My Night Routine


My night routine never changes through out work, weekends or holidays; unless things change then I’ll have to adapt it to what I can do, also along with things that I’m okay that I can do it another day. 

My night routine 

My general night routine can change at anytime; depending on what happens on the day, or day before or even few days before. Sometimes my night routine can go longer than it should be if I can’t get to sleep; as I don’t sleep that much as there’s far too much going on in my brain for my liking, such a pain in the arse when it happens then become increasingly tired as soon as I wake up in the mornings. 

This is my average night routine on a daily basis: 

  • Dinner
  • Make Up off (if I had any on or be bothered to take it off)
  • Bath/shower
  •  Bed 
  • Talk/message my friends on my phone (generally fallen asleep by then in a mids conversation. Has been known.)
  • Along with iPad if I have ideas.

Generally this is my normal routine for the whole evening that I do; but like I said in my introduction, it really does depend if something happens and I have to juggle it around in some what way to fit everything in.

What’s your routine for the evening? Let me know what you do for your routine. I’m intrigued of what people do.

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