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Friday Online Diary Story: “Just shut your mouth” the thoughts are there.

Right now I’m in a state of mind where I want to be like all the time; finally happy with my life because I haven’t got tears that can be left behind to cry about, I’m picking it up where I left off loving life and living to the full as I can turn it up so loud that you won’t realise what has hit you. 

You’ll find out that in this empty land just you and me; to which you notice that I have no tears left inside me, it looks like I ran out of tears and the pain has stopped from hurting. Guess what? I like it, I like it and doesn’t matter how, what, when or who tries to take me down now I know that it’s just you and me out here no where to run or hide or lie or spread rumours about me. 

Soon it will come out in the end. Even when it’s raining down you can’t stop the actual rumours from coming out; you’ll soon know when it will happen, so the best bit is to shut your mouth and if you don’t. You will know it then now you know what it feels like to have everyone hating on you. 

You just want to come with me like we are on another mentality planet; we aren’t the same because I have no tears left to cry, I’m just picking up my own pieces as I have the person who I want to be with and I’m loving it, I’m living it and I’m finally picking up my life once again. 

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