trust. I thought I’ll be walking the world alone without anyone by my side but yet out of the blue that’s where I met you; I can’t believe that this happened so soon, there’s just no way that you chose me out of million of girls you just want to be with me and now that I can’t fight these emotions because your energy your lips and your touch running through me.
You showed me a life that I can’t see without you but I know that there will be times when we are apart but knowing that you’re  in my heart growing into a beautiful garden has come true.

Wednesday Evening Post: “How do you do that!” Cried a voice

Fun fact that I’ve just created at least three in one night before today’s blogs post probably saying that by now I would of fallen a sleep writing this if I’ve finish this by the end I’ll write I haven’t fallen asleep on this one for tonight’s post. The fact is that I am on a role right now for blogging so no time to sleep even though I’ve got work and etc but right now I don’t care.
“So how do I do that when I write emotional stories and publish it afterwards?” “Like Lizzysweeklyblogs have you seen her blog posts recently?” To be honest I struggle at the best of times if you ask me oh wait you did. Ha. Well to be honest music and just typing in first liners generators so that I can get some idea of what I can feed off the lines of them. Meaning to get a story out of the lines as I mostly get a good story out them; yet with some of the songs you can just bulk out the lines in a story cut some of the lines out that you don’t want, put in what you want use your emotions and feelings inside you onto the paper or screen.
The arts of writing is that everyone has a story to tell; everyone has a voice, everyone has a life, everyone has experiences and it depends on how they want to show it to the world. I for one can’t keep a diary I’ve tried but never works out for me in the slightest but I transfer it all into a story to where I get the characters tell the story of how they feel, what’s happening and etc. I genuinely feel better about it because it just gets my anger, helplessness, and most importantly helps clears my mind also.
So you could say story writing for me is like my journal or diary of how I am feeling on the day. Yet I’m sharing it with the characters who aren’t real and I don’t have to talk about it to anyone else who is real. It’s all there in the story. You just have to be patient with the whole system to be honest and most importantly find your own style of writing at the end of the day.
It took me all day to write Tuesday’s online blog (20.2.18) until I had the realisation of how anger and hurt I was feeling. Then this song that I haven’t heard in a very long time came into my head then it was like the past week I was like yeah I don’t know what to do since you’ve been gone never felt so alone. I had work it out how I was going to write it with that sort of line of words because I still loved them no matter what was going on in my head.
Story writing for me is a work of art once you’ve got something to write about write about it because at the end of the day the characters are the one telling the story and so are you but via them. That’s how I see it you. It’s like directors working with actors on a film set; for me it’s me working with characters so they can understand me and I can understand them, it’s quite cleaver how it all works once you know what your doing. Sometime I don’t even know what I’m doing most of the time.
Yep that’s me done for a Wednesday Evening Post this week and I haven’t stopped half way through last night. So that’s a bonus which I normally do because I get distracted quite easily; no I’m not what you think it is can’t remember the letter for it, I think it’s ADHD or something close to that, it’s just me with a few other things. Good night peeps.


Everyday Post: I hate you, don’t leave me – Story

You don’t know the fear that I have when you’re not around but yet I hate you, don’t leave me because I feel like I can’t breathe and yet I just want you to hold me then I don’t want you to touch me. All I ever wanted from you from you to love me and I need to trust you like I use to trust you. Please stay with me and set me free from all of the pain that I am in.
Yet I can’t back down I’m not denying that I’m going to leave because I’m always finding myself staying put as I can’t decided as I’m now confused and scared; I am terrified that you will leave me as I admit that I’m in and out of my head, so don’t listen to a word that I say please hear me out with my worries before I run away thinking you won’t love me again. I just can’t take this pain anymore but I hate you don’t leave me; as you wrap your arms around me before I start to run a different direction like I normally do, yet I love you when you kiss me on my forehead at the same time you cuddle me during the bad times for that reason you complete me.
The fact that I can’t back down or deny that I’ve got my silly upset head on; you stay put during the confusion and sacredness yet you don’t listen to a single word I say, I could say that I’m addictive to the madness but I could hear you whisper in my ear that your addicted to my madness and my sadness. We find ourselves here far too many times before; yet I feel abandoned scared now all because I’m terrified of another falling out, I just so fragile that just washed up on the shore and they forget that I’m not here or they don’t see me and there’s you who sees me for who I am and that’s all that matters.
You always take my pain away even when I tell you I hate you don’t leave me. I hate you please love me like I love you more than anything in the world.

Online Diary Entries: Breakaway

What you fear most of all is – fear. Very wise” – Lupin – The Prisoner of Azkaban

I grew up in a big town where it would rain most of the time flooding when the rivers couldn’t cope anymore so it would burst it’s banks as I just stare out of my window. Wondering and dreaming if I could end up being happy with myself so I would pray loudly trying to reach out but when I try to speak out; it shows that no one can hear me or want me to be around making not wanting be here, something felt so wrong here and yet I prayed loudly once more where I could break away.
Out come my wings as I spread them out and I’ll start to learn how to fly; I would do anything to get me out of here so I can touch the sky, I’ll make a wish with a dandelion by taking a chance, make a change and breakaway. Out of the darkness and into the sun I will not forget all the love ones that I love and who love me because I will take a risk take a chance, make a chant and breakaway from my old life.
I just want to live the life where I can just feel the nice warm breeze, sleeping underneath a palm tree, feeling and listening the rush of the ocean, get on board a first class fast train to somewhere or just travel on a jet plane to somewhere far away and take a break away from my busy home town. Yet buildings being built with hundred floors swing around the revolving lifestyles of the communities growing around us.
Yet I don’t know where they are taking me but I’ve got to keep moving on fly away to break away from it all even with bad memories from my own life and the countries darkest moments are coming around. Yet we are moving on showing that we aren’t living in the shadows but yet we won’t forget those who were killed those dreadful days. We are just breaking away from all of that because we learn to move on with everyone by supporting them each day.

The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are” – Sirius Black – The Order Of the Phoenix

Wednesday Online Diary Entries: Behind the Hazel eyes – Story

“Do not pity the dead, Harry, pity the living, and above all those who live without love” – Dumbledore From The Deathly Hallows in a memory of a relative who passed away.
Just seemed like just yesterday you were a part of me where I use to be able to stand so tall; I use to be so strong with your arms around me tight like everything felt so right, even when I have had my bad days with everything would just fall apart. Even with the happiness having you around it was like the unbreakable can happen; now I can’t breathe, not even being able to sleep I’m barely hanging on the ropes. Yet here I am once again I’m torn into pieces because I’m standing at your side. You were always the one there when I needed you. Now I’m broken up deep inside; now you won’t get to see the tears that I cry for the final time, even behind these hazel eyes.
I told you everything when I opened up and let you in because loving you made me feel alright for once in my life; now all that’s what left of me is all the happy memories that we made, all of the birthday cards and christmas cards that you made over the years. This is what I’m going to have to do is pretend to be okay when I’m so broken up deep inside because I can’t breathe to which I can’t sleep I’m just barely hanging on.
Swallow me then spit me out. For hating you for leaving me on my own I blame myself seeing you like this it kills me now; no I don’t cry on the outside anymore because here I am once again I’m torn into pieces I can’t deny it can’t pretend it you were the one that I adopted and adored the most, I’m so broken up deep inside you can’t see the last tears that I cry anymore.
“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light” – Dumbledore – The Prisoner Of Azkaban (from screenplay by Steven Kloves)

Tuesday Online Diary Entries: Since you’ve been gone – Story

Here’s a thing we had started of as friends but it was cool as it was all pretend yet since you’ve been gone; I started to fall apart like I lost someone in my life that I was going to be with, you dedicated and took the time but it wasn’t long when you called me yours. Yet since you’ve been gone all I could hear is you and her when I’ve been picturing us together for years; told you how I felt about you along with the longest crush, yet all you hear is my insecurities because it’s not the first time that I can’t breathe without you.
But since you’ve been gone I still can’t breathe without you it’s not the first time; I can’t move on but thanks to you I’ve been able to take a few steps forwards and few steps back, yet since you’ve been gone I can’t get what I want and how can I put it? You put me on a high pedestal even when I fell in love with you and our stupid love so song. How come I never hear you say “I just want to be with you” I forgotten those words you use to say to me everyday. I guess you never really felt that way.
I know I had my chances and you had your chances but we blew it. Now we are fighting for our lives to be together out of sight out of mind. Shut your mouth I just can’t take it anymore because again and again we argue because we just want to be together. I just so tired of screaming inside myself because I can’t take it anymore. Since you’ve been gone I’ve just felt so alone I don’t know what to do anymore.

Monday Online Diary Entries: Tell me it’s not true – Story

On the Livingstone Village, flies were sometimes the first indication that someone had died yet as the old house, with its wildly overgrown garden was silent, secretive that the whole family had been cursed since there was a strange wailing sound coming from the next room. “Tell me it’s not true. Say it’s just a story” cried a woman’s voice who echoed within the empty shell of the house.
Standing by the empty overgrown house was an observer who was from a native american tribe; to which new everyone’s story one way or another in the village by living on the outskirts in the woods, people would nod or great them or sometimes would avoid them if there was a notice on the board by them with a warning. The news however broke out when they all heard what happened to two of the Borthwright couple who had once lived there.
So did y’ hear the story of the Borthwright couple as like each other as two new pins of which two different wombs born on the exact same day; yet how did one know would meet a Kennedy member would die, one knew what she was letting herself in for. Have you never hear how they both died never knowing that their eldest son also died; yet their three triplets were going to save the world, until the day that they died and when a mother cried my own dear family lie slain.
An did y’ never hear of the mother that was so cruel who brought the monster into the world; there’s a stone placed in her heart then trying to bring herself on to confess that she played this part, now come judge for yourselves how two mothers played this part. As one holds a newspaper with the two latest victims pictures on the front of the newspaper and one cried in the living room floor back at the house as we stood inside.
As both of their voices echoed in the winds and the walls the exact same words. The exact same day. Tell me it’s not true just say it’s just a story in a book or something on the news. Yet tell me it’s not true though it’s here before me; say it’s just a freaky dream, say it’s just a scene from an old movie that I use to watch many years ago.
Say it’s some clowns in a circus two players in the limelight to bring the curtain down. Say it’s just two who couldn’t even get their lines right; even if it’s just a show on the radio, so could turn over and start again and laugh again. Just tell me it’s not true say it’s only a dream that I dreamt all those years ago and the morning will come soon.
You didn’t mean it. Say you were pretending and it wasn’t the end of their lives. Just kill me instead save the innocent people; like in the old movies from years ago; say it’s just a dream and the morning will come soon, tell me as I am your mother that it’s not true. Just tell me as a parent that you didn’t mean it; so I can forgive you from the bottom of my heart, just tell me it was the pretend and it will all come to the end. I’ll take your pain away.
The most vivid memories of this village is how swiftly those who’ve made a pact can over look the fact that we can just get over the horrible deaths but then wish the reckoning could of been delayed. Yet a debt is a debt and must be paid. Yet do we blame the superstition for crime came to pass or could it be what we have come to know as the class of two innocent couple. Did you ever wonder hear how the triplets come orphans just at the age of three? Like each other has three new pins. Where both parents were born exact same day, one son born on another day and all three died on the self exact same day.
On the anniversary of every year there’s always a full moon shining and a joker is in the pack; the dealers dealt the cards but won’t take them back yet there’s a black stalking around in the next village, and a woman who’s so afraid that there’s no point of getting off without a price being paid. Maybe if you had your fingers crossed it would all be just a game and then no one wouldn’t have lost. Yet there was always a woman standing in the door way of the Borthwright’s house her dress was faded and her shows worn out like she was still alive but people knew who it was. Every time the anniversary came up.

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Is the stories going to be a new thing now?

You may have noticed that I may of been writing or shall I say typing up and posting stories recently. It’s all because when I’m stuck for ideas what to write about these days I tend to try and go back to my original plan by being creative and just write to be honest with you. Stories at the end of the day is my dream job in life so I tend struggle in writing with stories when I haven’t got the ideas of a plot; yet that’s when the challenges, topics, hauls and etc come in to give me a hand so when the idea of a story comes in I can write them and post them. So it will be having lots of contrast for you guys to read and also be more entertained.

Is the stories going to be the new thing now? Well like I said I’ve always wanted to write stories but I’ve never really had the confidence to share my work out there until I decide to join WordPress and it gave me the confidence to be able to find my away around the whole publishing my work. Even if I have thoughts if I think my work is rubbish but then when I look at my reviews and etc that’s when I soon realise that my blog work is actually worth pursuing.

Yeah I’ll do Topics as normal when I can for the rest of the time for main ones as of when; I even struggled to write for Friday Time Recap Time last week (16.2.18), but I got through it no matter what. Here’s to our new adventures everyone.

Sunday Special: Save Me From Myself Story

Sitting in a church all alone just to get peace within me; I know it’s not so easy loving me because it gets complicated all the things that you got to do, everything that I do changes but you know the truth and I’m amazed by all of you’re patience with everything that I put you through. When I’m about to fall somehow you’re always waiting with your arms open to catch me; you were ready to save me from myself, myself yes you were there ready to save me from myself.

My love has been tainted by your touch because some guys who say that they would be there just show me aces; yet you have that royal flush I know it’s crazy everyday but tomorrow maybe shake you will never turn away. Don’t even ask why I’m crying because that’s when I start to crumble; you know how to keep me smiling as you know how to save me from myself, from myself yes myself you’re the one going to save me from myself.

I know it’s hard. It’s hard even when you’ve broken all my walls I’m stand there vulnerable; yet you’ve been my strength where you have been so strong to get me through all of this, don’t ask me why I love you because it’s obvious that your tenderness is what I need to make myself a better woman to my self and you are going to save me from myself. My self…