Share the pros and cons you’ve discovered when it comes to writing a blog/overall 


Welcome to the first Sunday of April’s Sunday Special; spring has finally arrived the clocks have gone forward, day light has now started to prove itself of its own cause of happiness. If you have returned for a new blog welcome welcome; if your new welcome to your first blog post, I do hope you enjoy it and good way to start on a Sunday Special. There are more blogs on this website for you to check out. 

Share the pros and cons you’ve discovered when it comes to writing a blog/overall

Today as you can see is the hustle and bustle of Blogging Advice; I thought I haven’t done a blog advice for a long time, so why not do one today, if it turns out a good day to do blog advice on a Sunday Special then why not do it then every week. It could go well or it could go bad who knows; you won’t know until you try it or give it a bit of a knock, whatever saying that you like to say that suites you the most. 

You probably thinking right now is why is there pros and cons in my blog world or in anyone else blog world; why do people make it look so easy where they keep on having ideas, some people I do have to say is that they have made it as a self employment job as they’ve got time and can focus on it more than people who have full time jobs along side blogging. However this is my pros and cons of blogging and overall of it all; on that I want to share with you.

Pros of blogs/overall

To be able to write and gain experience of what readers like to read; has given me the confidence of knowing that my writing is good, worth while reading and give me the opportunity to continue to write more. 

To be able to create different ways of writing and making the pictures for the blogs. To show that they have a sense of belonging to the world; but also to let my readers know which category it falls under if they want to go back to it. 

With any sort of writing at times you’ll find yourself lost in the world of writing or creative that you be there for hours without realising. It’s not a bad thing if you ask me because your doing something that you love doing. 

Cons of blogs/overall

If you want to take blogging seriously then there’s always the boring stuff that you have to do behind it. Like paperwork, updating your website and lots of other things that you have to do. Yeah it’s not fun to do but at the end of the day you have to do it one day or another. Fortunately for me currently I have 2 weeks holiday where I can get to catch up with my paperwork as I’ve been slightly behind on things; on which isn’t good but that’s because of my full time job, being ill and along side with personal issues. Luckily I have a diary to write the things that I have done in it so that I can copy it up as soon as possible.

You have days or few weeks that you can’t be bothered to write anything or nothing hasn’t come to mind. That’s okay just do research and paperwork there’s no harm taking time out and reconnect yourself with what you want to write. I’ve done that countless of times where I wanted to give up on the whole blogging thing because I thought I’m not good enough etc. People say don’t give up your brilliant and your writing is good etc. 

You can have this love, hate relationship with blogging that your like your married to it; in away you are in one way or another, but just don’t give up on yourself nor the blogging career.

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