Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – Oh Father God how could you?

Oh father god how could you? All the tears that I have shared when I had no one to turn around to; you say you got me and I got you, but you never been there to answer my prayers and now it’s over for good. All the memories that I have fighting for my life everyday through out the past x amount years; I made my way through life without your guidance, even when I got into trouble you weren’t around you just sat there watching me fail. 

Now that my head is pounding I can’t seem to turn around or get through this mind field; you say you’re my father but you really not my father wouldn’t let me fall to the ground, no matter how angry he gets with me because I know how much he loves and yet I know how hurt he is deep down. 

Did I pick a bad leaf or something because I seem to be the one continuing messing up my life more and more. Oh father god thank you for all tears that I have shared I don’t think I can heal as much as I can. Oh father god how could you? Every time I turn around you weren’t there no matter what dreams that I have or problems that o have you were never there for me, 

You’re like everyone else who just let people suffer no matter what because what have they done to you nothing. Yet I always pull through on my own because I’m stronger than this and that’s how I am. I always pull through. 

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