Songs that actually make me want to cry!


Makes you wonder if it’s your age that things make you cry, it’s generally you that make you cry like your character as that person or your just a blubber mouth that cries at everything.

Songs that actually makes me want to cry!

I was walking home one day from work; a few songs caught me out where I didn’t realise how emotional I was feeling that day, a few times I literally wanted to burst out crying because I never felt so down and everything for a very long time. I just generally carry on doing what I’m doing; sitting on it until something or someone does something then I’m like I’m just gone, I’ll be in floods of tears and people think that they had done something wrong but because they don’t think about other people’s feelings or things happening in their life. 

I’m one of these people don’t really shout about my problems other than my closest friends who know how struggling it is for me to open up and etc. I hate those sort of people who are drama queens and everything has to be about them. All I want to do is shout at them; slap them and etc, believe me I have had that lot in the past year or so. 

Anyways here’s a list of the songs that actually make me want to cry:

  • Keep holding on – Avril Lavigne 
  • When your gone – Avril Lavigne 
  • Your song – Ellie Golding 
  • Somewhere only we know – Keane 
  • What about us – John Barrrowman 
  • Everybody’s changing – Keane 
  • Scars to your beautiful – Alessia Cara 

These are only songs that can possibly make me cry if I’m feeling low; it’s not healthy but it’s just happens to be on the next shuffle and I know I should change, but I like the song normally. 

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