Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – What you do when your back pain wakes you up?

Past two weeks now my lower back has been killing me. First it started with a cold so effects everything in my body; just as I’ve got over this cold almost, second one is that recently went back to work then forgetting every single muscle that I have had and it’s been like yep I’m go to kill you with more pain.

I know well apparently been told that it’s a tight muscle from the doctors when I had it checked out. I beg to differ now but I’ll see how it goes if it gets worse it gets worse. I’ve even noticed as soon as I pick up the kittens now that they’ve put on weight since we’ve had them; you don’t think they have when you look at them for the first time but when you watch them grow, you notice the change, their personalities, and how much of a muscle they have been building up over the month since we have had them.

You know when you’re back begins to hurt as soon as you start to relax more when you laying in bed on you’re back and you could feel it giving you a sharp pain of a jab on your spine. Could easily have the kittens walking on my back right now just to loosen it all.

Oh happy days.

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