This is me

Everyday Story Based – Mental Health Issues Story

You think I’m a stranger to the dark but guess what I’m not a stranger to the dark. I great it like an old friend when they say “hide away because we don’t want your broken parts” I’ve learned to be ashamed of my scars even though it’s not my fault; I just want to run away, you could hear their voices in my head saying “no one will love you as you are” I won’t let them break me down to dust the things that they say because I know that there is a place for you and me. I know that we are glorious.

The sharpest words want to cut me down but I’m going to send a flood of rain to drown them out. I am a lot braver than you think no matter how bruised I am; I know who I am meant to be because this is me, so you better look out here I come and I’m marching on through life life to the sound of the beat of the drum. I’m not scared to be seen or what I have to look like or dressed. I make no apologies this is me. 

Another round of bullets hits my skin so fire away because today I won’t let the same shame sink; we are going to burst through the barricades and reaching the sun. I am so are you warriors. Another round of bullets that hits my skin leaving more marks where it use to leave mark; as they continue to fire away because today I won’t let the shame sink in, I will be bursting through the barricades and reaching for the sun I know that I’m a warrior. That’s what I’ve become I know that I won’t let them break me down to dust. I know that there’s a place for me in this world as I know that I’m glorious.

This is me and I know that I deserve your love and there’s nothing I’m not worthy of when there are sharpest words that want to cut me down. I’m going to send a flood that will make them drown them out. This is brave this is bruised because this is who I’m meant to be this is me. Look out because here I come I’m marching on to the beat I drum because I’m not scared to be seen; I make no apologies for who I am and this is me. 

Everyday Daily Stories – Mental Health Issues – “People should be locked up and play about with meds”

“Sadly, not much help out there for the mentally ill. Lock them up for a month  and ply them with tablets ☹” – Facebook comment on my local radio/newspaper article about someone who was in a venerable place. 

I was pretty reading the article I did feel sorry the person quite a lot. As I understand a lot more through my own problems but what upsets me is that people comment or say things that they don’t actually understand themselves but saying “I should be able to walk here” or “if they are going to jump…jump already” which to my opinion is quite selfish of them to say that because they are just thinking about themselves and not helping others. 

I was reading some of the comments through this one case that got me really upset and cross. I’m not naming the person or calling them out because I’m not that sort of a person. The comment that I put up in my opening statement to me personally makes me think that they are one of those posh sobs in my hometown its my opinion as I don’t know the person but the comment led me to think they are. 

Yes there’s not much help out there for mentally ill people but why is it all coming out now making people know it’s there. Making the change and making the difference. To say people should be locked up for a month and ply them with tablets. 

That’s not right at all. Firstly people years ago in our history were locked up for that reason because they didn’t know how to deal with it along with learning disabilities and etc. Second of all being locked up and been given tablets won’t solve anything because the problems are still there. Locked up is just for another way of keeping them safe but tablets don’t actually make the pain and thoughts go away. It just numbs it to reduce the much of the thoughts. 

I should know as I’m on medication I have my highs and lows trust me it’s not a pretty sight when I have my lows. Yet I always find away out of it in the end. All I ask be considerate about other people wellbeing who are struggling even if we don’t know what is wrong. Saying lock them up and give them tablets would fix the problem; that really doesn’t solve the problem in the first place, yes people need help but at the end of the day if people make comments like that the one I just shared. 

Is that helping the person or other people who may need the help in the first place? To me it seems that comment really not helpful what so ever because it makes me angry that people think like that. Second of all police have to deal with this sort of thing day to day and they are protecting us as civilians if they do jump and don’t want us to get some sort of trauma from it. Third of all the police are helping the person by talking them out of it and get the right help through the right channel of experience that they don’t have. Fourth point the police, fire services, ambulance services and etc see a lot of traumatic things when they are on the front line; they get effected by it all too, but they don’t get support from what’s just happened or anything. All they do is get the cuts from the system because the home sectary and money bags budget person think it’s better to cut it from there than their own pay packet. 

So the next time you hear about someone becoming unsafe or see someone thinking about committing suicide; talk to them, talk them out of it be that person who saved their lives and most importantly be the good Samaritan help them to seek help. They know someone is listening to them and someone is there to lend a hand. Just don’t ignore them because you don’t want to know or you’re on a mission to be somewhere. 

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