Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – Grumpy Sunday

Literally in the worst grump you can ever ask for especially for a Sunday! I literally on mineral sleep because I can’t sleep at night due to the heat and so many on things going on my head as well. It’s just like you just want to scream. Then you’ll find the gobby house at the end of the next road literally screaming and shouting; next minute you get the local supermarket deliveries “yes on a Sunday!” Car alarms going off in the car park, next would be the next door neighbor drilling, sawing, building and hammering. 

Wait for it I haven’t quite finished there. Just having a breather. Ready? Let’s go. A parent still coughing and clearing their throat taking ages for to spit it out what they are trying to say. If I wanted that sort of talk I rather be back at work. Where it’s more peaceful and I know what I’m doing. Another parent who just non stop talking about either unnecessary things or things that will trigger someone else off and things come up that I’m involved with had the whole thing setting me off even more because I’m already irritated, grumpy and anxious about these things. 

I have this feeling that me and my grandparent who has dementia are on the same wave length today because they are in a grump to and I’m looking after them for a while. So it’s going to be interesting and also not what I really need right now because I’m in a grump but then again they like me and I’m pretty much get them out of a grump quite easily. Get people out grumps and etc is my special trait I think I do it on my job as well get the kids out of bad mood or something just because I weigh it out and make jokes etc. 

I’m that sort of person who just seems to go what have you done? Or what haven’t you done. They seem to realise that they answer their own problems or questions before I say anything; to which comes out on top or you have some people who takes longer, then incomes the battle bomb detonator from me and then they realise that it was staring right at them. To where they turn around and say to me “I love it when you just go straight in for the kill.” “People need it monjority of the time because they need a wake up call and wether it makes them cry or realise that they cry because it’s hit them and made them realise that I’m right and it hit home.” 

After shifting my grandparent grumpiness and they were full of life again after I got them to eat their lunch; not even too sure why I get them to do things and no one else can, it’s probably me being a good grandchild and get them to do things. Plus I use the same tactic as I use on special needs children with my grandparent. The way I work with them and how I do things is the same as my grandparent. Maybe I’m just to lay back to do care about things or I’m just funny. Until something isn’t right then everyone knows they’ve got on the wrong side of me when I go in for the kill where I say as it is. 

People that I went to church with obviously I don’t go anymore but I took my grandparent to it as the rest of the family where there and their partner were there. It took me awhile to set in but then once I got over the grumpiness and what not. The whole sassy funny confident person I knew within myself was back making everyone laugh. I hate when it takes all day to shift or doesn’t shift at all. 

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