Daily Challenge – Summer Challenges – Day 8 – Breathe Easy

There’s nothing cruel to the eye unless the dark shadow lingers in the corner; I know that it’s weak when it sees you look at me that makes me smile, as it watches you holding me and it gets jealous that you are in his space taking control pulling me out of his clutches. 

I didn’t have to lie to you when I’m in trouble with my mind because I knew I could walk away with you holding my hand. Yet without you I can’t sleep at night until you’re by my side. No matter how much I try to fight it I still can’t breathe easy and I can’t dream yet another dream without you lying next to me.

The worst thing is that the curse that’s inside me will never leave me because I know that one day every word that I told myself caused me to cry. Is because of that dark shadow figure that’s continuing to cure me inside. I won’t forget your love or your fight for me. I don’t know why you haven’t left me maybe you’re the one I was looking for.

No matter if your not laying next to me I still can’t breathe easy or dream another dream because there’s no air tonight. I’m going out of my mind because there’s nothing makes sense anymore. Can you come back and stay for the night as I need you back into my life that’s all I’m breathing for. 

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Summer Challenge: (21.6.18) Thursday – Day 1 – Longest Day Ever

The fact that I thought yesterday (20.6.18) was rather along day to be honest especially when you have had one of those days that you wish you just stayed in bed for that reason. Yet today being the 21st June 2018 a long day which means longer light in the evenings. I’m like great that’s all what I need right now haha. Okay I’m stuck what to write for my first challenge I might as well write a story. 

The Seven Nation’s are closing in

I’m going to fight them all off because the seven nations of the army can’t hold me no more. Their grip is coming off as I talk to myself at night telling myself I’m going to fight this as I’m better than this; who needs to hide behind a cigarette I can’t forget what you did behind my back that time you lied about me, I’m going back and forth in my mind. 

The messages that coming from my eyes telling me to leave it all alone because you know the truth so I don’t want to hear about it. Everybody has got one story to tell about me everyone can think what they like but everyone knows that from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell. They will know where I’m going because on my way back I’ll catch and try to serve it to you.

I know that’s not what you want to hear but guess what I’ll do because the feeling in my bones are coming. I’ll find a home and that’s what I’m going to do because as far from this soap opera grows for evermore. I’ll work the straws out because the sweat that drips out of every pore you may think I’ll come after you acts like I’m bleeding of all of the words that you say about me. 

As I’m bleeding right before lord even if I can’t sing no more and the stains on the carpet as my blood trickle down. Tell me to go home when you want to spread lies, make me leave and many more. I’m still standing here and I’m not moving any further away from this. I just do my job and that’s it. I’m not letting the seven nations coming in and close to control me.

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Daily Challenges: – Summer Challenges – (20.6.18) Wednesday – Introduction

Word up guys! How are we all doing? As you guessed I’m bringing back challenges as you guys seem to be requesting them; well reading my old ones giving me a hint that you want to see some more of them, as it’s been awhile for me in doing them and I was going to start this in July but it’s okay you guys want something now. I’ll do it now because I can see you guys trying to help me get through the darkest time at the moment and decided to bring the daily challenge back.

I’m currently not sure how many days I’m going to do yet but we will see won’t we because we all love as much as we can. Do let me know if there is a challenge with a challenge itself that you want me to tell you about and I’ll do it for you. If not I’ll come up with something challenges or something but as this is a challenge for me to write an x amount of days for the summer.

Okay I think I might do 31 Days Challenge starting from tomorrow (21.6.18) as it starts with a one and goes inside with 21 at the end of the day. I just like playing with numbers that learn maths because I don’t understand maths anyways. I think you guys have set me a challenge to do this challenge in the first place but without telling me but reading the previous ones. What do you think?

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Easter Day: The rise of the eggs

Luke 24:34 saying, ‘The lord has risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!’
So with a bit of research of what it meant about the whole lord has risen and all that jazz. Being me I like to pick loop holes in it because I’m one of those people who like to question things and especially when I’ve grown up in a Christian family don’t worry I’m not going to board you with tears about the whole Christian faith thing it’s not my style.
The fact that I chose the rise of the eggs it’s because it’s a new month so what’s more fitting than the rise of a new month; “Lord has risen and also with you!”, and etc etc. I’m just glad that it’s a new month so I can focus on myself a bit more and be able to enjoy life a bit more; I’m just glad that March 18 has been and gone, starting again to be positive towards myself a bit more.
Maybe I should forgive those who have done me wrong but I don’t know yet as I’m writing this the day before as all ways. As I’m away for the day with the family that’s what she says if the anxiety stays settled and be good to me. You like my Easter picture that I coloured in on the app of colorfry app; I actually enjoying doing them as it’s giving me the time to clear my head, but also to distract my mind from things when I don’t need to think otherwise it sets me off and no one really needs to be on the brunt of it all.
There’s always a quote from Batman Begins “why do we fall sir? So we can pick ourselves up” it’s always been my favourite and it may occur to you that Batman is my thing but it really is because I like Gary Oldman and Michael Cane in it as he’s one of my favourite actors in it. I tend to go back to it every so often when I need to; it’s like my Bible I have to use it when I need to, because it’s one of things that I swear by when I’m down and alone.
What quote do follow by and live by? Let me know by commenting below.

Good Friday: Miracles if you believe in it or not

“From that time on, Jesus began to explain to his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and in the third day be raised to life.” – Holy Bible (not sure what chapter or verse)

To some of you who may have just joined don’t panic this isn’t a Christian religion blog site I do major seasons events in the U.K that I pick and choose. I do challenges leading up to the events but this time I didn’t for this one; plus now and then I touch roots with my past, especially when it comes to something like this but I don’t believe in it or anything however I question about it.
Sometimes you come across people who believe in miracles and some people don’t to be honest for me I don’t the only reason is because I find that the amount of times I’ve tried to be positive, get things done and get positive outcome from it. It only lasts for a few moments because it would be down to my own stupidity, trust people or they want to put me down.
Trust has to work both ways but miracles for me it has to be something I feel you either got the confidence and continue to go forward to do things even if it’s not going to work or it will. Unless you’re someone like me who just takes risks in things and things either happen or they don’t but I like to achieve things in small amounts of doses.
Question for you all. If Jesus did die for us on the cross and in three days he rose again. Why is he letting us suffer all this hate and etc over the years along with terror of when the next attack going to be?

Day 14 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Your My Best Friend

Your making me live whatever the world can give to me; you will always be there when I need you because you’re the only one that I can, baby your making me live now honey and you’re my best friend my soul mate that I have ever had. I’ve been with you now for such a long time; you’re my sunshine whatever the day is, whatever time of day it is and I want you to know that my feelings are true I really love you. You’re my best friend.

I’ve been wandering around feeling lost and confused on some days but I still come back to you in the rain or shine; you’ve stood by me honey I’m happy at home knowing that I’m safe with you, because you’re my best friend. You make me live through the bad times whenever the world is cruel to me; I got you to help me forgive myself more than I need honey, your making me live.

You’re the first one that I turned to when things turn out bad; you know I’ll never be lonely, as you’re my only one that really loves me and love the things that I do. I really love the things that you do now honey. You’re my best friend. I’ll say it one more time you make me live now honey you’re my best friend.

Day 13 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Really Don’t Care

You want play me, you want stay with me, you want to have it all but start messing with my head until I hit a wall. I should of know that you would walk out the door; since we said we were done then you met someone else, and you rubbed it in my face. Let’s cut to the chase where she broke your head and ran away; you should of known that would happen, you know I would talk about it like you stole my heart and ran away.

Even if the starts and the moon collide I would never want you back into my life even you take your words and all lies with you; I really don’t care because I can’t believe that I ever stayed up writing songs about you, you don’t deserve to know the way I use to think about you and now you don’t have that right anymore as you had your shot but you let go.

If we meet out on the street I won’t be running scared because I would walk right up to you and put one finger in the air. To make you understand that you had your chance but you let go; no matter how much you try to get me back because I really don’t care, how much you try to win my heart again.

Day 12 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: I love your smile

As I’m sitting in my class just drifting away staring into the windows of the world thinking about you; I can’t hear the reach asking for the books as I walk down the corridors I don’t see the bad boys trying to catch some play, but all I could see is your smile and because of that I love you more than anything in the world. I just love your smile.

I’m sitting behind my desk at work the clock says three I want to be free; free to scream “I love you”, free to bathe with you on a hot summers day, free to watch you all day working. The amount of times I told you to come and save me when I’ve told you my boss is so lame so is the pay. Baby, I just love to see you smile and tell you how much I love you.

Time came when you showed me your direction now that I know I’ll never ever go back to the way I have been taught because I can be that better girl with the love that you gave me and how much you rocked my world. You believed in a girl like me knowing that you’re the one to be with. Yet when I’m caught all alone I start confessing it’s from the state of depression but baby when you start to begin laughing and smile. That’s when it becomes infectious baby I just love your smile and I just love you.

Day 11 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Happy to make a sound

I went everywhere for you. I even did my hair for you. I brought new underwear, guess what they are blue and I just Words them just the other day. Love I just want to let you know I’ll fight for you everyday like I always do; when you come home late I leave the porch light on for you, whether your sweet or cruel when you come back or when we are together I’m going to love you either way.

I love you and happy to make a sound because I got to tell you how I feel about you because I can’t go another minute without your love. I’m like a satellite making happy tunes like I’m orbiting all the way around you and I would fall out into the night because I can’t go a minute without your love.

Love I got it bad for you but I saved my love for the best and it’s for you knowing that I have you. You sometimes make me sad and blue but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love my aim is straight and true. I know my arrows are a special kind but they are just for you; I even painted my toenails for you, I did them just the other day because where you go I follow. You set the pace we’ll take it fast or slow because I’ll follow in your way. You got me. You got me a force is more powerful than gravity it’s physics and there’s no escape from my love or your love.

Day 10 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: Heartache Tonight

Somebody is going to be hurt by someone before the night ends; as somebody else will come undone which there’s nothing that we can do, there’s always going to be someone wanting to touch some and to feel alive and be loved that’s if it’s going to take all night. Everybody wants to take a little chance and make a go of it right. There is going to be a heartache somewhere tonight.

I know there’s going to be a lot of heartache tonight but some people like to stay out late and some folks can’t hold out that long. Nobody wants to turn back now as there’s too much going on; is this night will go on and last forever, but last all of the summer long. Some time before the sun comes up that radio will play that song that will remind you of them.