Daily Routines – Daily Beauty – Kittens vs Hair Dryer

Today of all days (28.8.18) I had to have a shower and needed to wash my hair otherwise I would left it greasy and looking rough. I then thought no I need to get it done because I hate looking rough and everything. So I did my normal routine as per normal; well try to anyway because I was drying my hair and the kittens were like what is it that loud sound, so I did my normal turn it on and off again for them to get use to it. 

However they didn’t like it very much even though they have heard my hair dryer and two other peoples hair dryers in the house hold. They still haven’t got use to it; in the end I turned it off because I didn’t want to get them become distressed or anything, and I left my hair to dry itself. 

I carried on doing what I do in my normal routine; put my hair extensions in whilst my hair was still wet part dried, and my make up on as per normal whilst my hair was still drying. Completely forgot that my hair go completely fizzy and curly as bad as it can go. But luckily my hair extensions were in because it would of been a lot worse that it is right now. 

I don’t mind it going fizzy and curly but would be nice to be able dry monjority of it. When it’s just you and the kittens no one else was in incase they went nuts. They haven’t done it for awhile for something that they didn’t know what’s going on. Yet sometimes they are alright but it’s funny that one of them doesn’t like my hair brush because they don’t know what it is. What’s even more funny is that sometimes they want to get into my make up when the box is open because they are so intrigued by what’s inside then again they know to sit away near me and not go near it. 

Daily Routines – Sisters forever – Kittens changed my life

Since having the kittens for nearly over a month now; I’ve been at peace with myself, always cheering me up because they are so cute and cheeky together. They are so lively and hyperactive when they are playing together; along with when they have finished playing and chasing after each other they fall asleep next to each other. 

Both bubbas know when one another is upset, scared, in trouble and etc because they protect each other and comfort each other. They even know when someone else is sad, upset, tired and scared they either sit near by or sit and lay next to you like they are protecting you and your protecting them. 

Either one or the other or both follow me around or come into my room just because they love having me in their presences. Along with having lots of cuddles and kisses when they can as well as having the confidence and comfort to come to me for them when it’s needed. 

I call them bubbas because they are my babies when my sister isn’t around as they are hers but they are always be my babies no matter what. I’m quite protective over them; I don’t know what I would do without them to be quite honest with you, at the the end of the day I know they are my sisters kittens and they go where ever she goes. 

Both of them remind me of me and my sister in so many ways from being protective and teaching one another things to having some sort of bounding together. Even once my sister fell asleep in my room when she was little which was funny. The fun thing is that seeing the kittens like being together always reminds me when me and my sister were together. 

Daily Routine – Daily Beauty: E.L.F Primer goes wrong

Going inside with my Superdrug Haul August 2018 post the other day (20.8.18) I wanted to share the E.L.F Primer gone wrong because it literally did go wrong for me; well not for me but for the company that makes it, I literally picked up my usual E.L.F Primer from the company that Superdrug sells it. I didn’t think much of it especially having it’s product inside the bottle. So I did my usual thing by putting things in my basket as one do whilst finishing of doing my shopping in there. You may think why do you need four things to put in a basket. To be quite frankly my hands can’t hold so many things especially if they are different shaped packages. That is the reason why.

By the time I got home I normally would wait until a bit later to put things away but due to the fact of the kittens I had to put everything away so it would be out of their little paws reaching them or their little mouth eating it. I was still not aware that there wasn’t anything in it at the time; 24 hours later past since purchasing the item I had started doing my normal make up routine, I had reached to my primer from E.L.F and I started to press the button of the bottle. 

I heard the whole thing trying to bring something up but there wasn’t anything coming out it was just air coming out; I opened up the bottle lid up to see what was wrong with it and there was literally nothing in it, no product or anything. I picked up the other E.L.F product to see what the weight of it was between the two; continued to figure it out why, and how this could be possible work. Have people been taken out of the packet and using it over time? I looked at the bottom of it and it’s still down. I only know this because of the other one was down it would of gone up if I was being used. 

I soon realised that the manufacturers sent a empty one because of the machine product either broke down or didn’t sense that there wasn’t one there. I told my mum what was wrong and she was like that is very weird and we both weren’t expecting to go back into town that day to exchange it for a new one.

So we went into the store; I went up to a sales assistant to explained that there was nothing inside it when I went to go and use it, I didn’t have the packaging due the fact that my sister has kittens and I had to throw them away quickly before they got to them. 

They literally asked the team leaders and etc. They came to find me and my mum to say that they can do part exchange it for a new one; also let me have a look if there was product in the pot to which there was and I exchanged the one that I previously purchased and to the full product that had it. 

All in all when it’s not you’re fault but the actual manufacturers of these sorts of things; you realise that you have better leg stand on, plus sale assistants who know their make up brands and also other assistants know that it’s been used or not they will know. So don’t use the trick of “I haven’t used it but can do exchange” when clearly you have used it no matter how much you try and clean it. 

Daily Stories – Daily Beauty – Maintaining my make up in this heat

The worst bit when you’re wearing make up in the “Uk heat” is that you need guttering for your sweat or for your make up; due to the fact that it’s like a river flowing straight off my face like nobody knows by lunch time, it’s like what’s the point in putting any on when it comes straight off your face. 

I’ve literally tried everything well not everything but you know what I mean; using some of the stuff that you already got to try out things to make it better, for me I’ve tried to do foundation, concealer, loose powder and compressed powder which is my normal routine. I have tried doing it with foundation, loose powder, compressed powder, concealer, loose powder and compressed powder.

To which it actually works because it has so many layers on it to the point of I have to sweat more if I needed to. I forget when I do my make up and stick to my normal routine because I don’t do the whole system because I look outside and think yeah it be fine. Then by lunch time I just forget about how hot it can get then all of the sudden bam sweat start pouring and I’m like you plank. 

You forgotten haven’t you like you’ve been slapped around with a wet fish on your face. Anyone else have the same problem with that they sweat so much that their make up comes off their face? Could you guys let me know how you deal with it and what products you use to stop your face leaking from sweat and ruining your make up? Please let me know because I don’t know how long we are going to have this awesome wether for.