Who’s laughing now

Who’s laughing now

They would call me names, they would pull my hair, they would spread rumours about me, so you think you know me now, now I’m raising my game! 

“You know my name. Not my story.” You know my name by word of mouth; how I introduce myself, how I hold myself. You don’t really know my story; all the rumours that maybe said or been told, they are lies if I haven’t told you myself then why continue the hatred and rumours. 

My story is told who I want to tell; who I can trust, who I get on with and most importantly who I get on with. I am private person; I share my information if I need too, or if something isn’t right I’ll say or don’t because at the end of the day my life my rules. 

All the pain that you gave is the where I gain the power of being strong and raising my game of I know who’s better. I know the truth want spread lies then that’s fine but at the end of the day karma will find you and bit your arse. 

The 6 things I follow and everyone should know me follow these; it makes me who I am, I generally hate liars with a passion, I am loyal I always remain loyal person to anyone who treats me respect and be loyal to me, I’m honest as I can be because lying is not great way about things, I am totally weird it’s my nature of being fun, hate being ignored when people give me attention and saying that they like me what not and then it’s like what’s the point of even trying. Last but not least I text back fast. I pretty much text all the time because over the years I’ve had loads of people messaging me and you start to become more frequent of knowing where the keys are on the pad. 

I pretty much can tell from wannabe populars throughout out school and even throughout my early adulthood. To be honest I don’t care all they do is talk about people behind people’s back even with the people that they are friends with; it’s because they haven’t got anything better to do along with everything is about them, there’s me I like to keep to myself to myself and get on with things. 

All I can say is if you keep your head down you will go along way because you do; I am blessed that I manage to work my way up with the whole career, to the point of rubbing things in people’s faces to say “you thought I couldn’t do much look at me now. Who’s laughing now? I have the last laugh now” 

Why would you speak about things if you don’t know half of the story or even better don’t even bother speaking if you don’t know what your talking about. Don’t even like big headed people who think that they know things but when you point it out where you notice something wrong; they like back track on what they actually talk about, because at the end of the day you will get stuck in your old ways. 
Sorry got slightly side tracked reading something that I didn’t get but all well. On which comes to my mind why would you spend 31+ million on a car for someone? See this is what I mean don’t talk about something that you actually don’t know fully what’s going on. To my answer on that one is don’t talk question about it; don’t back stab anyone about it, unless your in the in crowd of knowing what’s going on then it will all become clear. 

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