The opps I’m late, I’m late for an important date!

The opps I’m late, I’m late for important date!

The picture is credited to my cousin Rosie playing the White Rabbit at Compton Village Hall with the theatre group. Has given me the permission to use some of her pictures as for my personal blogging use and other uses such as creative writing usage; she has that way of photo genetic way that I want for my posts. 

Today’s Sunday Special maybe out of sorts today; due to last week I was poorly ill and everything went pear shaped, along with a busy weekend last week as well. I was pretty much run down and ill. Don’t worry I’m feeling much better at the best of times; still having ridiculous bad pains, that’s triggering my back and I’m sleeping a lot as well to recover. 

So today you will see #throwbackthursday and Friday Time Recap Time through out the day; just trying to catch up on the last two events that I have missed, I’m actually currently writing this in bed tonight (last night Saturday 6th May 2017). Only one thing I can get a head off haha. 

Also not much to think about really; as I had already had the idea in my head before it actually been written down, haha go me. That’s what I say. Even had an idea of putting reminder notes of why they were late and what not. Organised or what? No? Rather OCD about everything even little details of why I haven’t blogged and etc. Haha okay thanks guys love you too. 

I will be doing it for this blog as well just because it shows that I’ve done it the day before; I like to be organised than, be unorganised like I am now this week. This what is what happens when you become ill and can’t do much about it or life gets too busy for on weekend that you normally do your blogs. 

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